Expensive cigarettes or why you need to quit Smoking

Every smoker at least, but the thought of, how many negative points it has the bad habit of Smoking. Of course, the first to suffer his health, but we must not forget about the financial side of the question. Tobacco is not handed out on the street for nothing, so to buy have serious splurge. Expensive cigarettes is one of the reasons, why should I give up nicotine addiction.

Even the purchase of low-cost bundles in the course of a month translates into a serious amount. But money could be spent on the journey, for the purchase of a new car or, to finally do home repairs. But no, man without thinking again goes to the supermarket, getting the native bundle.

Expensive cigarettes

It is necessary to take into account, every year prices rise. And tobacco products are not left behind. So can, should conceive, say no to tobacco and start saving the money saved on a cherished dream? To further understand the problem, it is worth delving a little further.

Is it expensive to be a smoker?

For a complete understanding of the financial side of the problem, it is necessary to wrap the tobacco in a bill. After all, if to think logically, smokers do. Without unnecessary thinking, send to the store, give money for something, what the next day will be primed. Is the desire to receive pleasure is so expensive?

Expensive cigarettes in Russia

Many smokers consume per day is about 20 cigarettes. Leaves the smoker Smoking times 40 minutes. Almost a pack every day, even the cheapest cigarettes in the end of the month will flow a serious amount.

And if you take note of the damage – spoils the skin, teeth, nails, suffer the internal organs and raises the risk of developing cancer. A person voluntarily pays money, to ruin your life. Sounds pretty weird, but the fact remains. Smokers throughout life cause detrimental harm to your body, and then trying at any price to restore it, so carelessly lost. Whether young do stupid things, and regret them over time?

Expensive cigarettes in Russia

The annual ritual of the cost of cigarettes becomes not visible, but what, if you count your expenses. Take the average bundle price 100 rubles. The usual addict spends it in one day, so monthly spend 3 000 rubles. Pretty decent amount, especially if you calculate the annual consumption – 36 000, and for 10 years 360 000. And the cost annually will increase. Gradually there will be problems with the teeth, heart, pressure, light.

We should not forget about the masking of chewing gum, candy, fresheners for the mouth. It all helps to save the addict from the bad smell. And there is even more detail – matches, lighters, ashtray. Some solid costs, connected with a bad habit. So, maybe, you should think about saving budget and your health?

The cost of Smoking and the harm to the body – is weightless there, to leave the cigarettes on the counter in the store?

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