How to quit Smoking electronic cigarette

A person can become addicted to anything. Alcohol and cigarettes are traditionally not surprising. However, there is a flip side to the coin.There are cases, when a person, being fond of a healthy lifestyle, become dependent on rocking, counting calories or daily measurements of the volume of his body.

Another interesting relationship can be traced today.As you know, not so long ago appeared in the sale of electronic cigarettes, which are designed you to get rid of cigarettes and Smoking in General. Starting to smoke electronic cigarette, the man really gets rid of the root causes of addiction, but instead acquires a new bad habit. If it happened, how to get rid of this dependency?

Why give up electronic cigarette?

Many wonder, what is the harm of electronic cigarettes? After this invention was created for harmless and safe Smoking! Does! Actually the Chinese invented electronic cigarettes as analog cigarettes ordinary, but as an effective tool in the fight against Smoking.

E-cigarettes are not a panacea

E-cigarettes are not a panacea

The electronic cigarette looks just like a "real", with the only difference, what it does not contain harmful tobacco and do not effect the passive Smoking. At the same time, it nourishes the body with cigarette nicotine. Nicotine is a poison, no matter, how to get it – along with the usual cigarette or electronic.

Yes, Smoking electronic cigarette, you saved others from the harmful smoke. Itself, you are also freed from the mass of negative points, what are the usual cigarettes. But you do not get rid of however, from nicotine and the habit of Smoking. How to quit Smoking electronic cigarette?

Mission possible: to quit electronic cigarettes

Let's be honest – throw e-cigarettes are not difficult, than to quit cigarettes normal. But there are a few clever "tricks", which will reduce the craving for electronic cigarettes.To quit electronic cigarettes we recommend that you approach this systematically.

First of all, determine for yourself day, when you are planning to get rid of dependence. Think about this date. Possible, you are determined and ready to stop Smoking tomorrow. Maybe, you need time and you are on the calendar already noted some day in a few weeks.

The harm of electronic cigarettes is the fact, people that mindlessly inhales chemical compounds. We should not forget about the aesthetic appearance of the smoker. Manufacturers of e-cigarettes diligently advertise new flavors, forcing people again and again “smoke” these harmless cigarettes.

How to quit electronic cigarettes for 2 weeks?

If you decide to refuse from cigarettes after some time, let it be 14 days. We will tell you, what to do, so during this period you have reduced the need of the body in Smoking.

Quit Smoking electronic cigarettes for 14 days

Quit Smoking electronic cigarettes for 14 days

First of all, we recommend a gradual reduction in the strength of cigarettes. E-the invention needs refilling with a special liquid with a specific fortress. Tomorrow we advise you to buy the lighter fluid. So, every 4 days, change the fluid more easy. To 14 the day you save your body from physiological addiction electronic addiction.

Another important tip for those, who wants to chip. We urge you to count the number of "cigarettes smoked" per day and to gradually reduce. For example, you used to smoke 10 times a day. Reduce the number of times thus – first 4 day eight smoke "cigarettes", with 5 at 7 six, with 8 at 10 – four, with 11 at 14 – two, morning and evening. Believe me, it is completely not difficult.

How to quit electronic cigarettes quickly?

If you have no desire to postpone such a good thing in the long box, it is not necessary. Believe me, you can opt out of electronic cigarette now, without training. What you need to do? Think, who of your good friends or friends suffering from Smoking conventional cigarettes?

Select the "victim" and just give her your e cigarette tomorrow with words: "It helped me to get rid of cigarettes and become free. Now I want to help you". Getting rid of electronic cigarette you just have nothing to smoke – do not buy a new?

No matter how strong your determination, there is a possibility, you have from time to time will still appear craving. It is absolutely normal. So as not to break, do the following:

  1. Let your pocket or purse will constantly be a regular pack of gum or candy without sugar. Sweets, dried fruits, seeds are not suitable. The fact, they contain a lot of carbohydrates, and, eating, for example, one dried apricots, I want the second, and where two, there are four. We know many examples of people, which are seized by the urge to smoke prunes and raisins and recovered in a week for a couple of pounds.
  2. Think, than you will please, if you find yourself without Smoking one week, two month? It is completely normal to buy something, what do you want in a reward for persistence and endurance. It can be something inexpensive, but nice, and a major acquisition, if you can afford it.
  3. Another tip – work out. This is one of the most common recommendations to those, who is struggling with Smoking, and however, one of the most effective. Sport and Smoking are incompatible. Select that kind of classes, what you like and go to the first practice tomorrow.

Should I apply for getting rid of electronic cigarettes some kind of "doping"? Why not. You can try pills (not only is to buy nicotine) or natural herbal tea. Tested recipes, many from our site, select any of those, what did you like.

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Many of those people, are trying to quit Smoking using electronic cigarettes, "hooked" on them and I see no reason to quit due to the fact, that they are "harmless". Actually, it is not, because electronic cigarette gives your body the same nicotine, as conventional smokes out of the pack.In this article, you will be able to learn, how can you get rid of electronic cigarette quickly or over 14 days, depending on, as you are.

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