How many people die from Smoking

Wanting to know, how many people die from Smoking, you should apply for verified data. Smoking is one of the terrible and destructive habits of the person. It mercilessly kills people, not paying attention to their social status, age, gender and material wealth. How many people die a year from Smoking, the question being asked by millions.

The inhaled smoke is terrible a panacea, slowly approaching the cemetery. If time does not settle down to avoid a tragic fate just will not work. Statistics of death from Smoking in the world scares his shocking numbers. It's not one million accidents, a few. Harmless appearance, Smoking a cigarette, daily kills people.

How many people die from Smoking

The culprit of a serious disease, arising on a background of addiction. Cigarette smoke affect the entire body. Gradually causing it terrible failures, affecting the digestive, nervous, respiratory, cardiac system.


Before, how to go into the figures, how many people die each year from Smoking is to find out main reasons. Often for smokers sounds one diagnosis – cancer. Moreover, the cancer can be of different nature. Moreover, it is important to note, today medicine has not been able to find the cure for cancer. In most cases, the diagnosis ends in death.

Is more familiar with varieties of cancer diseases, caused by the love of a bad habit.

statistics on deaths from Smoking

Lung damage

How many people die each year because of lung cancer, it is difficult to imagine. This disease occurs more. The reason for this constant exposure to the poisonous air. Proven, what 85% cases, guilt becomes the Smoking.

If you can diagnose the disease at an early stage, get a chance to recover. But often this doesn't happen. People ask for help, when medicine is powerless. Numerous chemotherapy, operations do not produce the desired result. Metastasis begins to spread throughout the body, bringing excruciating pain to the patient. More 80% cases ends in death.

Cancer of the lower lip and throat

The development of this diagnosis in non-smokers is just 2 %. In all other cases, the cause of the troubles is a cigarette. To cure the tumor is possible only in the initial stages.

The main danger lies in the fact, what to diagnose the disease at an early stage is almost impossible. Recourse, the patient can seldom hear the consolation.

how many people die a year from Smoking

Breast cancer in women

At first glance, absolutely incompatible concepts, but if you believe the statistics, breast cancer that is diagnosed more often in girls, have the bad habit of.

Appropriate therapy may have a beneficial effect., but only if early recourse.

how many people in Russia die from Smoking

Cardiovascular system

Statistics on deaths from Smoking, caused by a disruption of the heart or congestion of blood scares. Many smokers are confronted with these diseases:

  • stroke;
  • a heart attack;
  • coronary heart disease;
  • thrombosis.

Large part of the disease ends with a tragic outcome.


how many people die each year from SmokingIt turns out, every 10 seconds the fault of the cigarette kills one person in the world. Thus, statistics on deaths from Smoking annually reaches figure 4 000 000! And their average age is just 45 years. If you pay attention on our country, the situation is not very pleasing.

Clarified how many people in Russia die from Smoking. Every day, the figure is 600 smokers. Each year, about 500 000 citizens. However, even knowing, how many people in Russia die from Smoking, many are not even going to part with the habit. For them everything is a game, where possible the trouble will pass them by.

The number of victims of addiction can easily be compared with the epidemic, war and other natural disasters. She's ruthless, takes citizens of different ages without the slightest regret.

The saddest thing is that, the number of victims is growing every year, and decreases and their age. If earlier from the cigarettes, the old people were killed, the mothers are mourning their dead, very young sons.

Control measures

The government understands, the loss of such a huge number of people, terrible for the country. Therefore, constantly trying to take measures to deal with the habit. This was even introduced bills to ban the sale, use in public areas. Possible, gradually, this will help turn the statistics in a positive way.

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