10 facts about the dangers of Smoking

Smoking problem a lot of people. And, realizing the trouble, few people realize about all the factors, the harmful effects of cigarettes. Of course, for many the main reason to quit your bad habit becomes the occurrence of health problems. They just understand, their own life is near the edge of the abyss.

However, you should read more to know additional negative aspects, perhaps after reviewing them, smokers can change the Outlook, forever saying "no" to nicotine addiction. These 10 facts about the dangers of Smoking will help you to understand, why this habit should be abandoned.

10 facts about the dangers of Smoking

No. 1 Health and Smoking

Taking the cigarette, should soberly realize, what terrible harm it can cause the body. Gradually after tightening, like a snowball growing negative consequences, and once the accumulated – come out. Diseases, that provoke nicotine dependence is a huge number. It does not matter cheap used substances, or cigars – the result is equally deplorable. The most important thing to get rid of sores have arisen much more difficult, will have to spend many years to rebuild.

This addiction already with the first puff is able to launch destructive action. Poison, once in the body, can develop depression, lack of sleep, and this is only a minimal impact. These facts about Smoking are in the first place. The health of one person, why spend it on nicotine?

No. 2 the Smell of Smoking

Cigarette smoke is quite acrid. He easily absorbed – constantly smells clothing, furniture, hands, hair. Of course, the smoker may not even notice, here are just encouraged to think about others. Especially if we talk about the breath, impossible to kill even the most powerful chewing gum.

facts about Smoking

No. 3 Money on Smoking spent huge

A pack of cigarettes costs quite a high price. If you think about it, to count the number of cost annually, the resulting amount will certainly be very impressive. People spend on the worsening health of tens of thousands. But it would be better to put such capital to purchase important things or a nice vacation.

# 4 Shame

In our modern society to misuse of tobacco products – not fashionable. People tend to go on a healthy lifestyle, smokers cause contempt. Possible, this will be a serious reason to stop, to stop arguing, and instead of the deadly packs to buy seeds, able to relax.

No. 5 Discomfort

What could be nicer, to sit friendly company in the Park. That's the only modern laws prohibit Smoking in public places. Thus, dependent feel awkward. Instead enjoy the rest they have to think for what would be a corner to hide.10 facts about the dangers of Smoking

No. 6 Children, family

Passive Smoking can also cause serious harm. Therefore, taking the cigar with the one you love, need to know – 30% deaths related to this cause. Smoker shortens their life too. And if we talk about children. For them parents are always example, so why show yourself like this. Kids deserve the best, it does not describe a reason to think?

No. 7 self-Esteem

Smokers adults realize their actions. Understand, what is the harm itself, others, the family budget, but still can not stop. Gradually crumble self-esteem. Constant search for hidden places, masking cigarette smoke, only destroy their own confidence.

No. 8 Time

The most invaluable, for humanity. Can't buy it, return, delay. It relentlessly rushes, leaving behind dreams, memories. So you need to cherish every minute. That's just dependent, needs about an hour to spend on smoke breaks. Cigarette smoke causes a weakening of the immune system, what contributes to the diseases, which also take up precious time, which should lead healthier.

facts about Smoking

No. 9 Beauty, aesthetics

Yellow teeth, fingers can not be called beautiful phenomena. Of course, if you have money it is easy to eliminate such defects, that's just not the beauty of the face. Here is powerless, even the most expensive creams. Skin nicotine dependent age before.

No. 10 Premature death

The probability of dying in smokers is much higher, than with a healthy way of being. So life is nothing.

Given 10 facts about Smoking, easy to understand. And if you seriously think about, possible, someone will forever abandon bad habits.

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