The impact of tobacco on health

Since ancient times humanity wants to learn how to control your body and mind, stimulating different ways your body to increase its efficiency or to improve their overall health. Tobacco use many people consider it a good tool for lifting your mood and keeping yourself in shape.

The reason for this is due to the fact, that in tobacco contains the alkaloid nicotine, which have a dual effect on the human nervous system. After getting into the body, alkaloids cause a short duration of excitation of the Central nervous system, followed by a period of oppression. The impact of tobacco on health with absolutely no positive. That is why every year die a thousand people from Smoking.

the impact of tobacco on health

Stress, healed cigarette

Smoker, caught in a stressful situation, will try as soon as possible cherished to smoke a cigarette, because already knows, that tobacco pacify his nerves. Also if you're a smoker takes a cigarette in a situation, when he wants to cheer up your body, to find former tone. The man has been a reflex, because his brain has established a pattern, after Smoking he felt better, let long.

After each cigarette, the company “bliss” naturally shortens and, in the end, there comes a time, when the tobacco is already not having any relaxing effect. Most smokers with the experience, whose work is associated with mental stress, confirm, closer to the end of the shift or working day cigarette you smoke does not cause any pleasant sensations, but only a headache. These are the results of the effect of nicotine on the Central nervous system.

Why Smoking tobacco is bad for health?

Experts who 1980 g. was prepared a voluminous report on the basis of accumulated observations of the adverse effects of nicotine on human health, which notes, citizens with “giant” health over time, deteriorating eyesight, slow reaction, disturbed coordination of movements.

Smoking tobacco

Some scientists say, that reduction reaction to phenomena of the world have a smoker leads to an increase in the number of accidents at work, than Smoking. According to statistics, fires also occur more frequently due to inconsiderate behavior of smokers.

In order, what to be aware of the magnitude of the effects of tobacco Smoking, you must mention number of different diseases, associated with tobacco addiction. As noted in their statistical observations of the experts who, the mortality rate among smokers is much higher than the mortality among non-smokers irrespective of any race or gender.

Statistically smokers are twice less likely to survive to age 65 years or more. According to the same statistics, 90 % people, who died of lung cancer – smokers. Simultaneously, experts say, citizens, abandon Smoking tobacco, the risk of cancer is markedly reduced and later 10-15 years the risk of lung cancer is becoming comparable to non-smokers. What is called, there is reason to think.

Smoking tobacco is harmful to health

Tobacco and chemistry, that kills

To associate the negative effects to the human body exclusively with nicotine is not entirely correct. The fact, under the influence of high temperature on the end of a cigarette formed of various chemical compounds, for example, ammonia benzopyrene or. Many of these substances represent carcinogens, pose a threat to health.

In operation the tissues of the muscles and brain need more oxygen. In the case of a shortage, the body gets tired quickly, headache, insomnia and so on. When ingested, even small amounts of nicotine increases the amount of adrenaline in the blood, consumption of vitamins is greatly increased, for example, thiamine and ascorbic acid. The efficiency of the decontamination of the liver is also greatly reduced.

Tobacco and chemistry

Especially hard smoker, who works in the field of chemical production, and mining industry. When working with coal and rocks smokers working in case of exceeding the ambient air concentration of dust is great risk of getting dust bronchitis.

It is very risky to use tobacco, interacting by working with different types of chemicals, used in manufacturing and in the production of agricultural products. Scientists from Bulgaria produced a large number of studies on plants, producing acrylic acid. This acid is actively used in making synthetic fibers. According to the study, scientists recorded, the number of toxic substances (thiocyanate) in the blood of smokers are much more, than in non-smokers.

Tobacco control

Obviously, the fight against tobacco addiction in the modern world is long overdue. This should be interested, first of all, the people themselves. To get rid of addiction is quite difficult, but it is possible. According to statistics of the who, about 90 % percent of people quit Smoking for yourself, without the help of appropriate specialists. But there are citizens, who cannot overcome the addiction without medical help. But even the assistance of a highly skilled doctor does not give 100 % guarantee addiction. Statistics show, what medical aid gives about 10-20% a chance to overcome a passion for tobacco. In quantitative terms, this is a pretty significant figure.

Citizens, who want to quit Smoking, it is necessary to avoid hit in a stressful situation, contributing to the appeal.. As follows from the experience, to begin to give up Smoking is best during the holidays, when there is a possibility to distract from daily problems and stress. It is not necessary to postpone the decision on cessation quit Smoking the next day and in return you can obtain stored health and years of life.

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