How to easily quit Smoking: Allen Carr

Perhaps, if you ask even the Smoking man about, what book most effectively get rid of Smoking, you with a probability 99% say: "Of course, this "How to easily quit Smoking" by Allen Carr". What caused such popularity of this author, how effective its methods and whether to be so easy to quit Smoking after reading the book, we will examine in this post.

How to quit Smoking – this question is relevant for many members of modern society, that is why the book sold in large numbers around the world. So what was written in this guide for smokers?

And. Carr: who is it?

Immediately need to mention, what Allen Carr has died – it happened in 2006 year. Died writer and an accountant by profession from lung cancer. Carr started Smoking in 18 years and get rid of their addiction was at the age of 49 years. When he reached victory, I decided to share my experience with the world, and to help those, to whom the help is necessary. Allen Carr has established an international network of hospitals around the world called "the Easy way" and has written several books, most currently known of which is "How to easily quit Smoking".

Allen Carr: reviews

Actually, a book allowance of Smoking is difficult to call – there are quite a few pages, and you do not need two days, to change your life.

Will of Allen Carr's book to quit Smoking?

Will of Allen Carr's book to quit Smoking?

Forums, dedicated to dependency problems, reviews are full of gratitude to the author of the book. Many people, read the work of Allen Carr, do give up cigarettes, and quit Smoking easily and, what is important, forever. There are however those people, which Carr did not help to leave harmful addiction.

They write, what book haven't opened their eyes to the problem from a new angle, and they just wasted their time. In this case, can be, Allen Carr's hyped "brand", which carries no value to smokers? Do I need to buy this book or is it another myth on a planetary scale?

What is the essence of the teachings of Allen Carr?

We will tell you the gist of it, but of course, this will not replace reading the book. Allen Carr, the result of their research the issue of Smoking and the influence of nicotine on the body, came to the conclusion, that the smoker does not experience the physiological satisfaction from Smoking. Again. Actually, you do not feel any satisfaction from cigarettes. When you smoke, simply, contact popular example, trying to get through a hangover more portions of alcohol. For example, yesterday you celebrated the triumph and today you feel bad.

The body is left all the liquid, trying to get toxic substances, and you need water, a lot of water, and peace. However, there are those, who "treated" vodka. It's the same with cigarettes. When you "want" to smoke, actually, your body is just ridding itself of toxins. All the discomfort is detoxification of the body. But you don't give yourself some rest, and smoke another cigarette. And so on to infinity.

The essence of the teachings Carr in, what smoker doesn't enjoy cigarettes

The essence of the teachings Carr in, what smoker doesn't enjoy cigarettes

Allen Carr, having discovered this, decided to experiment with other smokers. He placed an ad in the newspaper and invited subjects to his home. No complicated manipulation of CT was not done, he just told about his discovery and spent a small psychological suggestion. The results of such "treatment" confirmed all speculation.

Not there is a personal cigarette addiction, in all cases, apply the same principles. You smoke just because, that you lack the courage and strength to survive "nicotine hangover". Allen Carr quit his job and published a book "How to easily quit Smoking" – it was in 1985 year. And, imagine, so far, this book beats all records of popularity.

What is the popularity of the books by Allen Carr?

It should be noted, when I read a book by this writer, there is a feeling, what are you carrying on a conversation with the, who understands you very well. It is not a coincidence, after all, Allen Carr is a big part of my life and smoked, however, I want to get rid of dependence. He knows all the questions, all the desires of the smoker, those small deceptions, who comes up with the smoker himself. The text was structured, you find all the answers to your questions, but the subtle humor and irony of Allen Carr makes the reading quite interesting and exciting.

Actually, the number of quitters after Allen Carr's book is impressive. Statistics, 80% people quit Smoking immediately after reading the book and 40% of them then don't touch cigarettes for one year. After the first book Carr wrote a few bestsellers. Among his writings the work, dedicated to women who smoke, and the books were written for people, struggling with excess weight, alcoholics and those, who's afraid of flying. Not to say, all of the books are equally effective, but still the product "How to easily quit Smoking" is the most popular and effective.

Who and why does not help the book of Allen Carr?

Agree, any book, tablet or anything else is not a panacea. Man cannot heal, if he doesn't want. Among ten smokers at least three people do not want to break up with cigarettes, and four more just think, what you want, and in fact, is not ready for it. Of course, such people are unlikely to help anything at all, not to mention the book by Allen Carr.

If you have a dream – quit Smoking, Allen Carr is ready to give practical recommendations for its implementation. The book can listen to or read personally, every smoker will be able to choose a suitable edition for yourself.

Video Allen Carr “How to easily quit Smoking”


Carr – the man is a legend. It doesn't matter, you smoke or not, but the book "How to easily quit Smoking" by Allen Carr you probably "heard". Is it worth it to read, will help this work to non-smokers or is it the same bike, like other? We can give you the answer – if you really want to quit Smoking, the book will help you. Do not be lazy to spend a few hours of your life, and familiarize yourself with the advice of Allen Carr. Even if you have "will not help", you will not waste time in vain, gather a lot of interesting and new.


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