Electronic cigarette to help smokers

Not long ago the world shook just a simple, and at the same time, the brilliant invention of the electronic cigarette. Visually and in the application it is no different from conventional cigarettes. After Smoking it you will feel cheerful and even increase mental alertness, as usual after cigarettes, however, it carries no harm to your health.

Electronic cigarette - it's only a tiny step to breaking a bad habit.

Electronic cigarette – it's only a tiny step to breaking a bad habit.

Studies show, electronic cigarette is the most painless way to quit Smoking.You will not need to worry about a painful time without Smoking, Smoking e-cigarette mimics Smoking regular. True, you don't need a lighter, ashtray – make only the first puff, and it will go by itself.

Electronic cigarette you can smoke even on the plane, public areas, where Smoking is generally prohibited, and, also, without leaving the room, where are your loved ones. To buy electronic cigarette want many avid consumers of nicotine. How it really relates to this invention of modernity?

What is the difference of electronic cigarettes from regular?

Do, what is the difference between electronic cigarettes from traditional, containing tobacco and nicotine? After all, if you feel there is no difference, why electronic cigarettes are considered harmless?

In fact, the main difference lies in the fact, that in electronic cigarette there is no combustion process. Normal cigarette together with the smoke spends more than 4000 harmful chemical compounds, hydrocyanic acid, lead, arsenic, mercury, nitrogen dioxide. These carcinogens and tar gives the greatest toxic effect and responsible for serious diseases of smokers, and not nicotine, as many people think.

Smoking electronic cigarettes is absolutely harmless for you and others!

Smoking electronic cigarettes is absolutely harmless for you and others!

You completely eliminate from your life the likelihood of cancer or heart attack in young age, along with this without giving up Smoking. In addition, once paid for electronic cigarette, you will no longer spend money on cigarettes, that will have a positive impact on your budget.

Is there any harm from Smoking electronic cigarettes

The first kind of dependence is due to the physiology of the smoker. You need to apply a dose of nicotine into the blood, in order not to feel the unpleasant feelings of thirst or the so-called "nicotine hunger". If you miss two or three smoked cigarettes, begin unpleasant physical sensations.

You think, what you lomyat bone, tense muscles, you can't sleep, feel fatigue and irritability. In order not to experience this unpleasant "nicotine thirst", electronic cigarette can in the beginning to fill a special purified nicotine. The dose of nicotine you can adjust yourself, tucking the initially strong nicotine and moving gradually to more light, and later can and do refuse nicotine.

Here only there is another kind of dependence – blowing smoke with electronic cigarettes. If you long to try to abandon the nicotine that way, the result will not be positive. The harm of electronic cigarettes minimum, but this invention is not able to get rid of bad habits, it only masks it.

The second type of dependence is due to psychological factors and is the result of unconditioned reflexes:

  • the room cigarette in his mouth;
  • blowing smoke;
  • smoke inhalation.

For many smokers the Smoking process associated even with the intake of nicotine, and some habits (for example, place the cigarette in your mouth, produce smoke, to inhale and exhale it).In addition, smokers often create their own rituals.

This can be a morning Cup of coffee with a cigarette, which helps to Wake up, cigarette break at work or before meeting, cigarette instead evening meal. Giving up Smoking, the person experiences discomfort and anxiety. He feels not only the desire to smoke, but feel together with this knocked the legs out from under the soil.

You will be hard to Wake up, you will not be able to pull myself together before important negotiations in the service, and in the evening will eat everything, something was in his mouth. Electronic cigarette is an ideal help in case of a strong psychological dependence. After all, imitation repeats the usual Smoking process, you "smoke", inhale and exhale the smoke, only without harm to your body and to others.

To quit without medical help and pills

Each, who has ever quit Smoking, associating this process with the suffering. Heavy smokers are willing to pay a lot of money in order, to be helped to live without cigarettes and weaned from the harmful habit. The use of e-cigarettes will allow you to safely and easily say good-bye to weakness.

Thanks to the electronic cigarette you give up Smoking painlessly!

Thanks to the electronic cigarette you give up Smoking painlessly!

Quitting Smoking will not be sharp, you are just a little bit will reduce your intake of nicotine. In addition, absolute imitation of Smoking will not cause psychological or physical discomfort.

How to quit Smoking easily?

If you understand, what you are tired of weakness and this pernicious habit, you will be helpful to take the following steps:

  1. I bought an electronic cigarette at the early stages should fill with nicotine liquid, fortress, the same fortress the habitual cigarettes.
  2. In a week or two, start a gradual reduction of the fortress liquid, where seasoned electronic cigarette.
  3. After a month you can start to fill the cigarette beznikotinovye liquid and will not feel the difference.
  4. After, as you go to beznikotinovye liquid, you will understand, that will easily be able to withdraw now from electronic cigarette. Though her Smoking is completely harmless, and if you like the process of Smoking, you can continue to smoke.

In General, the time for the use of liquids with different nicotine content individually for each person. Someone the transition will be given painlessly in a few weeks, and someone will take a few months. However, the more your desire to quit Smoking, the faster you will be able to abandon the nicotine, without negative experiences.

How to quit Smoking easy with electronic cigarettes you can from this video:


Smoking electronic cigarettes – this is a great way to get rid of nicotine addiction. There is only another danger – become addicted to the use of this invention. In this case, you will have to think, how to stop Smoking electronic cigarettes. By purchasing this gadget, should not delay its use.

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