Quitting Smoking: unusual ways

Smoking is one of the most serious addictions. To get rid of it is a dream of many, that's just to gain strength and make a bold move turns out not everyone. Those, who really wants to return to independent living, it is necessary to consider different ways to quit Smoking. Many of them seem to be something stupid, unusual, but if the end justifies the means, it's worth the risk – to try. Quitting Smoking can be unusual. And most importantly, that immediately improved the condition of all organs.

Giving up Smoking, a person opens a new, bright life. But to do this, you need to overcome yourself, experience is not only physical breaking, but the psychological, which can take years. You must have a good motivation, strong power of the will, then success will not keep waiting. In practice, there are many different ways to refuse harmful habit, consider the most current.

Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking: rational methods

Brushing your teeth is Smoking. If you wish to smoke the cigar, you need to take your toothbrush, brush your teeth. Fresh breath, beautiful mouth, nicer, than that obtained from Smoking discomfort. For greater success, need to purchase additional brush, to take it a.

For beautiful ladies – zaberemeneete. Every woman knows, that depends on the health of the unborn child. Quit Smoking for a little toddler, will be a great motivation.

 rational methods

Gambling people the best solution would be placing the bet. It is possible to make with a friend, wife. The main rules will be its perpetuity and is sufficient large loss, it will add the desire not to break. The body after quitting Smoking will be functioning better – isn't that motivation?

Exception, allowing you to quit Smoking

To change jobs. Lately in many companies is the ban on Smoking. In case of not respecting this rule, the violator is issued a large fine. Need to find a company. And if there will be offered attractive prospects, the desire to smoke will disappear.

Ban Smoking at home. Gradually excessive laziness always goes to the landing, win. Yes, and clean air in home will be useful for the whole family.

quit Smoking

Go to country camping. Fresh air, the fire, river, the forest is a good distraction. The main thing, collecting bags, have intends to leave the cigarettes at home.

Alternative replacement

After quitting Smoking find a replacement to tobacco – nuts, gum. Wish to smoke, need to take mouth one of these items.

The water will help to give up tobacco. This method is able to deal double the effect:

  • help to quit Smoking;
  • normalizes the necessary water balance.

Buy a jump rope. At the thought of a cigarette, need to pick up this item, to jump. Physical exertion is a wonderful way to replace the habit.

Mystical ways to stop Smoking

Mystical ways to stop Smoking

Bury the bundle. Perform this ritual burial, after which you promise not to buy new.

Affirmation can help too. Kind of spells, which will be sent to win with a bad habit. Many of us know this fact, that thoughts are material, therefore, this method can be called current. If you daily repeat the procedure, you can achieve the desired. The main thing, talking her man, must believe, it will work.

Educational motivation

Smoking parents are a bad example for children. Imagine, your child will also smoke. Many kids ask mom, dad to quit Smoking. Tell me baby, I'd do it if he, will end the year with honors. Double motivation will be beneficial for everybody. The most important, so parents kept their promise.

Reward yourself for the rejection smokes. Decide, if you tie to the summer with his bad habit, it will go to rest at sea. And the money for the trip you can gather, saving with the purchase of cigarettes.


Extreme ways to quit Smoking

Visit, where are the people with lung cancer. A living example will be a good motivation to get back to a healthy life.

Develop an aversion to cigarettes. To do this, soak them in milk, dry and smoke a fatty.. The result will obviously cause negativity. After quitting Smoking will soon become easier. Although this method may in the future provoke retching at the smell of tobacco.

Organize a mild poisoning – smoke several cigarettes at once, to a state of nausea. Deciding on this method need to be as careful as possible.

What happens after quitting Smoking? You should not afraid to gain weight. Just want a healthier and longer life without nicotine!

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