Menthol cigarettes

In 2009 year in the United States by passing a Law prohibiting Smoking, it has been included an important aspect of banning Smoking flavored tobacco. After a time, Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA) forced to make a change and vetoed menthol cigarettes.

Menthol cigarettes

Menthol harm: myth or reality

"The smoke of cigarettes with menthol" – these words from the song of the famous band known to many. Independent observations of scientists and medical communities around the world, definitely agreed, such Smoking invariably exposes the cells of the respiratory tract and the gastrointestinal tract to corrosive substances contained in tobacco, such as resin, nicotine.

Scientists said, what menthol, once in the human body, dramatically increases:

  • malignant tumors, tumors;
  • this fragrance undermines the cardiovascular system;
  • sex and the human reproductive system.

Characterized by the fact, in most flavored cigarettes used for the production of tobacco does not contain mint. Taste is attached to the product impregnated with menthol tobacco paper or the filter. For a pleasant aroma of menthol many manufacturers to hide the low quality of tobacco. Manufacturers go to all sorts of tricks, making cigarette sticks are thinner and more elegant. People, hooked on this kind of smokes, completely ignoring, she instantly burns in a 1-2 minutes, forcing the smoker to grab the following.

Menthol harm

A half years of observing people, addicted to the minty taste of cigarettes, scientists discovered in 1,5 times exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). When lung disease a person becomes difficult to breathe. Conducting a comparative analysis of the results of the health of smokers of cigarettes with menthol without it, doctors noticed, what lung disease on 29% amazed smokers "mint" cigarettes. Based on 1 thousand. people, 18 patients ill, not using flavoured cigarettes, and 22 man ill, Smoking tobacco with the extract of fragrant plants.

Insurers also confirmed by the statistics of scientists. According to independent estimates, smokers sticks with menthol often resorted to medical help in an emergency. Currently the data presented, no one denies, but they are subject to doubt. Doctors are sounding the alarm about, young people getting hooked on cigarettes with menthol because of the attractive taste. Smoking menthol sticks are very hard to quit at all. Recognition of young people shows, I am trying to quit schools with menthol, they had some serious problems, the break-up and max could go without Smoking for a couple of days. These failures forced them back to cigarettes.

the smoke of cigarettes with menthol

It turns out, menthol significantly dulls the sensitivity of body tissues due to the cooling effect. That is, it acts as an antibiotic with analgesic effect, thus masks the signs of lung disease. In addition to the false feeling of pain relief, licorice has expectorant effect, what is perceived as facilitating the withdrawal of mucus from the body.

Monitoring smokers has led to the sad statistics. For the same period of time, smokers of menthol cigarettes smoked 43 cigarette, and the usual smokers only 26 cigarettes, t. e toxic effects of nicotine on the human body by inhalation of menthol increases significantly!

Menthol cigarettes for men

There is an opinion, what the menthol actually has a negative effect on the male reproductive system. Of course, this is just a guess, but studies continue. One of the theories says, what harm does not the menthol, but the excessiveness of cigarettes smoked.

Proven, the extract of aromatic plant enhances the irritation of the nerve endings, which leads to the ejection of blood hormones of joy, histamine, kinin, which reduce the sensitivity last, and as a consequence leads to the extinction of sexual arousal. This factor negatively affects the quality of sexual life.

the danger of cigarettes

Women with menthol cigarettes

At the lovely ladies, the taste and aroma of menthol cigarettes makes them more attractive. Positive emotions under the influence of mild Smoking encourage them to eat a greater number of cigarettes. Women lose self-control over the number of smoked elegant and nice smelling sticks, themselves unaware, increase toxic effects on your body.

Doctors are constantly warning, that female craving causes irreparable damage to health, as the woman, and the offspring. Suffering hormonal system, developing osteoporosis and the most terrible disease – breast cancer. The call about the dangers of Smoking was picked up around the world.

The effect of menthol on heart

The effect of menthol on heart

Widely used drugs, such as validol, sage, valocordin, containing oily liquid with peppermint odor. Mint essential oil substances are able to irritate the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, thereby the extension and increase of the absorbability to the blood vessels and bronchi.

People in this state as if under stress, and all of this negatively affects the heart. For advanced vessels, through the myocardium is pumped in 1.5 times more blood, than in the ordinary state of man. It provokes coronary artery disease, angina, myocardial infarction. So menthol, this is not a variety of taste of cigarettes, and the real enemy, trying to mask your pernicious poison.

Electronic cigarette with menthol extract

Definitely Yes! The traditional view of the Smoking problem lies in the fact, that electronic cigarettes are supposedly less harmful to health, than Smoking regular cigarettes. But it is misleading! Menthol is absolutely not needed by the body. It activates the reflex reactions of the heart, coronary vessels, light. A change in the pressure, palpitations, te risks of the disease increase.

Smoking is harmful and dangerous to health, here the consequences of the use of menthol cigarettes:

  • increases exponentially nicotine dependence;
  • the increasing number of diseases of the larynx;
  • products with fragrance attracts young people and especially girls, this affects the health of the future baby;
  • minimal chances of success when trying to quit addiction.

Cigarette with menthol flavor is just a gimmick, behind which lie disease and the real problem with addiction.

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