Brisanten: composition and properties

All bad habits make people experience the joy. That's just the effect of this lasts very long, and it is substituted with serious complications and problems. That is why more and more people wants to tell them "no" and return to normal, healthy life. That's only really, everything is not so easy. The desire to smoke a cigarette, occurs again and here it breakdown, after six months of failure.


So how to quit Smoking and get rid of nicotine addiction? Quite a complex issue. The main thing, you ask for, and the little helpers come to help. One of those special pills, which soften the refusal from nicotine. Tablet Brisanten are among the most effective, so what do they represent really?

Brisanten tablets

By external characteristics, they are difficult to distinguish from other medicines. Valium forms, on the surface of which is coated with the name of the manufacturer and the name. Manufacturer is considered the "Materia Medica holding" (Russia). Help to fight nicotine addiction. Their cost ranges 300- 370 rubles.

People, quitting Smoking, experiencing severe discomfort, this happens when there is a sudden lack of nicotine. Tablet Brisanten, able to facilitate health, and to reduce dependence on nicotine.

Many known, that abandoning this addiction, the person experiences severe stress. It is accompanied by: irritability, a change of mood, aggressiveness, constant fatigue, a constant feeling of hunger, which leads to sudden weight gain. Therefore, tablet Brisanten, will be a real boon, after all, these little helpers, able to get rid of all of the above symptoms.

brisanten manual

Brisanten: composition

The drug is able to eliminate the symptoms, occur when withdrawal syndrome. Responsible for this are composed of affinity purified antibodies, which have a certain influence on the processes in the brain. Resulting, strengthen nerve cells, in them is the necessary nutrients, oxygen. And it provides a calm state, withdrawal depression.

In addition to the main components, in the preparation it is possible to notice the presence of magnesium stearate, cellulose, lactose monohydrate.

The principle of operation of brizantina

brisanten reviewsThe drug Smoking has on the body antidepressive, antihypoxic, antioxidant effects. Using Brisanten, glucose metabolism comes back to normal.

There is a significant reduction in nicotine addiction. Great find tablet Brigantin will be for alcoholics, after all, they are also able to fight alcohol addiction.

This drug can help to get rid of other disorders, such as:

  1. Asthenovegetative, severe sweating, tachycardias manifestations, loss of appetite, feeling of constant fatigue, loss health;
  2. Ideational – violation, associated with the occurrence of the constant thoughts about cigarettes;
  3. Affective disorder, namely, the permanent absence of mood, irritability, the presence of feelings of discomfort.

According to the instructions, the use of tablets leads to, a person starts to smoke fewer cigarettes per day, nicotine dependence is softened, and the desire to smoke gradually disappears. Resulting, the brain becomes much more resistant, he does not respond to nicotine as before. Increases its efficiency, disturbing thoughts arise less often. Tablet Brisanten do not contain nicotine, does not cause dependence and help to return to a healthy life.

Brisanten: manual

Unlike many tablets, Brisanten is no schema defined use. Experts recommend to dissolve the drug at the time, when there is a strong desire to smoke. But do not get carried away, the maximum daily dose should be 3 pills. Increasing the dose permissible in extreme cases, or during a long smoke. In this case, can be used to 6 pills.

The length of treatment depends on the individual case, this is usually a few weeks. As the only person to notice, that craving is gone, it is necessary to stop their use.

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Contraindications and side effects

Before use tablets Brisanten must be familiar with the manual. You should pay special attention to the list of those, who banned this drug:

  • suffering from congenital galactosemia;
  • when lactose insufficiency of the first degree;
  • persons, under 18 years of age;
  • pregnant;
  • nursing mothers;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug.

Side effects during the study drug was not noticed. Tablet Brisanten well-tolerated by patients. In exceptional cases, may receive an allergic reaction, an accompanying redness of the skin, the appearance of the rash.

Overdoses have been identified. But if you exceed the maximum daily allowance of the use, may develop dyspeptic origin: diarrhea, weakness, bloating, loss of appetite. In the event of such phenomena, you need to stop using the drug for a few days. Tablets from Smoking can be applied when driving vehicles and operating machinery.

Brisanten pills Smoking

Reviews of doctors

There are many opinions with regards to the effectiveness of the tablets Brisanten. One this drug has had a positive effect – to facilitate nicotine addiction and helped to get rid of it forever. But on the other had no action.

It is understood, what important assistant in the refusal of harmful habits are not pills, a personal desire of the smoker to get rid of it. Seen, when the person really wanted it, the effect was achieved easier and faster. But otherwise, everything happened Vice versa, constant anger, irritability, which ended in constant failures.

It is important not the opinions of others, the desire of the family, rid a smoker from addiction, and his personal desire. Only self, an adequate solution to tie, will be the right incentives. For those, who wants to find a similar drug, should know, this does not exist. Today, tablet Brisanten have no analogues. No one drug does not contain such active substances.

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