How Smoking affects the kidneys

Statistics, from lung cancer dying every second smoker. About, this bad habit is the cause of kidney disease, they do not know everything. But it's true, because the kidneys clean the body from toxic substances. In a healthy person during the day, they are able to filter almost 2 liters of blood. For smokers, the figure is only a couple of percent.

How Smoking affects the kidneys

Possible kidney disease

Smoking has a negative influence on the filtration process, carried out by kidneys. Nicotine causes irreversible changes in the vascular system of this organ. There is a atherosclerosis. It becomes a cause of disturbances of hemodynamics of the kidneys.

Smokers doom themselves to a dangerous disease, associated with the excretory system, among them:

  • glomerulonephritis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • renal failure;
  • cancer;
  • nephroangiosclerosis.

Fans of cigarettes risk of developing chronic diseases. Foremost among them is diabetes, which causes the development of diabetic nephropathy.

does Smoking on the kidneys

The development of hypertension

Many of renal disease in smokers contribute to the development of hypertension. This is confirmed by all doctors of the world. The beginning of the disease promotes:

  • violation of excretory functions of the kidneys;
  • there is no complete elimination from the body of water, and sodium, that affects the kidneys;
  • develops hypertensive nephroangiosclerosis;
  • it is a vicious circle, the cause of which is Smoking sick.

Cancer of the kidneys may occur due to inhalation of a smoker cigarette smoke. Research, conducted by researchers from Pennsylvania, have confirmed this hypothesis.

The development of hypertension

When Smoking in a human body gets a certain amount of lead. The risk of developing cancer increases with several times. Supporting evidence was the result of the survey 30 000 men, having tobacco dependence.

Disease prevention

Many victims of Smoking, is interested in the possibility of recovery and full recovery of renal function. The most accurate answer was given by German scientists, through extensive research of this problem. According to them, to prevent kidney disease the smoker with years of experience can only help to completely treat tobacco dependence.

Scientists have provided a number of examples, confirming this fact. Analyses of ex-lovers to smoke is greatly improved after just 2 years after their breakup, with a bad habit. Renal function, they have gradually recovered. But these facts are not proof, that healing is always possible.

the effect of Smoking on the kidneys


One of the most complex urologic diseases is kidney disease. Doctors hospital Barts noted a significant increase in the number of patients with this diagnosis. If 2010 year was 400 cases, after 6 years their number has doubled and reached 800 people. After examination of patients, the doctors came to the conclusion, the reason for this significant rise in the incidence lies in the pernicious habit of Smoking.

The problem is, in dependence from cigarettes affects not only adults, but teenagers. American scientists have conducted studies, which confirmed the impact of cigarettes on the health of young people. In experiment took part 7516 people, the age of which was 12 – 17 years. With them was a questionnaire survey, and periodically took tests.

Those Teens, who often interacted with fans to smoke, had problems with kidneys. The excretory function of the body was broken. Adolescents were required to undergo long-term treatment.

Smoking causes a number of diseases, represent a special hazard. They go to the category of chronic and can cause disability or death. Therefore, to postpone the elimination of tobacco is not worth it.

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