How to quit Smoking folk remedies?

If you think, Smoking is a "disease" is relatively new, you are wrong. In the old days, when there were tobacco factories, smokers have made cigarettes – the good, paper known to mankind for a long time, and tobacco to grow is not difficult. True, those cigarettes were less harmful, than today.

After all, Smoking tobacco in the paper – it's not a cigarette, no harmful tar and nicotine. And yet, Smoking beach has not one generation. Not surprising, there are many folk remedies, to facilitate your addiction. Let's look at them and get something into service. On the agenda – how to quit Smoking folk remedies?

Fees and decoctions from Smoking

These recipes for several hundreds of years, and tested they have then, when it was not lighters and filters in cigarettes. The recipes are relatively simple, herbs you can buy at the pharmacy or to get in the village in the field. Consider a few of the recipes:

  1. Take the following herbs in such proportions – the two parts of moss, two parts of nettle, the two parts of gabrea, two of the nettles, the two parts of horsetail, one part of the knotweed. If you find it difficult to imagine these herbs, will help any villager to gather the necessary ingredients. Take four tablespoons of this mixture and pour one liter of hot water, and allow to stand for about an hour, strain. Take the infusion of 4 tablespoons three times a day twenty minutes after a meal.
  2. Buy at the pharmacy eucalyptus leaves (can dry). Take two tablespoons and pour one liter of boiling water. Steep the mixture for one hour, strain and add the infusion of two tablespoons of honey. Take cooked liquid four times a day, at 4 tablespoons.
    Make herbal teas from herbs and plants

    Make herbal teas from herbs and plants

  3. Take 4 teaspoons of juice of burdock, mix it with four tablespoons of water. Drink this mixture before going to sleep for 15 days.
  4. This mixture make the evening. Take two tablespoons of oatmeal and fill them 3 cups warm water, leave the mixture all night. In the morning add the Cup of hot water, cool and strain. To use this drink should be not less than twenty days on half a glass before each meal.
  5. Take a tablespoon of good black leaf tea, add to it half tablespoon of nettle, chamomile, juniper, Valerian, sage. Pour a mixture of one liter of boiling water and steep for one hour. Strain the infusion and consume it daily for half a Cup three times a day after meals. In addition, you can add to the infusion of lemon juice or a spoonful of honey. Such supplements will make the drink taste more pleasant and will increase its effect.

Decoctions against Smoking will be valid only after, as the people in it begin to believe. The lack of desire to fight against addiction will not give the desired mood.

Chewing the mixture

The people do not use nicotine gum, but offer the smoker to use resin fruit trees. This "medicine" you can gather up any garden. Go to the Apple tree, apricot, sink, the peach and collect from tree bark transparent yellow resin. Curiously, unlike gum, resin has pronounced antiseptic properties and strengthens teeth.

The second option for chewing – dried apples and apricots. In addition, you can try to chew the twigs of the wild cherry every time, when you want to smoke. This method has a strong anti-nicotine effect, which will come in a couple of weeks of regular chewing.

Model Smoking

Maybe it will seem strange, but one of the highly successful folk remedies is the replacement of cigarettes … cigarette, but not from tobacco. Make a cigarette, stuffed her tansy, thyme or bogorodskoj grass. By and large, you can replace the chopped herbs and tobacco in their cigarettes, took out a tobacco.

Replace the tobacco in cigarettes

Replace the tobacco in cigarettes

Mouthwash special teas also have a positive effect. This procedure allows to suppress the desire to smoke. Take into consideration yourself the following recipes:

  • take two teaspoons of baking soda and dilute it with a glass of water. Gargle then, when you have the urge to smoke;
    Use conspiracies, to reduce the craving for Smoking

    Use conspiracies, to reduce the craving for Smoking

  • take 1 tablespoon root of the coil and fill 400 ml of hot water. Leave the mixture for about an hour, strain. Rinse your mouth, as soon as you have the desire to smoke;
  • squeeze in a glass of water half lemon juice and gargle his mouth every morning and evening. Instead of lemon you can take citric acid.

Let the special word "spells" seem to be wild the modern city dweller, but everyone knows about that, what's right uttered phrase can have a magical effect. Here are some examples of conspiracies from Smoking, which to this day I use grandma:

Caused by an aversion to cigarettes: this method is not very pleasant, but it works a hundred percent. Mix burnt bird feathers with water, add in tobacco. We should warn you, what tool can cause nausea.

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If you are interested in, how to quit Smoking folk remedies, our article will help you. Among such an abundance of different ways you'll be able to pick out something to taste and start your own path to liberation from harmful addiction. Herb Smoking will not bring a positive result, if the person does not want to give up nicotine addiction.

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