How to quit Smoking woman?

Smoking is a bad habit, but, perhaps, for women it carries the most risk, than men. Why? Nature has put in the woman excellent function for mothers and procreation. A woman is responsible not only for themselves, but for your future or already born child. It's time to deal, how to quit Smoking woman and how to take power, to say “no” nicotine addiction.

Smoking is especially harmful to women

Smoking is especially harmful to women

If you think, that your life is good – you're married, your child is already an adult, remember, cigarettes are the most effective killers of beauty. Wrinkles, bad skin, yellow teeth brittle and dull hair. Will not help not one beautician, expensive cosmetics or procedures, so the only solution is deliverance from Smoking.

How to quit Smoking woman?

Many women do not want to break up with cigarettes, because I know, what this means – immediate weight gain. If you have already quit Smoking, remember, in the first two weeks, you can quietly recruit 3-4 pounds. The thing is, that you quit Smoking incorrectly. You must be, didn't know about a few rules in eating behavior. They are not complicated and easily doable. Here they are:

  1. By quitting cigarettes, your body begins to rebuild. Can speed up to slow down the body, to change the pressure. Because of this, the food will be digested otherwise. In the first month, not to gain extra weight, we recommend you to abandon all, it contains sugar and flour (candy, cookies, cakes, bread, pasta).
  2. Try not to eat after 5-6 PM. The reason – all the same a slow metabolism.
  3. Replace fatty meat with fish or chicken.
  4. Try not to drink beverages, rich in caffeine. Coffee and tea can cause you to have a strong desire to smoke, and that's nothing to you.

How to quickly quit the woman?

You have the man, you're very much in love? A man or a child? Or maybe, do you dream to meet her Prince charming or having a baby?

Healthy baby - a very strong incentive for any woman

Healthy baby – a very strong incentive for any woman

This is the case here as while you smoke, all your loved ones "smoke" together with you. You didn't asked them about wanting to join the bad habit, right? Give up Smoking for the sake of those, someone you love.

If you are alone, you should know, on the love front enough Smoking sexy girls. Intelligent and educated young man does not want to spend time with a girl-ashtray – with her "tasteless" to kiss, she spits on your health and, for sure, it will have difficulties with planning a pregnancy.

Quitting Smoking will add you a lot of points in the eyes of the opposite sex. Many give advice, how to quit Smoking easy for a woman, but sometimes this habit is stronger. In this case, you must find a good reason, to stop to smoke.

Healthy baby – this is a strong incentive for any normal parent,. Why poison yourself and your baby, only you can give your own children a life free of chronic diseases and pathologies, which 85% arise from Smoking.

Effective tips for quitting cigarettes a woman

To quit Smoking was easy, you can use grandma's tips:

To drink cod liver oil – one tablespoon morning and evening (reduces the craving for nicotine, nourishes the body with healthy fats)

Instead of tea drink this drink – brew in a thermos liter of mixture, where one tablespoon contains tea Ceylon tea, chicory root (in the powder, crushed), Valerian, mint, fragrant root and nettle. Drink this infusion at least three times a day half a Cup. You can add a spoon of honey for more sweet taste.

It doesn't pay to chew nicotine gum, better replace it with the fragrant Golden resin with fruit trees. Gather up such resins in the garden and chew, when you want to smoke, at 5-10 minutes.

How to quit Smoking woman forever?

Quit Smoking easy, but some lasts for a day or two. So as not to break, take into consideration the following tips:

  1. It is not necessary to quit Smoking on the day of menstruation or PMS. Best day to start a new life click on 7-10 day cycle.
  2. Write down on a sheet all the good, that will bring you quitting Smoking.
    Write down all the good, that will bring you quitting Smoking

    Write down all the good, that will bring you quitting Smoking

    This worksheet is appropriate to place it there, where you can see it. On the fridge, on the wall in the room or workplace on Board – no matter, the main thing that this list was in sight.

  3. Help mom, friend whether lover – mandatory. Share your intention with the most close and dear person. This measure is obligatory, suddenly, you want to quit the struggle halfway?
  4. Follow the rules about healthy lifestyle and nutrition.
  5. Do not go more on smoke breaks, avoid smoky areas. Tobacco smoke may trigger you have a sudden craving for cigarettes.

These methods will help to quit the woman easily. Of course, it is impossible to achieve positive results, if you don't want that. Find the strength, to free their lungs from the smoke and nicotine.

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To quit Smoking for women is not difficult, than a man or teenager, although the beautiful ladies in this struggle has its own characteristics. Taking into account the recommendations from this article, you must cope with her bad habit!

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