The principle of the tests for nicotine

Every year a growing number of smokers. Millions of people are exposed to this harmful habit. A terrible addiction does not allow them to live as before, to lead a healthy lifestyle. And if you consider the statistics of deaths, the cause of which was the abuse of cigarettes, it becomes really scary. People deliberately ruining their health, inflicts fatal damage.

Test for nicotine

To recover from the resulting infection is quite difficult, and sometimes simply impossible. Die not only smokers with great experience, but young people, who recently became addicted. A youth Smoking a terrible thing, which is difficult to notice in the early stages, to eliminate. Sometimes even the most vigilant parent is unable to timely detect the emergence of unpleasant habits.

And when it becomes visible, nothing can change. Therefore, when the slightest suspicion is necessary to sound the alarm, and come to the aid of special Express tests, that point, used favorite child nicotine or not.

Test for nicotine: General information

These tests allow the house to conduct a real immunochromatographic study. Big plus is the fact, they can recognize the presence of nicotine even a day later after Smoking a cigarette. And there are models able to determine the presence of harmful substances even after a week.

Express test for nicotine

In appearance the test can be confused with the, which indicates pregnancy. It is worth noting, it even works the same way – you need to put it into the urine. Most importantly you can buy it in pharmacies, this will allow you to avoid fakes. The price usually depends on the number of test strips. So, one strip will cost somewhere 40 rubles, and when you purchase rhinestones 10 will need to spend approximately 400 rubles.

The principle of the tests for nicotine

Rapid tests can detect the presence of cotinine, this substance is a product of metabolism of nicotine. The fact, what appears an hour later, but cotinine may be up to 40 hours.

The principle of the tests for nicotine

This substance does not depend on external factors, and his education is only responsible nicotine. Therefore, a qualitative test, will be able to tell whether a teenager the habit or not.

How to use the Express test for nicotine?

So the result was reliable, not enough to buy quality test, it is also necessary to observe the rules for its use:

  1. The expertise is necessary when ambient temperature, moreover, the study material and the test strip should have a degree.
  2. For successful carrying out will be enough 1,5 ml of urine, it is the quantity necessary to pour into a clean bowl.
  3. Immerse the test to the desired level in the liquid, wait a minute.
  4. Then pull the strip, put on a clean place.
  5. Wait 5 minutes. This time is enough, to know the exact result.

The principle is the same with a pregnancy test, you must wait for the appearance of stripes, but in this case, two lines means a negative result, and one positive, so, in the urine there is kotinen. Test for nicotine you can buy in the pharmacy.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use

The opinions of people who have experienced such products has been positive, but it is necessary to understand, and there may be errors. Not always one bar – bad, sometimes the culprit is not a quality test. It is important to note, what passive Smoking does not go unnoticed. If a child who is constantly Smoking, in his analysis can also be deviations from the norm. It is worth taking into account, daring to test their child.

Many children, fear, the truth, receive from their parents, try every possible way to cheat them. Using the smokers tests are not brothers, sisters or the addition of salts in the urine, household chemicals, which can hurt the Express test. So knowing, what can the child, you should be more careful and to monitor the collection of biological material.

Sometimes a negative result turns parents into confusion. Especially if it was relying (smell from clothing, hair, found cigarettes in my pockets), should seek the assistance of the specialized agencies. Here in the laboratory, experts will carry out the necessary manipulations, which will draw the necessary conclusions. Better to spend more money and time, but just to know the result. Because timely awareness of parents will help in the early stages of addiction to overcome it.

Rapid tests – a good invention, allowing without medical intervention to know whether the subject child based on. Because timely intervention can save serious health, the life of a teenager, which still may not realize the seriousness of the harm. The best test of nicotine to buy over the counter, you should choose well-known brands.

However, if the child is clever and uses no nicotine electronic cigarette, we hope to test not worth it. He will not be able to detect no sign.

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