Smoking and the skin

People know the harmful impact of cigarettes on the human body. Smokers usually try not to think about it, ignoring the possible consequences. But long-term Smoking will have an impact on the cardiovascular system and other vital organs.

First, the harm from Smoking get mucous membranes of the mouth, after all, they are the first to take the hit. Skin people, leading a close relationship with cigarettes, as much suffering, this is due to the effects of nicotine, smoke.

Smoking and the skin

Skin after Smoking

Most underestimate the impending disaster. They are convinced, maximum consequences will turn yellow fingers or inflammation of the mouth, but the situation is much more serious. This habit can cause fatal diseases of the mucous membranes of all organs. This is to remember just, when the hand reaches for the pack lethal dose. Possible, truth helps to give up addiction, to return to a healthy life.

Should know, cigarette are on the skin with all parties. Inhaling people, launches carcinogens, toxic bodies, including suffering and skin. While the external irritant is cigarette smoke, which is in direct contact with the skin. Gradually the particles of harmful substances accumulate, forming a kind of pore. Soon changes can be seen to the naked eyes, and get rid of them is difficult.

Skin after Smoking

The first contact with a cigarette comes at the hands of, lips. Hot smoke and cause burns, they are difficult to notice at once. That's just they gradually accumulate, and this is a step to cancer of the lips.

How Smoking affects the skin

News, the skin smokers look older their age is no secret. And this problem applies equally to both sexes. Thus, the face of the smoker is dry, thin, not elastic. Due to the decrease in production of collagen, it sooner appear wrinkles. Every year, the changes become more pronounced.How Smoking affects the skin

It is worth noting – women have smoked during pregnancy the risk of stretch marks above. The reason for this loss of elasticity, the skin is not able to deal with stretching – bursts. To get rid of these troubles at home almost impossible.

There is a great importance as the experience of Smoking, and the number of cigarettes smoked. Typical problems with the face, for people exposed to the pernicious habit:

  1. Unhealthy complexion, most often it is grey. In particularly serious cases, it is possible the appearance of age spots.
  2. Swelling, its greatest manifestation occurs in the eye area, which gives swollen, unhealthy kind.
  3. Gaunt facial features, the skin is too tight cheekbones, nose, chin.
  4. The appearance of early wrinkles, and they are deep, pronounced, regular cream is powerless here.

Human skin, which is in close contact with cigars, poorly oxygenated. So before she gets old and is exposed to various irritation, allergies, rashes. Young smokers have problems with the onset of severe acne rashes. Gradually it can, goes into red spots. And various creams, ointment, that usually help in these cases, be useless.

Great caution need to be applied to the individuals of the fair sex love to relax with a cigarette when choosing cosmetic procedures. This applies to those, anyone have experience achieves more 3 years. Is peeling and Solarium, more harm to affected skin. These treatments can worsen the condition of the skin, causing dangerous diseases. Thus, for the sake of beauty beauty risk their own lives.

Diseases of the mucous membranes

At first glance, various skin diseases terrible diagnosis, but cancer mucous, a number of other fatal complications more dangerous. They can make a person disabled and take away his life.

Proven – people prefer this pernicious habit sick with the disease twice as often. Moreover, the probability of a successful outcome significantly small. Cigarettes can not only lead to rapid development, but also affect the appearance of severe complications.

Poor healing of wounds and cancer of the lips

Many it may not seem like a dangerous illness, but what , when the accident happened to go on the operating table. RAS, cuts cannot be avoided, and an ability to heal in smokers falls. Thus, these people will always be in danger – drop, trauma can, cost them their lives.

After a series of studies scientists have proven, cause of cancer of the lips are crafty cigarette. Gradually ulcers, burns lead to irreversible consequences. The reason for their appearance becomes tobacco smoke. Statistics 80% patients are heavy smokers, isn't that a bad motivator in order, so for all tie?

This is not the whole list of diseases, to which this innocuous-looking rolled cigarette. The momentary pleasure, get them, maybe, there is a whole life. To go back and fix something will be available, the health care needs today. Skin after quitting Smoking can be restored, if you give up nicotine at an early age.

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