What is cigarette Nirdosh

Many people dream to get rid of bad habits – Smoking. But once in a while for this huge desire is not enough. After all, over the years, the addiction only gets stronger, and to overcome her own difficult. However, scientists have tried to find the best solution for this problem. Today many doctors offer their patients to try beznikotinovye cigarettes.

From-for absence in its composition of main harmful substances, tobacco products do not cause the body harm. On the contrary, in it herbs, rich in nutrients. The popularity of cigarettes Nirdosh happened relatively recently, but we have become for many a favorite.

cigarette Nirdosh

Nirdosh cigarettes without nicotine: properties

Its fame herbal cigarettes got because of a number of positive characteristics:

  • pleasant aroma;
  • unusual taste.

It is worth noting useful cigarettes Nirdosh like many smokers because of its unusual composition. Cigarettes are not wrapped in plain paper, and in real eucalyptus leaf. Nirdosh cigarette, which is really unique, help use:

  • calm down;
  • inferred from lungs of stagnant fluid;
  • to protect themselves from the cold.

Nirdosh cigarettes without nicotine

Often the smokers face the unpleasant phenomenon, when the stagnant mucus, interferes with life as usual. Usually this manifests itself:

  • a runny nose;
  • irritating cough;
  • an unpleasant heaviness in the whole body.

Therefore, cigarettes Nirdosh, you can buy that anyone can, will help to get rid of unpleasant discomfort. It is advisable to do it in the morning or evening.

The composition of cigarettes made from herbs

Of course, Indian cigarettes Nirdosh have sufficient high cost, the reason for this becomes manual work. Each cigarette is created by human hands. To create it using various herbs. Upon completion of the work they put in beautiful tutus for 10 pieces in every.

Indian cigarettes Nirdosh consist of:

  • cumin – helps to treat sore throat, cough;
  • korisnici – fights viruses;
  • licorice – relieves cough;
  • turmeric is a good antiseptic, kill germs;
  • Basil – prevents nausea, reduces stress;
  • guggul – restores the stomach.

Nirdosh is of two types – with and without filter.

Key benefits

Today, a growing number of smokers goes to the use of the product. And this is not surprising, because the harm of cigarettes Nirdosh minimum. Of course, to call it a good habit not, but if the choice is between cigarettes without tobacco and regular tobacco, the first clearly occupy a leading position.

Key benefits

Herbal cigarettes Nirdosh helps without unnecessary stress to fight addiction. Plus, this has a beneficial effect on the following systems:

  • digestive;
  • blood;
  • respiratory.

Indian cigarettes Nirdosh, which can be bought in any city, great help:

  • boost immunity;
  • to clear the throat;
  • rejuvenate;
  • to get my thoughts in order;
  • to normalize appetite.

Heavy smokers just need to buy Indian cigarettes without unnecessary thinking. They get rid of the unpleasant smell, will help the body to strengthen.

How to smoke?

Today cigarette Nirdosh to buy in Moscow at a very attractive price. However, before you run for purchasing, you need to understand, how to use the products.

First worth noting, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use these products. Otherwise, you increase the possibility to cause the child great harm.

Anyone, daring to switch on the cigarette, must know, Smoking – harm. Therefore, regardless of the origin of products, to call it impossible. You need to control the amount of smoked, without exceeding the allowed dose.

It is best not to abuse them, and to use only in times of strong need. Of course, they are able to benefit, but it is not designed for round the clock use. To shop you need only in safe places, otherwise you can get on defective products.

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