Light cigarettes and severe consequences

The myth, that light cigarettes safe, has no credible evidence. Yes, these tobacco products are characterized by low content of nicotine and carcinogenic impurities. But no doctor would argue, they are completely harmless.

Light cigarettes contain a number of aromatic components, give this product a special flavour. This creates a false impression, what toxic compounds during combustion they are formed. In addition, smokers smoke light cigarettes (because of their "lightness") several times more, rather than the usual. As a result, the intake of toxic substances in the body did not decrease.

Especially light cigarettes

Especially light cigarettes

Tobacco smoke contains at least 4 thousands of different chemical compounds. Among them 190 account for the toxins and 30 natural poisons. Health the most dangerous and nicotine produced by combustion of harmful resin. Hygiene regulations stipulate a number of requirements:

  • the increased content of toxic resins in strong cigarettes shall not exceed 20 mg (Russian) and 15 mg (imported);
  • light cigarettes in norm should be 1 to 7 mg of smoke condensate, and nicotine from 0,1 to 0,7 mg.

Imaginary relief cigarettes gives a special additive in the form of menthol, sugar or tobacco resuspending. Due to their presence the degree of irritation of the larynx is greatly reduced. But all these advantages are offset by toxic compounds, produced by heating and burning these additives and resins.

Manufacturers use a special marking in the form of colored bands on the package, meaning the fortress of tobacco products:

  • blue band – light;
  • band colour silver – ultralight;
  • white band – extra light;
  • green – soft with a hint of menthol.

Different light of cigarettes and its size. Length is 80-120 mm, and the diameter 5,45-7,62 mm.

Ladies ' cigarette

Ladies ' cigarette

Female cigarettes contain various flavors and have a dense filter. The products have beautiful packaging and special marking. Popular among the beautiful half of humanity to use such marks, as: "Virginia", "Kiss", "Style", "SS Aroma", "Next", "Esse"(Korean cigarettes). The nicotine content ranges from 1 to 6,5 mg, and the tar – 0,1 to 0,65 mg.

Turning to lighter cigarettes, you should stick to the daily value and try not to exceed it. If this is neglected, after 7 days may come addictive, and you need to increase the daily rate. This leads to the same negative result, that Smoking regular cigarettes.

Harm light cigarettes

Manufacturers promote their products as absolutely harmless. However, numerous studies have shown, Smoking light cigarettes also causes nicotine addiction and promotes the development of some cancers.

The reason for this is, that fans light cigarettes do when Smoking breaths deeper, what causes excessive intake of toxic substances in the body.

Harm light cigarettes

Established such a pattern:

  • if you don't inhale when Smoking, the amount entering the body nicotine is 5 to 20 %;
  • if Smoking evenly, the amount of toxic substances will be from 20 to 50 %;
  • if Smoking deep bongs, the amount of nicotine in the body will be from 50 to 95 %.

Scientists at Oxford University proved, that fans light get nicotine 8 once more, than the pack says. This explains, what 100 smokers have 80 people (80 %) found serious chronic diseases. This is most often: pulmonary and cardiac pathology, low tissue regeneration. Also occur irreversible changes of the blood vessels. They lose their elasticity, that do not allow for adequate surgical intervention.

World statistics, each tenth of a lover of light cigarettes develop cancer of the esophagus or respiratory. In addition, there is an early aging of the skin, there is a constant cough, broken color and integrity of tooth enamel, and breath defies fresheners.

The impact of light cigarettes on pregnancy

For pregnant women it is strictly forbidden to smoke. It also refers to light cigarettes. After all, harmful substances enter the bloodstream of the fetus, which can lead to anomalies in its development.

The following are possible complications:

  1. Frequent miscarriages.
  2. The detachment of the placenta.
  3. Developmental delay and fading fruit.
  4. Underweight newborn.
  5. The birth of a child with a "cleft lip" or "cleft palate".
  6. The development of fetal heart defects, there are problems with the respiratory system.
  7. Mental disorder in a child at an older age.

Women who smoke are three times more likely at risk to give birth to a dead child or have cases of sudden death of a child in the period up to 1 year. If a woman smokes while breastfeeding, the children in 70 % cases become smokers.

Remember, Smoking light cigarettes bring the same harm, as Smoking conventional tobacco products. No harmless light cigarettes, there are nicotine addiction, to get rid of which difficult.

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