12 motivation to quit Smoking

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If you hear from a person, what he really wants to quit Smoking, but can not, do not rush to believe him. The fact, the word "can't" actually stands for "don't want". To have a strong desire, it should be backed up by reason (motivation).

No one will be able to quit Smoking, before don't want truly!

I would like to quit Smoking! But, as?

Motivate yourself

How to quit Smoking – question, asked by millions! You, probably, heard about success book by Allen Carr "How to easily quit Smoking". This book contains hypnotic suggestions, as many people think, it just detailed all the reasons, is able to induce the smoker to give up their bad habits.

Reasonable people, after reading this book, notice, what its effect really great. Reasons, listed in the book, allow us to look at addiction from a new angle and allow to see her in a negative light. Let's make withlist, motivating each easy to stop Smoking:

  1. Leaving Smoking, you will immediately feel the improvement in your health. You can't even imagine all the negative consequences, which brings your body from Smoking. If lung cancer or heart disease at all on hearing, something about chronic fatigue syndrome, constant headaches, a bad dream, nervous tension, irritability, poor immunity due to cigarette heard not everyone.You smoke and suffer from the above health complications? Send your habit in the trash along with cigarettes and lighter!
  2. You want to win the beauty contest, to appear in fashion photo shoots, to attract the attention of the opposite sex or just to be cute physically? Forget about this desire, if you are a heavy smoker. Who likes unhealthy skin, dull hair, brown the whites of the eyes and a mesh of blood vessels on the skin? Early wrinkles will add you, and the yellowness of the teeth to discourage the desire to kiss you. Add to this constant foul breath and hair, and you will understand, why you are alone and not loved.
    Beauty - a terrible force!

    Beauty – a terrible force!

  3. All are committed to the extension of youth, the worse you? If you have already seen the first signs of aging, then Molodaia cream and hardware procedures will not help, since Smoking ages inside. Your body "wear out" much faster, than the body Smoking, wrinkles and deteriorating skin condition – a kind of beacons.
  4. There is hardly a person in the world, who wants to die from cancer. One of the versions the formation of cancer cells – the effect of carcinogens. Everyone knows about, what tobacco smoke, penetrating into the blood, causes free-radical damage of cell membranes, thereby provoking the appearance of tumors. Do you need this "sword of Damocles"?
  5. If you have no children, and you dream of a healthy baby, it's time to get rid of Smoking.First, smokers infertility occurs twice as often, than in non-smokers.
  6. According to research, Smoking to conceive a healthy woman is five times more difficult, than smoke-free. In male smokers decreased sperm activity, and as soon as you come to the consultation on the planning of the offspring, will tell you to quit Smoking.
  7. There is a strong likelihood, that parents who smoke child is born with disabilities, heart disease or autoimmune diseases. In addition, from smokers miscarry and fading of the fetus in the later stages of pregnancy.

    Your child will smoke, if you don't quit!

  8. You already have a child, life is good, and because you do not see a reason to quit Smoking. Admit honestly, – do you want to see their child with a cigarette? Practice shows, children tend to repeat the lifestyle of their parents. While you smoke, 90% that, what, as a teenager, your child will start to smoke, and the reason for this will be you.
  9. Much more, active harmful than passive Smoking. You smoke day after day, I console myself with the thought, that suffer from this you are solely. There it was – along with you "smoke" your home, favorite person, parents, child. The most unpleasant, that their body is suffering from your Smoking much more, than your. Isn't it time to stop hurting those, someone you love?
  10. Do the math – how much money you spend on Smoking every week. Think, that for the same money you could buy healthy food, vegetables and fruits. Eating your child healthy, organic food, grabs his toys, or the money you dutifully give the owners of the tobacco factories? Possible, what counting the cost of cigarettes, you will learn, what giving up Smoking, will be able to afford it, what now and do not dream.
  11. The energy, which you feel every day – it is not the influence of the stars or heavenly bodies. You are responsible for your own vigor or fatigue, lethargy or vitality.

    Your new energy will suffice on all!

    Smokers often exhausted early in the day. You can change your life, leaving Smoking in a week you will feel relief and a tide of unreasonable joy. After a month you feel, you younger, a year later, most likely, you will actively play sports.

  12. Hate to be a slave to habits. Each of us strives to be happy, but happiness implies freedom from the conventions. While you smoke, you are not free, but bound and constrained by the dependency chains. To get rid of these shackles can only you. As soon as it happens, you, possible, win the greatest victory in the world – over a. There's nothing better for self-assessment, than to overcome our own weakness and a low need to smoke.

Motivation for quitting may be different. You just need to look around. Family, children, attractive men or women, own health or leisure. All this will be a great motivator. Why wait for lung cancer or other terrible diagnosis, to abandon bad habits? Reasons to stop Smoking are different, but it's all worth it, to stop release the smoke at every opportunity!

About quitting Smoking very interesting talks Elena Malysheva in his transfer:


Each of us knows about the dangers of Smoking – write about it on packs, accompanying inscriptions frightening figures. The Internet is full of enlightening information and informative videos. Perhaps, all saw black light smokers, demonstrated by the doctors after the autopsy. And yet we continue to indulge my weakness day by day.

What is most important, – you and only you are the Creator of your destiny and your happiness. Once you decide, you don't have to smoke more, quitting Smoking will be the most easy and enjoyable step in your life. If you are not yet ready, find a really important reason, to get rid of Smoking.

Wish you good luck and believe in you!

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