Effects of passive Smoking for children

Many people underestimate the effects of passive Smoking, especially when it concerns young children. Every parent should be aware of, any harm caused to addiction adults, nearby children.

effects of passive Smoking

General information

Passive Smoking occurs after inhalation of air, containing dangerous substances, which exhale dependent. Side the smoke is much more harmful, than basically. The total number of chemical compounds reaches 4 000, most of which can provoke dangerous diseases. Therefore, it is dangerous near fuming personalities.

Numerous studies have proved, inhalation of such air a chance to get a deadly disease increases. This always must remember parents, quietly enjoying their habit in the company of their children.

Innocent victim

Unfortunately even family, adhering to a healthy lifestyle are not able to guarantee the safety of his baby. Blame adverse surroundings. A victim of secondary Smoking, the child may everywhere:

  • cafe;
  • restaurants;
  • shopping malls;
  • concerts;
  • in a friends, relatives.

Modern laws are a little stricter, allowing slightly to protect young citizens. After all, the Smoking in public places now banned.

effects of passive Smoking for children

Passive Smoking during pregnancy: the consequences

Often women smokers do not think about their actions. This is especially true of expectant mothers. Pregnancy is a crucial period during, which a woman is responsible not only for their lives, but the future baby.

Secondary house can cause the following pathologies:

  • premature miscarriage;
  • childbirth ahead of time;
  • the appearance of abnormalities in the fetus;
  • the high probability of infant death syndrome;
  • mental disabilities.

This is just a small list of possible violations.

The mother seriously needs to be concerned about the health of your future little one. Therefore, there should be as soon as possible to quit addiction and to avoid, where others smoke. Prenatal development is one of the most critical moments.

passive Smoking during pregnancy effects

Effects of passive Smoking

During inhalation of cigarette smoke, children are under a lot of harm, than adults. So the more often they find themselves in the company of smokers adult, the biggest danger they face.

Kids, constantly breathing smoke from cigarettes affects the following ailments:

  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • asthma;
  • ear disease;
  • heart disease.

Effects of passive Smoking for children become a chronic disease. They are often plagued by diseases of the respiratory system, headaches, inflammation.

At particular risk are babies, with asthma. For them, the smoke of the cigarettes is a deadly poison, aggravating the already deplorable state.

The main problem of society is getting confusing as, exposure habits solely up to them. Here only in practice, innocent people are suffering, forced to breathe poisoned air.

Health problems

With frequent presence in the community of smokers even for a healthy person is threatened by the emergence of deadly diseases, among which is particularly common is lung cancer. Being in a smoky room is also fraught with negative consequences. Therefore cafes and restaurants where you can smoke, obviously not the best place to visit-Smoking.

After all 8 hours of such vacation equal to the use 5 cigarettes. Danger, applied health, is simply incredible. That's only if adults are fully aware of, what consequences could await them, and is able to prevent this, with the kids all the more difficult.

Many of the scraps through the fault and negligence of their parents have to regularly poisoned. Ongoing research has led to shocking discovery. Over 5000 young citizens are forced every year to treat the disease, provoked by the bad habit adults.

Effects of passive Smoking for children can result in various disorders. Each of them has its own dire consequences. For a clearer example you should be familiar with the most famous of them.

Effects of passive Smoking

Respiratory system

Parents, with persistent nicotine dependence, provoke the development of respiratory disease in their children. Child, regularly exposed to tobacco smoke, more often have infectious and viral diseases. Lung function is reduced, begin to develop chronic sores.

Among children with asthma more and more of those, who often was forced to be with dependent personalities. A chance to get this diagnosis, for children, growing up in a house of smokers is much higher. The information is fully proven by numerous studies.

ENT organs

Chemical components, entering the body to become one of the causes of rhinitis, otitis, colds. Poor kids are incredibly vulnerable to dangerous bacteria, viruses.

Reduction of vitamins

We all know, as vitamins are essential for the normal development of children. For this purpose, moms and dads constantly want to buy baby vegetables, fruit, to go to the seaside resorts, to harden. That's just such efforts may be in vain. Passive Smoking reduces the reserves accumulated from such works vitamins. And this is the first step to create serious health troubles.

The harmful effects of the environment has provoked the emergence of dangerous diseases, which often suffer older people. Thus, preschoolers begin to suffer a fever, asthma, hearing loss, migraine, chronic cough.


Passive Smoking can be one of the main causes of fatal disease – lung cancer. This infection annually takes the lives of thousands of people, and children, unfortunately, not be an exception.

The oral cavity

If with dependent personalities everything here is clear, that of innocent witnesses also are at risk. The chances to get similar diagnoses reach 60%.

Vascular disorders

Effects of passive Smoking for children, who from the first days of life were exposed to toxic substances, especially heavy. They often are diagnosed early damage to endothelial cells of blood vessels.

passive Smoking

Salvation is near

Hopes on the integrity of society rather dubious activity. So, wanting to effects of passive Smoking for children was minimal, adults themselves need to do for this effort, namely:

  • quit Smoking. Health, and most importantly the lives of children should be stronger than any addiction. It's time to find the strength, forever to part with it. It is necessary to begin always with itself;
  • it's best to avoid Smoking. Today, there are institutions, allow to smoke. Therefore it is necessary to know in advance the addresses of those not to visit them;
  • Smoking in car ban. Make it one of the main rules and try to ask their relatives, friends.

To make your child healthy is the main goal of any adult. So it is always worth remembering, ignoring their own bad habits, likes and interests. After all, nothing can replace the joy of motherhood.

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