How to dramatically quit?

If you choose between a gradual withdrawal from cigarettes and fast, psychologists prefer to abrupt quitting Smoking. All – Pro all you will take one second, when you say to yourself: "I never smoke". How to dramatically quit tell a. That's just, what should be the incentive for such a serious act? And is it possible to give up cigarettes for a day or a week?

First get rid of all, what reminds you of a bad habit

First get rid of all, what reminds you of a bad habit

What are the techniques, to a sharp cast that didn't return to old habits?

To abandon smokes at once will be difficult. Therefore, it is important to observe the following recommendations, to nicotine addiction “won” willpower:

  1. Throw away all the, because you have an associative manner with Smoking.It, of course, cigarette, lighters, ashtray, Cup, you pour coffee for a smoke break. Some psychologists suggest even arrange a special ritual for example, solemnly, "bury" all of these attributes, burying them in the ground, or burn it.
  2. Barely awake, take a refreshing shower. Turn on cool water and use shower gels or soap with a pungent aroma of citrus or pine needles. After bathing, wipe your body with a towel. This procedure will block for a few hours the urge to smoke.
  3. Buy yourself a daily two-liter bottle of mineral water without gas. In the evening you have to fully drink.
  4. No coffee and black tea. Drink herbal infusions, pure water or fresh juices from citrus fruits.Packaged juices will not help, as they contain a lot of sugar. Get a decent dose of sweet, your brain will ask and smoke. Also, do not get carried away with the candy, cakes and baking – for the same reasons.
  5. If you are friends and communicate closely with those, who smokes, let them know how, that you throw. You will be able to provoke a "smoke" even cigarette smoke or just seen someone has a pack of cigarettes.
    Do not drink coffee and tea, these drinks can force you to think about Smoking

    Do not drink coffee and tea, these drinks can force you to think about Smoking

  6. Go to bed at ten o'clock. Even if you don't want it, then turn off the light and climb under the covers.The more you will relax, the easier and faster your body rid itself of toxins.
  7. On the Internet you can find a way for a programmer Alexey Sinelnikov. It, when I quit Smoking, wrote on a piece of paper all the negative consequences, which carries Smoking, and taped this paper to the pack of cigarettes.
  8. Go on an evening promenade in the evening. Fresh air creates excellent ventilation, you will want to smoke less, and at the same time will help the body rid itself of cigarette poison.
  9. Sports. Aerobic exercise will not only help you to reduce your urge to smoke, but healthier your body, strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular system.
  10. If you have a child or a person, you're very much in love, you can go to this trick. Take a picture of this man, write on it: ""I'm quitting Smoking for you", and carry. As soon as you feel the craving for a cigarette, get photos and look.
  11. Reduce in your diet the amount of salt and pepper. These ingredients cause a greater appetite and desire to smoke those, who has such a dependence.
  12. Very useful in the first days of quitting Smoking red fish. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids it will give you vitality. You will not feel overwhelmed and tired without cigarettes, even eating 200 grams of fish per day. Prefer not fried, and salted fish – salmon, trout, salmon, pink salmon.

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Simple techniques, described in this article, will help you quit Smoking abruptly and not break at first. However, remember, without the suspended motive you will never succeed.

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