Phlegm after quitting Smoking

Smoking – a bad habit, accompanied by the appearance of serious health effects. So realizing this, many people make the right decision – to give up their addiction. However, ex-smokers begins to torment another problem is the discharge of mucus after quitting Smoking. It is usually accompanied by a strong cough. This phenomenon is hard to leave unnoticed. It interferes with normal life. So poor wonder – phlegm after quitting Smoking it is bad or not, and most importantly how to get rid of it.

That's only comforting answer is no, even the experts can't offer a high quality product, coping up with the emerging phenomenon. The only way to exercise patience. It is understood, over the years the smoke in the lungs has accumulated a sufficient amount of mucus, malicious resins.

Phlegm after quitting Smoking

Phlegm after quitting Smoking: causes

Every person known, looks like phlegm, special slime, secreted in the bronchi. It carries a protective function, separating from a different infection. If the surface of the bronchi to examine carefully under the microscope, you may notice small lashes, in motion. They are created in order, to be pushed out from the body of excess mucus, and also other hazardous substances. Therefore, the appearance of a mild cough in the mornings is a natural phenomenon, even for healthy people.

However, smokers, injure cleansing cilia. Causing them to lose their desired performance. Such a failure, provokes stagnation of phlegm, which begins to accumulate, that leads to the development of infections.

Phlegm after quitting Smoking is also considered a natural phenomenon. The body is slow to recover. Lashes slowly come to life, begin to actively work. All accumulated liquid is forced to exit the body. To do this, the body starts the process of coughing, which displays all the negative substances.

out phlegm after quitting Smoking

Many people worry, what mucus after quitting Smoking leaves gray. However, experience on this issue is needed. The thing is, that the mucus combined with resins, soot, vykruchivatsya its color. Thus, if it turns out the phlegm after quitting Smoking, to endure completely unnecessary. Everything is fine, so, the body is gradually recovering.

How to ease the process

After, Smoking a last cigarette, the body gets the command to start recovery. Started coughing and stand out grey or brown phlegm after quitting Smoking. The duration of this process depends on a number of factors, the most important of which is the experience of Smoking, being patient, age. In any case, you need to exercise maximum patience. The body has a hard, so people can try to help him. For this you need to listen to simple advice:

  • to drink more water. A perfect number is equal to two liters. The main condition to drink water. This will help to speed up the process of eliminating toxins;
  • revise your diet. You must include foods rich in dietary fiber. Add more cereals, vegetables;
  • often go to the Russian bath. Herbal infusions help a great deal with the toxins. But the sauna should be abandoned, it adversely affects the process;
  • spend more time outdoors. Walks in the Park and sports activities will be of great help for a speedy recovery.

Each of the tips are easy to implement and promotes a speedy recovery.

expectoration after quitting Smoking

Out phlegm after quitting Smoking

Persistent cough, seriously complicates life. Therefore, ex-smokers need to get rid of it as soon as possible. There are special recommendations for that:

  • to do breathing exercises. The simple lead to seriously simplify the situation;
  • to do inhalation not steaming hot;
  • drink herbal teas. For this purpose great Daisy, marshmallow, mother and stepmother. To buy plants are recommended in pharmacies, then, following the instructions to brew herbs;
  • eat garlic, bow. They are equipped with special substances, allow to dissolve phlegm;
  • if worried about the color of phlegm after quitting Smoking, her scent, you should use butter;
  • to drink a course of medicines nekroliticescoe.

If it turns out the phlegm after quitting Smoking heavily no need to worry. Soon the body cleansed and the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

brown phlegm after quitting Smoking

The reason for the experience

The emergence of a strong phlegm and cough can also be the first warning signal, which you need to pay attention. Often these symptoms occur when the development of bronchitis or other dangerous diseases.

Therefore, in order to protect themselves from unwanted consequences, you should definitely see a doctor. After careful examination and listening to a specialist will be able to make the right conclusion. Experts usually are sent for passing fluorography. When confirming the unfavorable diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the right treatment.

If, besides the symptoms there are others, such as – fever, weakness or pain in the chest, self-medicating is dangerous. Must visit the clinic. Why is there no phlegm after quitting Smoking – that is the question, who needs to bother stronger. In any case, the body has accumulated toxins malicious, which should go. Thus, this phenomenon must necessarily occur. Forever to give up the pernicious habit the right decision, which will influence good health.

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