Smoking and alcohol during IVF

The desire to have offspring naturally to every loving couple. That's just the statistics sadly disappoint. The number of besplodie increases annually. To experience the joy of motherhood, many women agree to a unique procedure – in vitro fertilization. Not surprising, what moms are interested in, whether to allow Smoking in IVF and alcohol.

Smoking and alcohol during IVF

However, regardless of the amount of money spent, forces and nerves the exact chance of getting pregnant, no. Much depends on a number of important factors, chief of which is the presence of harmful habits of the future mother. Important alcohol and IVF two incompatible term, otherwise, the chances of successful completion are substantially reduced.

For Troubleshooting various problems, it is important to know, how harmful alcohol during IVF, and most importantly what consequences it may lead.

Smoking in IVF

Regular tobacco use has a negative impact on human health. Nicotine causes hypoxia of internal organs, body systems. Especially negatively addiction affects the female reproductive system.

Many are convinced, lot of stress get the human lungs, but in fact the ovaries and uterus are prone to damage stronger. Therefore, you should realize the severity of the damage consequences. The chances of getting pregnant decrease even when carrying out the relevant procedure.

Smoking during IVF often fails. The reason is the development of severe tissue hypoxia. Embryo implantation is directly dependent on the quality of supply the uterus with blood. A healthy lifestyle the success of the procedure increases.

Smoking in IVF provokes poor maturation of oocytes, their number and efficiency decreases. Upon completion of generated cells do not correspond to the necessary requirements. One of the most common disorders is becoming a seal of the shell, prevent the natural penetration of sperm. Doctors have to do ICSI – it is the male sexual cell is introduced with a special needle.

alcohol during IVF

For carrying out the ovarian stimulation, women are prescribed a course of hormonal drugs. The main contraindication for their reception becomes Smoking, which the doctors did not hide. The deadly effects of nicotine, resins provoke 70% failures. However, it is understood, even getting in 30% a chance for the development of a healthy fetus is severely limited.

Smoking in IVF the right way to the development of complications. Many people are willing to pay any money for the opportunity to become parents. Therefore, getting this opportunity, we need to do everything, what are the expectations met the expectations.

After completion of the procedure and the successful consolidation of the embryo, again to take up the cigarette, not. Such can lead to the occurrence of pathologies of the placenta. It may have violations, start aging sooner than. It all ends with one death crumbs. Child bearing in this way is always risky activities. Need to be aware of his responsibility.

The terrible consequences of Smoking during IVF

The expectant mother may face the following challenges, if you can not refuse from bad habits:

  • abortion;
  • sameabout;
  • childbirth ahead of time;
  • the birth of a baby with a small weight;
  • the presence of growth retardation syndrome;
  • the appearance of anomalies in the crumbs;
  • preeclampsia.

Nicotine causes terrible damage to the health even of an adult, but for a small body damage can be fatal. To protect yourself and your unborn child you need a few months before the upcoming procedure to give up their dangerous habit. The body needs to detoxify, and that requires enough time. Otherwise, all efforts may be in vain, but such opportunities may not be.

Smoking during IVF

Experts even recommend that ex-smokers get the appropriate treatment, aimed at improving health, cleansing the body. Therefore, PI availability of such opportunities, to refuse such therapy is not necessary. Find out, what is the impact of Smoking on IVF is to understand the dangers of alcohol.

Alcohol before IVF

When the diagnosis of alcoholism, to assert the existence of healthy eggs pretty doubtful. Therefore, such individuals should think, do they need any maternity. Woman, regularly taking yourself seriously reduces the chance to be a mother.

It is important to understand the quality of your eggs are not getting better, so, even giving up his addiction, hopes for improvement, you should not. Especially in the use of the two parents at the same time. Thus, before going for a consultation is necessary to pass a long-term recovery.

Alcohol in stimulation IVF is contraindicated. Scientists from the Union of reproduction even going to make the alcohol as the limit for the procedure. The reason for that small chance of success. Many healthy couples are deprived of free opportunity to become parents, while drinking negligently lose it by the fault of his illness.

Alcohol before IVF true guarantee of failure, and if you get pregnant and revel in, chance to bear a healthy child is too small. Usually ends up dangerous defects.

alcohol in stimulation IVF

The consequences of the abuse of alcohol during IVF

Alcohol after IVF is prohibited to take. Otherwise, you may experience the following problems:

  • development malformations;
  • violation of the zygomatic bone;
  • the birth of children with small body mass;
  • reducing the size of the brain;
  • violation of the cardiovascular system crumbs.

Alcohol before IVF can cause not only harm to the fetus, but his mother, that will seriously affect the course of pregnancy. Alcoholic drinks and their effect on the implementation of the ECO. Ethanol threat, it toxins slowly accumulate, causing serious consequences.

Many women believe a small dose of alcohol is perfectly safe for pregnant. However, even a small amount of wine can negatively affect an interesting position girls. To risk your health and life to a newborn baby too unreasonably. After all, the consequences could be really tragic.

The decision to become parents requires careful consideration, especially when nature is clearly against it. So deciding to cheat fate is to go for the procedure of artificial insemination, should completely refrain from all bad habits. You can be sure that the joy of becoming parents is much stronger, than the dubious pleasure of drinking or Smoking.

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