A common myth: quit Smoking – gained weight!

Sometimes from, to stop Smoking stopping us is not weak willpower, and quite reasonable cause. Oddly enough, but the greatest fear in quitting bad habit is fear of getting fat. This fear particularly affects women. Why I gain weight, when quit Smoking? This question torments many ladies, watching every extra kilogram on your body.

Most women afraid of getting fat, not die from cancer!

Surveys of researchers show, nine out of ten women are not afraid of heights or of the dark, and become thick. Conducted opinion research among women smokers, revealed, what cancer, early wrinkles, dullness of the skin and yellow teeth scare the ladies is much less than the possibility of gaining weight as a result of the rejection of cigarettes.

Why people get better, when quit Smoking?

Improper diet will lead you to obesity

Improper diet will lead you to obesity

Not to say, that fear recover completely unfounded. For sure, you know those, who is in the fight against Smoking suddenly gained a few pounds of excess weight. It is easy to explain logically.

The habit to pull in the mouth of a cigarette smoker successfully replace on new – something to chew on. In the course are sweets, nuts and dried fruits, greasy fast food. Eating unwholesome, but the delicious food you will forget about the urge to smoke, and when it appear again, come to the aid of "Snickers" or a cheeseburger.

No wonder, what can you recover for five-six pounds in the first weeks of quitting. Seeing such results, many disorders are taken back to the cigarettes, and as a result have had two problems – excess weight and returning non-Smoking.

Quit Smoking, recovered – about such stories, told thousands of people. In fact, each individual approach to the replacement of bad habits. If you take your sweet mouth, necessarily “float” Boca. You need to choose wisely substitute products. Preference should be given fruits, vegetables or Fresu.

Whether really want to eat more, when quitting Smoking?

No, no and no again! When you quit Smoking, in the first days your body habitually asks for a smoke, but not to chew. But many wrestlers with addictions choose of the lesser evils food, and begin to actively absorb. Food is a universal "pain-killer". If you have ever suffered from unrequited love, it was not dragged you to the sweet? Experiencing stress, quite natural (but completely unreasonable) the desire to eat something.

If you decide to seize the craving to smoke food, you are only hurting yourself, creating yourself a new addiction. You will not want to smoke after three to four days (when the body to rebuild and detoxify), but there is, most likely, you continue.

Why is it that people gain weight?

It's true, what to gain weight can. Consider the most popular reasons:

  1. Your body is experiencing metamorphosis. Changes the metabolism, the blood becomes different in density. You can earn a few extra pounds, but they will disappear by themselves in a month without additional on your part of effort.
  2. Another physiological reason is peeled from the resin body starts to absorb more calories and food, nutrients and minerals. Possible, that you have previously utilized only half of the product, refusing from Smoking, your body extracts from the food all the benefits. You may not have larger volumes, but still better.
  3. Spending a lot of energy to fight against toxins and their elimination, your body has to expend much less, when you gave up Smoking. You can get better, even without changing the habitual diet. However, be aware, the more the body spends energy, the faster it "wears out".

How not to get fat, when quit Smoking – question, of concern to women around the world. Below this actionable recommendations, they will help to keep the weight loss even after the rejection of bad habits.

How to get better after quitting Smoking?

By following these simple principles, not only do you not get better, but feel much better and healthier.

You can recover and continue to supply power to the

You can recover and continue to supply power to the

Proper nutrition. Possible, you are not used to monitor the, what you eat. But it's not healthy and will lead sooner or later to fat mass set. Learn, what is the fats, carbohydrates and proteins, how they affect your body.

Eat in the morning, useful carbohydrates (Kashi, fruit, vegetables), and secondly, proteins with little fat (chicken, fish, meat, cheese, egg). Refrain from artificial sweeteners and flour, chips and crackers, fried foods, fast food. This food is not useful for all, regardless of, you smoke or not.

Share meals in the 4-5 techniques (three main and two snack in a serving of fruit or cottage cheese).Do not abuse coffee (the old-fashioned way, it can make you reach for a cigarette) and do not drink alcohol (most often people are frustrated, being drunk).

Eat more vitamin C, but not in pharmacy tablets, and with citrus and strawberry. Seafood saturate the body with iodine and minerals, but because it will be easier to survive the rejection of the "favorite" tobacco.Drink more water. Drink at least half a liter of clean water per day.

Moderate sports load. Make sport your constant companion. Buy yourself a comfortable sports wear, running shoes and start Jogging in the mornings. Very good pool – and in order, to fight off the urge to smoke, and for getting rid of fat. Cycling is the load on all muscle groups with pleasure. Don't overlook gyms – available at any time of the year, they will become your faithful helpers in the fight for a healthy lifestyle.

Harmony of body and soul. In order easy to quit Smoking and not to get better, you need to be in a stable psychological condition. Read a motivating article for those, who is struggling with Smoking, attend courses of yoga or Pilates, learn to meditate.

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Remember, that quitting Smoking opens the way to a new, healthy life. Don't worry about the extra weight, if you quit correctly and deliberately. We believe in you and wish you success!

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