Soda against Smoking – how to use the method

To understand the bad habit is quite simple, but to say goodbye to her forever is much more difficult. How many daily smokers trying to quit addiction? They assure themselves, what is their extreme cigarette, but soon again taken up Smoking a traitor. Even knowing, as this may impact on their health, they continue to smoke day after day. Say, can help soda against Smoking. There is not much to understand this method of folk therapy.

Soda fight against dependence

Soda fight against dependence

Today in practice there are many ways for you to get back to a healthy lifestyle. One of these is the soda. Usually this method is referred to folk, but he really brought the desired result, need to seriously want to quit their habit.

Worth noting, in 90% nicotine dependence is complicated by the fact, what occurs in the subconscious. A person can easily quit Smoking, but on a psychological level, he convinces yourself otherwise. Therefore, the success does not depend on the choice of the method, and the correct preparation. So, a large part of national resources based on the formation of an aversion to tobacco.

Soda Smoking: the principle of operation

Each person is different, so expect the same result for all is not worth it. If someone soda will be the best method, someone else will have no value. So instantly wait amazing results not worth it.

Soda can cause an aversion to tobacco. And if you use the product, diluted with water, the effect is slightly different – it reduces the amount of nicotine, after that, changes in renal activity. The blood begins to clear and from it the body receives more oxygen. All this can have a positive effect on the human condition and the abandonment of the pernicious habit will be much easier.

Soda Smoking

Soda, once in the body, reduces nicotine withdrawal, and connecting with saliva, creates an aversion to tobacco. Any attempt to smoke a person begins to experience nausea or severe retching. Frequent use of baking soda is capable of on a subconscious level to beat the desire to smoke a cigarette.

The diversity of the use

The use of soda as a subsidiary means, common, and that is why there are several methods of using it against the fight against nicotine addiction:

  • rinsing the oral cavity;
  • cigars and soda;
  • the use of concentrate;
  • in the form of a cocktail.

Nicotine dependence is a disease, so to self-medicate is not recommended. It is best before using any of the methods to consult a doctor. An experienced specialist, after a series of studies, will be able to answer the carrying out of such therapy. Lye, if used improperly, can hurt people.

Rinse and cigarettes impregnated with

The method is based on the fact, what if you experience the desire to smoke, the person should rinse your mouth with a solution of baking soda. This should be done quietly, moving content from one cheek to the other. For its correct application is necessary 1 a tablespoon of a substance to dissolve in a glass of water.

Soda concentrate

It is worth noting, this method will not only help to overcome dependence, but germs. The reason the disinfecting ability of soda. The duration of the course is about 60 days.

To agree to this method, not everyone can. It lies in the fact, that cigarettes well promatyvaya in a solution of baking soda, after that well dried. If you believe the, who tried it for yourself, the efficiency is quite large. Received svertki become so disgusting taste, the desire to smoke just disappears. The main condition is to push yourself and not Smoking a normal pack, otherwise, the entire method is going down the drain.

Soda concentrate

One of the most unsafe metalov use. He categorically contraindicated for people, having problems with the digestive system.

By eating three times a day cups of water with two tablespoons of baking soda. It is recommended to consult a specialist.

You should always have on hand some baking soda, pinch where you want to put into language when you have the desire to smoke. After a few moments of thought, about cigarettes leave the head. It is very important not to overdo the dosage, there is a chance to harm the stomach.

Soda cocktail

Using this method carries a lot of doubt, although there are those, who is ready to try its effectiveness. For the preparation of the cherished elixir needed: ash, Pooh birds and soda solution. Then all the dry components must be mixed with tobacco. The obtained texture to fill the cigarette and dip it in the soda solution, need a little wet.

Cocktail of soda against nicotine addiction

Waiting until it is completely dry, you are ready to eat. People, which used a similar method, guaranteed success. In fact, after Smoking similar, formed the strongest disgust.

Reviews of smokers and doctors

Everyone, deciding to quit Smoking, must understand, what he really wants. He is obliged to do it for someone, but only for themselves. Only after receiving internal approval, can you believe in success. The infusion of the smoker plays an important role here.

Abandoning his addiction, people get on the right path. A month later, he will feel relieved. Surrounding also replace positive dynamics, because apart from internal cleansing, improve even skin color.


Usually people have formed a negative impression. They are convinced, that regular soda is not able to overcome the dependence of the annual. However, the cheapness of this method often wins. After all, to get rid of Smoking with the help of soda is not necessary to spend to buy expensive medicines. Everything is easy and accessible.

Conducted statistics also yields positive data. Do many people have overcome addiction similar method. However, each of them said, what is the important role played by internal desire. Of course, the effect isn't instant, you need to wait a few days. First decreases the number of smoked cigars a day, and after the person completely rejects them.


As for health care workers, here opinions differ. They are convinced, that soda is able to overcome physical cravings, but only if you use additional helpers – patch, tablets, electronic cigarettes. However, there are exceptions. The main thing to overcome itself, not break half way. To do this, doctors recommend to buy a hobby or exercise.

Nicotine dependence is a serious illness, however, not worth it to fight with him to use all means. To approach the rejection habits is the mind, and then be sure to tread the harmony.

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