Cigarette case with timer

Cigarette case with timer is a unique development, allowing you to stop Smoking. This is done through the gradual abolition of the use of nicotine.

cigarette case with timer

Why quit Smoking so hard?

Smoking adversely affects the health. So tired of many diseases, people often make the decision to leave the habit. But to do so in practice is much harder. Syndrome conquers and dependent again takes a cigarette. Therefore, the most efficient way to make a gradual transition.

First you need to strive, the daily number of Smoking cigarettes will gradually diminish. With the right mindset, a positive result will not keep itself waiting long. Although to give a precise guarantee can not. There are times of disruption. Even after a long refusal, the person returns to addiction.

However, despair, blaming yourself is not worth it. The culprit physiological conditions, to cope with which can only units. Therefore, to move the lifting easier, made use of the unique developments of scientists. Today there is a sufficient number of helpers to fight. One of these devices is a cigarette case with timer. This device prevents sudden attempt to smoke a cigarette with the help of lock.

Not so long ago for this purpose used spouse or friends. They gave them the cherished bundle, severely punished ahead of time to prevent its contents. Today there is no need to resort to the help of strangers. You just buy a unique gadget – automatic cigarette case. However, the device did not manage to gain weight. You can buy it only by individual order.

automatic cigarette case

Cigarette case with timer: features of the device

Wondering, why the need for a cigarette case, it is enough to consider carefully its working principle. In appearance podsiadlik is a sturdy box, easily fits in pocket.

On its surface there is a solid lock, where it is possible to set the required interval. Its minimum distance 10 minutes, and the maximum can reach 5 hours. To get a cigarette can only be made after a specified time. Until that time, you cannot do this. Automatic cigarette case can not be called an effective way to combat a bad habit. After all, with a strong desire to smoke, the dependent can always find alternatives, to get tobacco products.

There are more advanced models. Such devices are widely used abroad. Their main feature to transfer all data through the server. Then the professional can give an accurate timeline. It is created taking into account the real interests of the user.

cigarette case with timer to buy

However, this cigarette case with a timer will cost a round sum. Is good to think rationally whether the purchase. To keep pace with the times is always good, that's just the case timebox timer needs to bring real benefits, and not to be beautiful, but a meaningless accessory.

Today cigarette case with timer to be bought without any problems in Russia. However, domestic gadgets have simple controls. The exact time of the lock exposes the user. So, there is always a chance to cheat the system. The technique is completely useless. The desire to give up addiction must be really strong, because in its absence even the most elaborate preparations will be a waste of money.


cigarette case with timer to timeboxCigarette case with a timer does not guarantee to produce the desired result. The success of the event depends solely on the mood of the buyer. If he would adhere strictly to the specified time, not looking for ways to get cigarette, the desire to smoke will actually decrease.

Cigarette case with timer, timebox can be a great gift for a loved one, which has long wanted to get rid of their habit. As for, how to choose a cigarette case, everything individually. You need to build the financial capacity. However to save on buying better not.

Price of the device

Today there is a choice of devices. Their value depends on the capabilities, and most importantly the manufacturer. The most popular is the development of one of the us-canadian company. Their product will cost 150 $ , excluding shipping. Although there are cheaper options.

With regard to domestic production, such a gadget will cost about 5500 rubles. However, to make a purchase in the store can not, to do this is to visit the manufacturer's website, through which to order.

To call this device a great helper not. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the smoker. So before ordering you should consider, is the purchase justified. It is possible the device after a couple of applications to be lying on the shelf of the closet. So, spent on it the funds will be empty financial waste.

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