How to quit Smoking weed

Stick to the grass easily, how then to unlearn?

Stick to the grass easily, how then to unlearn?

Before, what to tell you, how to quit Smoking weed, I want to focus here on what. Don't believe the tales about soft drugs, about natural natural remedies for the body and the other arguments of the supporters of legalizing these "harmless tools for relaxation".

Actually, there are no soft drugs. If you want to smoke marijuana or hemp, remember, that after one-two month you will come to dependence. This is well known by those, who have recently smoked marijuana for pleasure. For such people, at first it was a novelty, and then became an integral part of life.

How to quit Smoking weed – question, asked by many men and women. It is impossible to neglect the dependence, if there is no desire. What to do? In any case, you by chance got to this page instead, so you want to give up weed, just don't know, how to do it right. Here you will learn, how to quit marijuana and to give up other types of herbs, causing cravings to smoke.

Why throw?

Perhaps, you will find us mentors, if we say : "Never try to smoke hashish or marijuana, otherwise you'll become addicted", isn't it? Nobody has the right to teach you, how to live, right? This is your path and follow it you, with your personal mistakes. So we will deal with will svershilsya fact.

Once upon a time weed was for you something exclusive and unusual, you just "fooled around" with friends. It took a little time, and you know, that smoke cannabis are already in solitude. And if you are not at ease with herbs, you feel terrible, you are nervous, worried, experience unpleasant feeling of weakness. Similar symptoms on the, what do you feel, isn't it?

What are the consequences of Smoking grass.?

What is happening with you, the changes are irreversible

What is happening with you, the changes are irreversible

The use of hashish and other kind of narcotic herbs – it's a bad habit, that tightens into the abyss. Why should we abandon this dependence? There are several major reasons, which everyone should know:

  1. The feeling of depletion. You are physically tired from Smoking, but throw not. For you to smoke marijuana, hemp, hashish, marijuana becomes just mandatory.
  2. The loss of the meaning of life, bright colors. You become a passive, no interest in what happens.
  3. There are some changes in consciousness. Even without the actions of the herbs you feel some kind of unpleasant weakness, being slow, lethargy.

Marijuana Smoking habit. Addicts talk about, that cigarette with the grass becomes necessary every time the annoying factor or during elementary sadness. Frequent use causes the habit, which develops into a real addiction. It is time to understand, how to quit Smoking weed and become a worthy son, daughter, family man, father, matter or just a person.

Before describing the auxiliary methods, let's focus on your desire. Why do you want to get rid of Smoking, than it bothers you? If you can give a reasoned response, if you clearly understand, that grass you more ways, this is very important. If you have no such incentive, then after a few days, you will return to the "fun".

As it has hemp?

Hemp (cannabis) and then, that she made (hashish and marijuana), has in its composition a substance called Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (abbreviated as TGC). THC affects the person on a psychoactive level, and tends to accumulate in the body. So it is not surprising, that heavy smokers herbs over time, experiencing changes in consciousness. Cannabis has on a person's immediate effects and chronic

Grass only in the beginning causes a buzz

Grass only in the beginning causes a buzz

Fast action is displayed, that smoked a cigarette with grass, ten minutes later a man comes a feeling of pleasure, lasting about fifty minutes – hours.

The pleasure associated with the feeling of being, that the brain is "accelerated" in their work, it, he understands everything and all. The jokes seem really funny, therefore smoked a cigarette, a laugh for no reason. Sensations become brighter, "louder".

In addition, the smoker will feel on a physical level weakness, the pressure in the heart, increased heart rate, muscle tremors, dryness in the throat or in the eyes. Can redden the whites of the eyes, to start strong fighting cough.
Then, within four hours, the smoker still seems, the brain works very well, feelings bright.

All of these sensations are most typical for those, who are just starting to use. For avid smokers the same pleasant rapid stage passes very quickly (twenty to thirty minutes), and a person has to smoke more and more often, to achieve that feeling.

Chronic effect of the herb starts to change a person after one and a half to two months of Smoking. It, what previously was perceived by the smoker, as "high" and unusual condition becomes a sense of normalcy, and it can be achieved only by cigarette with weed. The rest of the time the smoker experiences some weakness, strange and not due to complacency. People celebrate, that to live a day without a cigarette is becoming more complex. It turns out, what if the first smoke marijuana for getting high, then Smoking becomes a necessity in order, to feel just fine.

Useful tips

These tips will help to get rid of the dependence to smoke weed:

  1. Remove from your life everything, what can get you back to the habit. No matter how it was hard, but you will need to stop hanging out with your friends, which "sit" with you on the grass.
  2. Motivate yourself constantly. Optional, that it was your internal arguments, you can receive incentive information from the outside. Read books, article on the withdrawal from drug addiction.
  3. Share with someone close to your problem. It is important to have support from other, of a parent or loved one.
  4. Of course, first and foremost, it is important that your clearly defined desire. To constantly to remind myself about the goal, make a list of, that you have lost due to Smoking and that, what do you fear to lose.
  5. Read the literature on the topic, how to get rid of Smoking – ways to get rid of cigarettes are very similar in psychological effect to get rid of marijuana.
  6. Do not allow yourself to feel hunger. Rather than simply give the body food, you can decide, that is the desire to smoke marijuana and fail.

General guidelines

People, decided to quit Smoking pot, needs, first of all, completely rid yourself of all those, who previously shared the pernicious passion. Possible, you will have to change the circle of communication, stop to chat with friends or colleagues. Believe me, it won't be easy, but the end justifies the means. Besides, if you don't do this step, you will not be able to stop Smoking grass.

Very often on the grass "sit down" with your loved one. If your spouse doesn't want to fight drug addiction, it, possible, you will have to leave. Do not let anyone pull down, even if it's your favorite girl or guy. It may very well be, realizing that the possibility of losing you, for your partner it will be an occasion to reflect on, to also get rid of the addiction.

Quit Smoking weed easily, the main thing to want

Quit easy, the main thing to want

In addition, grass smoker can break, if angry or in anger, if he had nothing to do and bored. In the process of recovery from addiction to constantly communicate with someone, agree with your loved one, what can you go for help to him at any time of the day or night.

In General, support is very important-loving days. Share your problem with parents or relatives. Don't be ashamed of your desire to get sober is commendable and it will certainly help you. If you think, parents or spouse will blame you for the addiction to the grass, today, there are many community, where it is possible to join anonymously.

Psychologists and ex-addicts will help you cope with addiction, often free. Very good impact on General health sports. Choose active classes, where you need more strength and energy. In General, useful any new hobby. Do your favorite pastime or the, dreams, but let it not makes you home alone.

Useful video on how to quit Smoking weed on their own


To quit Smoking grass on forces to any person – free of charge and without consulting the doctor. All you need, is willpower, desire, backed by a strong motive. In addition, in the process of failure don't allow yourself to be alone, to be angry or nervous, want to eat. Save yourself from the environment kind of people, with whom I indulged in Smoking weed. Don't be afraid to break friendships or love Affairs, otherwise, you simply will not be able.

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