After Smoking, the pressure increases

The, who, as they say, make friends with his head, will not neglect your health, but will maintain as long as possible the health of. Often this is hindered by the passivity and addiction to bad habits. Most of us begin to think about this question late, when clearly there are problems with the heart and pressure. But all it had in his younger years to give up cigarettes. Why after Smoking, the pressure increases?

after Smoking, the pressure increases

Pressure and Smoking

Very unstable blood pressure should be cause to check the condition of the vessels and the heart. Understanding the physiology of these processes contributes to a better awareness of the seriousness of the situation. Blood, moving through the vessels, pressure on their wall with some force, which is called blood pressure. We must distinguish between its two types – systolic and diastolic. Provided for each relevant point on the tonometer. In the first case the pressure arises, when the heart, shrinking, pushes blood. The second voltage of the cardiac muscles decreases to the minimum value and the blood flow in the body.

If the ratio of the upper and lower pressure respectively are in the range from 100 on 60 to 135 on 85, it is considered valid. If a metric is downward from the specified values, or, on the contrary, increase, the body starts to feel shortage of oxygen and nutrients. Of course, a person doesn't feel well.

Noticing, that blood pressure start to "jump", you should pay attention to the following circumstances:

  • how close is the blood volume to the optimum value;
  • are blood vessels in tone;
  • the flexibility of the vessels.

Pressure and Smoking

Annoying desire to get pleasure from the inhaling of tobacco smoke in the first place puts the suffering of the respiratory system. But the blood vessels and the heart also does not remain in the, they find themselves not in the best position. Smokers with experience often ascertain the pressure increase or, in medical language, occurs hypertension, which passes insensibly into the chronic form. The pathology does not go unnoticed, leads to one of the deplorable results:

  • fragile blood vessels in the head do not stand up and are destroyed;
  • dying heart muscle cells, or, as they say, comes the heart attack.
  • To avoid death rarely lucky enough.

If after Smoking cessation increased blood pressure, that is obvious health problems.

The increase in pressure

No one should doubt, that tobacco Smoking contributes to high blood pressure. If anyone still doesn't believe, let them experiment: the tonometer to check the pressure, then smoke one cigarette and, after enduring interval in the range of seven seconds, again take measurements. The difference of indicators before and after Smoking, sometimes reaching 30 units! Delve into the essence of the mechanism of sudden increase in pressure under the influence of tobacco. On the surface the following processes.

The fact of the appearance in the blood of some amount of nicotine the blood vessels react immediately spasmodic contraction. Their inner diameter becomes smaller, the speed of blood flow also slows down, and the pressure, on the contrary, rises sharply. Under the influence of the alkaloid, contained in tobacco, blood saturated with adrenaline. Of course, the heart starts to play tricks, as confirmed by the indicators of blood pressure – they move sharply up. Over-the-top the hormone vital energy does not go unnoticed:

  • heart muscle has difficulty with metabolism,
  • the reduction of oxygen in the coronary arteries provoke coronary artery disease.

The human body has a system, which is able to maintain proper level of blood pressure. Its main component is baroreceptor, representing neural processes. These sensors track changes in pressure. The brain learns from them about the event of an emergency, and independent nervous system that regulates the pressure.

The increase in pressure

Living in a continuous nicotine intoxication, baroreceptor become sluggish, no longer cope with their tasks. Another way to prevent pressure surges of blood on the walls of blood vessels except, as with medicines remains. The delay of medical care is threatened by increasing pressure to a critical level.


A number of signs can serve as a clue as, what blood pressure there is something wrong: "spinning" head, sick, shaking hands and feet, in the ears noise, and eyes dull. Than later came the addiction to tobacco, the faster normalization of blood pressure in times of such exacerbations. Optional is the intervention with the help of drugs, after almost 30 minutes itself is.

The delay reduces the chances to return vascular tone to the original state. The same can be said about their elasticity. The body is saturated with cholesterol; kidney fluid accumulates, which does not have time to receive out; the increased influx and outflow of blood. This is one of the causes of hypertension. Life no drugs seems to be a miserable existence.

What to do?

Smoking man was surprised that, what it takes to overcome the habit of Smoking tobacco. Below the road to health seemed to be less thorny, should adopt the following principles.

Another way to look at the issue about your diet. In the diet fats of animal origin must be presented a minimum number. They serve as a source of atherosclerotic plaques. Force yourself to abandon pickles and salty dishes.

To do everything possible, each day passed as calmly as possible. Why would further saturate the blood with adrenaline? Physical exertion within reasonable limits stimulate blood flow, make the heart muscle stronger, the excess fluid leaves the body as sweat. Sleep should be so, to people after it was refreshed. Efforts to maintain body weight within acceptable limits.

The pressure decrease when Smoking

The pressure decrease when Smoking

If after measurement, the tonometer records the indices of the upper and lower pressure below the mark 100 on 60 accordingly, we speak of a reduced blood pressure. In this case, it is appropriate to use the term "hypotension". If vegetative-vascular dystonia in the list of diseases is missing, it is likely that hypotension suffered by someone of the parents, or grandparents.

It is logical to assume, that such person Smoking should benefit. After all, nicotine is supposed to raise the lowered pressure, there is an illusion of cheerfulness. Alas, instead there is the opposite effect – the pressure even more on the decline. The man suddenly unconscious. It is not excluded, that the fall is going to get hurt. A smoker has impaired vascular tone, feels bad.

What to do when the pressure of cigarettes

What to do when the pressure of cigarettes

To establish the fact of a sudden lowered pressure in the presence of the following signs:

  • the surface of the skin became pale appearance;
  • in the eyes of dusk;
  • the head is not just "spun", but started to hurt;
  • the person feels the need to occupy a horizontal position;
  • there was severe weakness in the body;
  • hands and feet become cold;
  • the person is disoriented in time, and all, what is going on around, his understanding is not real.

Exacerbation of hypotension overtakes human, when he enjoys, releasing mouth cigarette smoke. In such a scenario it is necessary to be always ready. First of all, you need to quickly put out the heat on the tip of a cigarette. If you can not go, then you can sit down, and the head to drop to your knees.

Hardly a Smoking hypotensive will choose for themselves as rescue medication. But, after, as he abandons the habit of Smoking, there will be many ways to cope with illness: the contrast shower, treatment infusions of medicinal plants, massages. Pressure it is better to raise a Cup of tea or fresh ground coffee. However, you have to remember, I can't drink coffee and smoke cigarettes.

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