The Patch Nicorette: reviews of smokers

Often, one will power enough, to fully overcome the dependence on cigarettes or at least smoke less of them. But the use of Nicorette patch will magically solve this problem. Its purchase is not necessary to follow the recipe to the doctor.

When a person is trying a strong-willed method once and for all end dependence on the smoke of smoldering tobacco, necessarily faced with such a phenomenon, as a mitigation of the so-called withdrawal syndrome. Usually it is accompanied by apathy, depression, dizziness and increased appetite.

The Nicorette patch reviews gets different, smokers around the world buy this product, hoping to abandon the nicotine.

The Nicorette patch reviews gets different, smokers around the world buy this product, hoping to abandon the nicotine.

Some people have described the symptoms last longer, others are faster. On the other hand, it is important, how a man smokes cigarettes throughout the day. Since the beginning of the use of Nicorette withdrawal syndrome less concerned about.

Types of patch Nicorette

Modern pharmaceutical industry offers patches with the three dosages in milligrams, respectively 10, 15, 25. The cost of the cheapest option is not less 550 rubles. Inside the package is a description of, how to use the product.

The duration of the course of recovery of health of each smoker individual, more precisely, determined by, as far as he is firmly tied to cigarettes. Carefully read the line instructions, you can find the answer to the question as to their belonging to a specific group of smokers and, accordingly, to choose the right treatment.

The patch of the first stage will be useful for those, who smokes like a chimney, whose body requires the "consumption" of a day not less than 20 cigarettes. To rectify the situation will patch maximum dosage – 25 mg, with which we must start. Attaching to the body a patch, walk with him the first two months, then two period 14 days.Joxi

The first dosage is less than 10 mg, and the second on 5 mg reduced. The maximum period of wearing the patch 1 should not exceed six months. But it is not always possible to achieve the desired effect, the habit remains. Then you have to seek the assistance of traditional medicine.

Man, which is limited to 15 or 20 cigarettes a day, should help patch 2 stage. During the first 2 months he goes with the patch 15 mg, and then change it to 10 mg, located on the body four weeks.

Here, he writes Nikolai, his experience of Smoking 15 years, in the day the man smoked 18 cigarettes:

"I just wanted to try the patch Nicorette. The reviews haven't even read. I did everything according to instructions, after a month noticed, that smoke 11 cigarettes a day. Six months later, a day smoked 1 cigarette, this was progress for me. Immediately became easier to breathe, even interested in running, my son is an incorrigible athlete. Today I don't smoke. Patch buy, when you feel, that can break. This happens in stressful situations".

How to use patches Nikorette?

To overcome a compulsive habit of great importance the idea, as pasted the patch:332713

  1. Working with plaster is necessary to clean hands, so their first good wash. Also provide the highest possible sterility of the site, where glued the patch. Otherwise, if it will remain dirt with microorganisms, in the future arm will itch.
  2. To extract the patch from the pouch, her first incision. To select the location on the hand, where do not grow hairs.
  3. Using a visual description, gently with fingers to lift and remove the protective film on the corresponding side of the patch.
  4. Remains to stick the patch to the skin. Reliable contact is provided by pressing with a finger or an open palm.
  5. To verify whether until the evening to stay on the skin the cure for nicotine addiction.

Immediately, waking up after a night of rest, the smoker starts to perform the above procedure. In the evening, went to bed, the patch is necessary to remove the.

Are there any side effects?

It would be wrong to think, what Nicorette is quite harmless remedy, without drawbacks, and its use if not accompanied by side effects.

  1. According to statistics, most often (more, than one out of ten people) during the first weeks itchy skin, and around the patch it acquires a reddish tint;
  2. The digestive system reacts to the patch in a characteristic way – sick or vomiting occurs. These symptoms occur less, than one person out of ten.
  3. Less, than one in a hundred smokers, using the patch, state, their cardiovascular system is faltering – there is a heartbeat. Sometimes there is itching followed by the appearance of nettle rash (blisters) on the skin, ie. one word – the hives.
  4. Last (at least one of 10000) is a heart rhythm disturbance known as atrial fibrillation or atrial fibrillation. Suspecting the appearance of this effect, it is necessary to go on reception to the cardiologist.

Here, what says Nina, she smoke 5 years, the day was spent 1,5 packs of cigarettes:

"At first I thought, that patch helps. A day smoked 2-3 cigarette after a month of course. But then I noticed, that I was constantly sick. The condition worsened, I had to go to the therapist. The doctor told me, what is sometimes proposed to abandon the patch Nicorette. And not to return to the pernicious habit, suggested to find a hobby or enroll in a sports club. The Council took, mostly consider, Nikorette that Smoking helped"

OHCIn addition, not be amiss to warn smokers about the undesirable consequences, in the presence of at least one of the following diseases:

  • stroke, myocardial infarction and other typical derivatives of heart failure, which the smoker has not had time to forget;
  • poorly functioning liver, ulcers of the stomach or duodenum 12;
  • hormonally active tumors (pheochromocytoma), insufficient production of hormones by thyroid gland (uncontrolled hyperthyroidism).

In all these cases, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor. In their reviews smokers, which experienced the effect of the patch, celebrate the positive aspects. For example, the patch is not visible under clothes, which is very convenient.

Useful video: Nicotine patches as a way to quit Smoking

Here's another opinion of a real person, who believes, what anti-smoke patch helps:

"I'm Jack, I was 32 year, but the strangers believed, what 40 years. Age was exaggerated due to the poor condition of the skin, the doctors said, it's cigarette.

Bought a patch from Smoking Nikorette, within a month I noticed, I started to smoke fewer cigarettes. For 7 months refused nicotine. Already 5 years don't smoke. Now I 37 years, strangers say that 37-38. It pleases me, and breathing was easy!"

But there are skeptical comments and complaints of the following nature: not too reasonable price, poorly kept on the skin, sometimes, for some reason a bad habit never disappears.

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