The harm of Smoking for women

In the old days cigarette for women was unacceptable taboo. Though there was a few centuries ago studies, available to us today, and modern equipment, which is now in every hospital, and yet, the truth was known.

A woman with a cigarette, it's not nice!

A woman with a cigarette, it's not nice!

All strata of society and educated aristocrats, and simple peasants knew, that woman is the mother and nurse, the heiress of the family and a homemaker. Not to say, that none of the women had not smoked in the past century – there are plenty of charming paintings of mysterious women with long mouthpiece, but it was the exception rather the rule.

However, in the early twentieth century, everything changed. With the revolution came the term "feminism", which was not only positive changes in the lives of girls, but permissiveness, including Smoking. Today in our country smokes every other girl 30 years and one in three women over this age.

Not to mention, what a great influence on increasing the number of girls Smoking has fashion TV shows deftly pinching between your lips a cigarette beauties, and youth tends to repeat it.The harm of Smoking for women not voiced. The fashion for Smoking ladies – this degradation of society! It's time to learn, what does nicotine do to the woman inside!

The effect of Smoking on the body of a young girl

Harm from Smoking cigarettes for women worried about a few. Numerous polls prove, the current generation is not concerned, what does nicotine do to the body. In fact, it's time to open your eyes and learn, of such dreadful diseases, caused by Smoking:

  • the defeat of the heart and lungs when Smoking know everything, but it is not superfluous to repeat – every cigarette you smoke shortens your life by a few hours, and approximates the probability of occurrence of oncological diseases;
  • lung cancer – a worthy reward for the habit, isn't it?
  • infertility – unpleasant “imprint” on the reproductive system Smoking women.
Want to have a sick kid? Safely smoke!

Want to have a sick kid? Safely smoke!

This information is not secret behind seven locks, but, however, know about it not all. If you do not have a child, be sure to read!

Known fact, what infertile women among smokers in two and a half times more, than among non-smokers. Why is it so? All cigarettes, you smoke, accumulates in its most toxic form in your egg.

The longer you smoke and the more cigarettes pass through your lungs every day, the less you have the ability to natural insemination. More and more popular today, artificial fertilization and insemination, and these treatments are not only natural, but very expensive.

  • Particularly at risk women, who take contraceptive hormones and Smoking – this mixture has a negative impact on the heart and can cause heart attack even at a young age. Most sensible doctors would never prescribe oral contraceptives smokers, girls, so you do not become guilty of her death.
  • If conception occurs from Smoking women, then there are problems with the implementation of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall – most often she just cannot be attached, and there's a miscarriage in the first weeks of pregnancy.
  • If the egg attaches, there will be a high percentage of, that the fetus will occur physical abnormalities due to nicotine, and cigarette can cause the death of an unborn child.
  • The unborn children of Smoking women more often disturbed metabolism, they cry a lot and more painful, than other children.

If you want to have a healthy baby and smoke, give up cigarettes not before, than six months before the probable conception. Better yet, think about it right now! One thing to remember about the harm of passive Smoking for pregnant women.

Smoking is dangerous to your health

We don't believe in the value of the labels on packages of cigarettes or treat them with irony. What dangerous Smoking for women, which have already successfully implemented as a mother?

Life is good and you can smoke? A common misconception!

Life is good and you can smoke? A common misconception!

Every cigarette you smoke narrows your blood vessels. The more often you smoke, the longer time for your life vessels are unnatural for them Suzanna condition.

This leads to rapid wear of the heart muscle, such vessels the circulation process is much slower, but because the heart has to work harder, pumping liters of blood. This is a very simple and understandable explanation, which shows, than cigarettes are dangerous.

If you think, that lighting, closer each time to the cinematic images of Actresses or models, you are deeply mistaken. Girls from TV screens thoughtfully and carefully monitor their appearance. Yes, they can smoke – but only simulating the process on the screen.

That hides the curtain of smoke?

That hides the curtain of smoke?

Nicotine poisons the internal organs, slows down metabolic processes, breaks the speed of withdrawal of toxins. After three years of regular Smoking one cigarette a day, skin changes its natural color to gray, after five years, have deep wrinkles and deep dark circles under the eyes. Smoking girl, as a rule, look a few years older than their peers.

Also cigarettes are not protecting the hair and nails. Even healthy from nature the hair gets a yellow tint and become dry and split. Nails lose elasticity and "delight" you with cleavage and fragility, a teeth – derivable yellow.

Constant companions smokers – disgusting smell of tobacco smoke and unpleasant smell from a mouth. You still think, Smoking is beautiful?


"Tales" about Smoking

We from an early age listen to is as all-knowing counselor, but because, even as an educated person, could be mistaken about some things:

  • The term "light" cigarettes, marketers come up with. No light cigarettes, and then, what is in the box labeled "female" or "light" – just a clever move.
  • Women smokers more slender, than non-smokers. Many women are missing the meal, replacing it with nicotine. Think about our body, which is servings of salad or boiled chicken gets tobacco smoke and dose of poison.
  • Smoking cigarettes, we can focus. It's just a myth! As well as the fact, Smoking calms. It's just the effect of narrowed vessels, you already know, what causes.
  • Quitting is easy – is wanted! Well, what the hell do you still smoke?

Very informative video about women Smoking


Change your life – throw Smoking! Let you smell the freshness, and you will slay the men on the spot with their beauty, what "fragrance" tobacco smoke and look much older than their age. To quit Smoking it's never too late – so start your action today!

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