Allergic to cigarettes — it happens?

Cigarette smoke causes to the human body a lot of trouble, often becoming the culprit for the development of chronic diseases. Only few people know, allergic to smoke cigarettes fairly common phenomenon. A lot of people had already faced with similar ailment. Especially at risk are people, suffering from bronchial asthma. Allergic to cigarette is quite a dangerous phenomenon occurring with the development of various pathologies. Therefore, it can not be ignored. After its occurrence, you should definitely find out, what was the reason, and most importantly how to get rid of it.

Allergic to cigarettes

The General concept of Allergy

Typically, the disease appears due to the high susceptibility of the organism to certain substances. Often the culprit wool, dust, pollen, food. Some patients tolerate all harmless, but there is another group unhappy. They have a similar reaction occurs especially rapidly, accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms:

  • itching;
  • nausea;
  • sneezing;
  • the appearance of puffiness;
  • skin rashes;
  • redness.

Its duration is affected by number of factors, chief of which is the individual characteristics of each person. One it will help to go through a couple of days, and the other last for years.

The General concept of Allergy

Allergic to cigarettes

Instigators of the emergence of protective reaction can be a lot, however, the last time the special distribution was received are allergic to cigarettes. Each year, the number affected is growing. Many people wonder – can be allergic to cigarette dangerous to health. The answer is not very positive.

Blame the different course of the disease. When a particularly strong reaction it can lead to the development of angioedema. Therefore, when the first alarming symptoms should consult an allergist. After several studies it can make an accurate conclusion, assign quality treatment. The statistics is startling figures about 86% the entire population of the globe is exposed to various allergies. And the percentage is growing every year.

The reason for such alarming statistics is becoming a number of reasons:

  • frequent use of drugs;
  • violation of the rules of personal hygiene;
  • regular use of household cleaning products;
  • a weak immune system;
  • the use of low quality products.

Hobby addictions also negatively affects the General condition. Therefore, it is important to become on a healthy lifestyle.

Allergic to cigarettes

Whether there is an Allergy to cigarettes?

Many smokers deny the negative impact of cigarettes. They are convinced, that cigarettes may not be the cause of unpleasant disease. That's just the studies have proved the opposite. Allergic to cigarette is common, and tobacco smoke can increase the concentration of allergens. Often there is not the cigarette, and certain components, included in their composition. Sometimes there is allergic to the smell of cigarettes, in this situation patient can not even near the Smoking room.

The harmful habit has a negative impact on the state of the entire immune system of the body. She is seriously suffering, becomes vulnerable to various infections, diseases.

It is important to know, such a disease cannot be considered harmless. If you ignore it it can cause the development of serious diseases, able to become chronic. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant.

The reasons for the development

Allergy to cigarettes symptomsTobacco smoke, includes a huge number of hazardous toxins. The most serious of them are considered:

  • resin;
  • alkaloids;
  • benzene;
  • heavy metals;
  • arsenic.

Getting inside, they provoke a strong reaction. The immune system perceives them as a poison and begins an active struggle with them. The more Smoking experience, the weaker the body. Every year, to cope with toxins, it becomes more difficult, and hence vulnerability to disease.

We should not forget about passive Smoking, can lead also to unfortunate consequences. Especially if we are talking about children. Kids are especially sensitive to allergens. Therefore, developing an Allergy to the smell of cigarettes or the complication of the disease. Parents always should remember this.

Usually Smoking contributes to the development of the following violations:

  • the increase in pressure;
  • palpitations;
  • the development of cancer;
  • chronic bronchitis;
  • premature aging of the skin;
  • yellow teeth;
  • reduced immunity;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system.

thus, harmless looking cigarette is able to cause the entire body a serious blow.

Allergic to electronic cigarette

Allergic to electronic cigarette

Data Smoking gadgets recently gained popularity. Usually they are used by those, who wants to give up their addiction. But if we are talking about the disease, can be allergic to electronic cigarette? That is the question, which is so often of interest to many people. After research found out, that the replacement device is able to provoke:

  • cough;
  • belching;
  • severe heartburn.

Sometimes this is blamed on a sharp transition. Although the cause of Allergy is not. Because the device is dressed with a special Smoking liquid, which contain dangerous allergens. This is usually propylene glycol, glycerin. By themselves, they rarely provoke the appearance of reaction, but when we are talking about the combination of flavors, the mixture turns really dangerous. Therefore, when the diagnosis of the disease should pay special attention to the composition of mixtures.

Special attention is recommended to give beznikotinovye mixtures. This will minimize the damage, and most importantly to avoid possible overdose. As for the nicotine, it is not able to provoke allergies, but may increase susceptibility to other irritants. And this leads to the aggravation of the situation, which will require more careful and lengthy treatment.

Allergic to cigarettes: symptoms

Allergic to cigarettesIt is worth noting, what usually allergic processes are equally, regardless of their causes. Most horrible symptoms is attributed:

  • swelling of the larynx;
  • angioedema;
  • the formation of a tumor in the oral cavity.

Typically, development requires two conditions: a hereditary disposition and allergen exposure. If the situation escalated, life threatening, you have to call medical assistance. As for Smoking, the smoke concentration primarily affects the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Therefore, the reaction can involve the following symptoms:

  • dyspnea;
  • watery eyes;
  • sneezing;
  • itchy nose;
  • tickle;
  • hoarseness;
  • nasal congestion;
  • skin rash.

In cases of deterioration need to call an ambulance.

Dangerous consequences

It is impossible to say, how to show an Allergy themselves in a particular situation. The consequences can be minimal or serious. People often confuse allergies with the common cold. The reason is some similarity of symptoms. So you should be especially vigilant. With the appearance of frequent coughing, need to see a doctor. Possible, a weakened immune system takes innocent at first glance, the disease is pneumonia or bronchitis.

At risk usually people, with chronic diseases of the pulmonary system. Asthmatics are particularly difficult to tolerate infection. Symptoms worsen, causing serious complications. Sometimes the situation escalates so, what to do without the help of doctors can not.

How to treat Allergy to cigarette?

Fortunately, today there is a huge amount of antihistamines, to avoid serious consequences. Different drops, ointment, cream, pills. They are usually prescribed by a doctor after medical examination, passing certain tests. Treatment is appointed individually, but usually lasts until the complete disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

If the situation is particularly running, the specialist may prescribe a course of corticosteroids. Only after careful treatment it is possible to get rid of the disease. However, it is understood, so the problem is gone forever it is necessary to abandon bad habits. Otherwise the response will appear again.

After treatment, doctors recommend to drink a medication, boosting the immune system. For those, who prefer traditional medicine, you can use different herbs, has a firming effect:

  • yarrow;
  • verbena;
  • briar;
  • chicory;
  • hop cones;
  • currants;
  • raspberry.

Any manifestation of Allergy requires professional attention. So to self-medicate is not. It is understood, every drug has its contraindications, only a knowledgeable person can correctly prescribe treatment. Your own health is most important, smoker just have to say goodbye to your addiction. The only way to permanently recover.

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