Tools to quit Smoking

To quit Smoking a hundred percent true statement, that "the end justifies the means", but because smoker is ready for anything, just to give up cigarettes. Why not, because at stake – the health, appearance, the feeling of freedom from bad habits.

What are the most effective means to quit Smoking can be used during the struggle with the harmful addiction?

First of all, it should be noted, such tools can be divided into two groups. The first is a group of funds, affects the psychology of the smoker.

Funds for anti-Smoking are physiological and psychological

Funds for anti-Smoking are physiological and psychological

The second group is a number of drugs, that will work already on the body. Both groups are quite effective, but you can combine and combine those methods, which you seem to be the closest.

Psychological tools to quit Smoking

Funds from this group is almost free and yet are the most effective. All, what you need is willpower and some help:

  1. Visualization. This method, despite its simplicity is very effective. You'll need to make two collage on paper. Find these pictures, to illustrate all that bad, what brings Smoking in your life (bad appearance, health problems, spending money on tobacco, problems with loved ones) and pictures, indicating the benefits of quitting cigarettes (good health, clean and fresh breath, improvement of appearance, etc.). Make collages and for all time the anti-Smoking keep them before my eyes.
  2. Motivation. Actually, as acknowledged by the majority of those, who is struggling with Smoking, the most difficult to go without cigarettes for the first two weeks. To avoid falling into this period of time, it is always suggested to fuel the motivating information. Get it from the books (for example, the very popular Allen Carr), video, communication on the forum.
    A long and healthy life - the best motive for anti-Smoking

    A long and healthy life – the best motive for anti-Smoking

  3. Support. It was the support of your loved ones can play a crucial role in the fight against addiction. These people are interested in, you to stop Smoking, but because you will find a strong word for that, to dissuade you from returning to Smoking. If you do not have those, who can you support, you can join the online community.
  4. Replacement. This remedy will help to quit Smoking, pushing out of your head the "cigarette-pleasure". You must learn to enjoy something else, not associated with Smoking. Sport, hobby, an interesting and unusual pastime will help you take your mind off of the urge to smoke.

What helps quit Smoking that is you? It is impossible to say, every person must find their motivating moments, to help to give up cigarettes and the absorption of smoke. To can be happy without this addiction, millions of people live and don't even think about that, they want to smoke a cigarette. It is time to liberate ourselves from the framework, which poison the whole body.

Medicines, to quit Smoking

Funds in this group are not primary, and auxiliary. We want to warn you, if you do not seriously intend to say goodbye to my addiction, drugs from this group will not help you, you are just wasting your money.

  1. Electronic cigarette. This method will help you to gradually wean from nicotine, without causing along with the discomfort of parting with a cigarette. However, electronic cigarettes are not useful and can be used also, as usual.
    If you are unable to quit Smoking, can try electronic cigarettes

    If you are unable to quit Smoking, can try electronic cigarettes

  2. Pills. Today, there are tablets with nicotine or similar alkaloid and without them. Drugs, containing nicotine (alkaloids): Tabex, Cytisine, Lobeline, Gamebased. These drugs, if they regularly apply, cause withdrawal from nicotine. If you smoke during taking the drug, the cigarette will cause very unpleasant physical sensations. Pills without nicotine significantly reduce the manifestation of withdrawal syndrome.
  3. Folk decoctions and infusions. To see the recipes you can go to our website. These drugs are used in people for hundreds of years and can significantly reduce the craving for cigarettes.
  4. Hypnosis, sentences. The specialist will give you a session, suggesting on a subconscious level, how useful and right to live without Smoking. Valid only in the case of your own desire to end the relationship.


Video “The tobacco conspiracy”


Tools to quit Smoking can be divided into those, that affect on a psychological level and physiologically. Use them separately or together for best results. How to quit Smoking? Without will power not to do, therefore, the rejection of this bad habit requires effort and patience.

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