Smoking and kidney

Smoking is one of the most common bad habits. Annually addicted to nicotine millions of people. And few of them, delves into the, what is the harm cigarettes have on the body. Smoking and kidney – is there a connection of disorders from the nicotine? Doctors believe, what bad habit irreversibly affects the kidney dysfunction person.

Smoking and kidney

The main functions of the human kidney

Nicotine does not spare anyone, it not only destroys the tissues of vital organs, but has a negative effect on the heart, stomach, light. And kidneys here is also not an exception, but this is a kind of filter. They are able to pass through itself all the fluid, bringing out all harmful substances and toxins. The share of this falls on serious load.

They should recycle food, medication, liquid, who daily consume people. The organs of the smoker under a lot of stress, because, they have to deal with incoming toxic resins. And this leads to aging of the body, the lesions and its loss of efficiency.

If you ask the doctor, does Smoking on the liver and kidneys, then the answer is Yes. Nicotine is a poison to the whole organism.

the effect of Smoking on the kidneys

Cigarettes and their effect on the kidneys

The human body is universal, he can do amazing action. So, the kidneys have the ability to recover. However, when a person abuses alcohol or nicotine, this function ceases to occur. Resulting, cleansing the blood is very much slowed down, formed more harmful substances, which gradually accumulates on the walls of the body. This leads to the formation of stones.

Nicotine can cause lowered immunity. And this is the first step to weakening of the body and the appearance of inflammatory processes. To prevent this, the kidneys begin to work hard. Prolonged tension on leading to kidney failure. If you do not timely treatment, body to save. And the only chance to get back to normal life, will be to transplant. Noticed only negative impact of Smoking on the kidneys.

does Smoking on the kidneys

The future of the kidneys, smoker

Excessive accumulation of toxic substances, caused by kidney failure, will lead to the development of the following diseases:

  • inflammation;
  • renal failure (chronic or acute);
  • glomerulonephritis;
  • the development of cancerous tumors.

Does Smoking on the kidneys? Of course, Yes!

The worsening of the disease

In long-term studies, the doctors came to the conclusion, that smokers emerged diseases develop much more rapidly. Smoking is especially dangerous for diabetics. Increases the probability to get a kidney failure, gradually he begins to deny their filtration function. This leads to the development of the disease, it becomes more serious consequences. But the rejection of this addiction are able to stop the process of destruction of the body.

Smoking is able to run many processes in the functioning of the human body. That's just, unfortunately, most of them cause pain, pathology and even death.

does Smoking on the liver and kidneys

First to come under attack the digestive and respiratory system. But the urinary system, along with the kidneys, also not left out. Harmful elements, in large quantities penetrate into the organs, leading to their accretion. American scientists have proved, that smokers get cancer of the kidney twice as likely, than those, who is not associated with nicotine.

Kidney transplant

Only a small proportion of smokers are seriously concerned about their health. That is why people find it difficult to predict the disease at an early stage of its development. Delayed treatment can lead to terrible consequences – failure of the kidneys. The only chance to save the life of a person to carry out a transplant. This operation, very common.

Of particular difficulty is the healing of a new body. This problem is especially scary, who was for many years connected with tobacco Smoking. Nicotine caused a terrible harm, which affected the immune system, and the body simply can not adapt to the new body.

how Smoking affects the human kidney

Thus, Smoking that the patient may, is not only health, but life. It's silly to go on about their habits, risking their lives. However, for many it is not a serious argument, people with transplanted organs continue to be friends with cigarettes, what triggers the development of cancer.

Life with a transplanted organ will never be the same. The fact, that person throughout his life will always have to use special drugs. Otherwise, the organism may perceive the new kidney, as a foreign body and will reject it. These patients belong to a risk group. That rehabilitation process has been more successful, the patient must be over six months before surgery to quit Smoking. Smoking and kidney incompatible, if you want to live a long painless life.

Quitting Smoking is the first step to a healthy life

Many are concerned about, is it possible to revive the kidneys, rejecting all of his addictions. After a series of studies, scientists have been able to give a positive answer. After 2 year after quitting Smoking, was observed positive dynamics in the recovery of the kidneys.

Smoker, saying "no" to cigarettes, after a month you'll feel better, and his body will definitely be grateful to him.

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