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What causes a person to inhale the first cigarette, then to suffer one year, trying in vain to give up Smoking, like annoying habits? It would seem, finally no one has put an end to this issue, if not the theory, explaining, why produce harmful addiction. It turns out, the thing is, the body feels the need to dopamine – types of neurotransmitters.

smoking lock

This biologically active substance, people can have fun, which is, in turn, positive emotions or experiences. Of course, in the case of a deficiency of dopamine people instinctively looking for ways to resume the missing quantity of the neurotransmitter: action, repeated, and substances, the impact on the psyche (for example, nicotine). Recovery from addiction can serve as a newly invented drug called Smoking.

Description Smoking Lock

Smoking Lock – the medication is in a liquid state, the main ingredients are extracts of a set of plants with medicinal properties (Heather, leuzea carthamoides, fennel, calamus root). The purpose was to assist those, who difficult parting with a cigarette. In the attached manual focuses on the soft, but effective action, included in the natural ingredients:

  1. At first man, quitters, a lot of trouble delivering characteristic factors. Their declining influence is the first, what is the purpose of Smoking Lock.
  2. Returns to previous level dopamine, causing pleasure. In the future, its production should of course be normalized.
  3. The person becomes more balanced, partially relieve tension. Therefore, decreases the likelihood, he again began to smoke.
  4. Cigarette, as well as nicotine, no longer interested in the former smoker.

smoking lock to buy

Smoking Lock want to buy a, hoping for a miraculous deliverance from bad habits.

Rhaponticum extract

Siberian and Altai healers found, as a result of the medication of leuzea stimulate the nervous system, returns fit. The extract levzei, a part of the drug Smoking Lock:

  • a person is able to work productively;
  • the condition of the body improves;
  • the brain is more active;
  • normal psyche;
  • returned to normal blood pressure;
  • increases the lumen of blood vessels.

Smoking Lock to buy at the pharmacy can anyone, tired of nicotine addiction.

smoking lock to buy in the drugstore

Extract Heather

Heather is one of those few plants, which not only soothes the nervous system, but and reduces inflammation, it activates the protective functions of the body.

Extract of Heather present in the drug performs the following functions. The cells of the lungs get rid of the products of cigarette smoke and restore their lost functions, in the end, the lung tissue heals.

Calamus root

Folk medicine has long been successfully healed by the air authorities, called "upper respiratory tract". From the same plant, it is recommended to whittle sticks and smoke them, thereby suppressing desire to enjoy the smoke of conventional cigarettes of tobacco.

The extract from the root good for the nerves, does not upset the digestive tract.

Fennel extract

The plant is replete with many different vitamins, so it is difficult to overestimate the benefits for the body. In addition:

  • fights toxins;
  • facilitates the removal of bronchial secretions and relieve his respiratory tract;
  • it has a calming effect;
  • promotes rapid tissue regeneration.

This plant in the composition of the drug provides 30% a positive result, forcing people not to think about the desire to smoke.

Indications and contraindications

Indications and contraindications

Drug Smoking lock (or in Russian reads like a Tuxedo Lok) prescribed to people, wishing to be cured of addiction to tobacco. Components are chosen in such a combination, to minimize the discomfort from unpleasant symptoms, which usually take place in the initial period – from 1 to 3 months.

In the text of the user not seeing the warnings for the drug any serious contraindications. However, it would be wrong to ignore the fact the bad perception of the body of any component. On this basis and often result in undesirable effects. Be sure to consult with your doctor about the advisability of drug treatment, women in pregnancy and lactating mothers.

Man, who has epileptic seizures, you should drop a pill containing extracts of fennel. Air undesirable to those people, where there is bleeding of any nature: ulcers, hemorrhoids etc. The danger of drugs with the air present:

  • for epileptics;
  • for pregnant women;
  • who acidity of the stomach above the norm;
  • deteriorated renal disease;
  • in the presence of cystitis;
  • for my ulcer (stomach, 12-earthy).

To refuse to accept drugs with the root levzei follows the, anyone have at least some variation in the health from the list below:

  • too high blood pressure;
  • epileptic seizures;
  • different kinds of infections;
  • aggravated or chronic diseases affecting the liver and kidneys.

Heather can bring harm to human health, which:

  • gastric acidity is below normal;
  • the intestine has poor motor skills;
  • plagued by constipation;
  • bleeding in any organs.

Lock Smoking the drug must be taken carefully, in order not to harm the body.

How to use Smoking Lock?

If in the moment before the eyes there are no instructions with the description of, how to use the drug Tux Lok, you can use this recommendation. Only need to take a clean spoon and fill it with medicine in the amount 10 drops.

It had the desired effect daily intake should consist of five or six such doses, not being tied to meal (before or after). Allowed other use: pre-pour a little water in a glass (Cup) or the same spoon and drop in there, as described above, or drinking from a spoon drops, immediately consume a bit of drinking water. Juices, tea, etc. though considered a liquid, but in this case not be considered as a substitute for plain water.

To quit Smoking after at least one month of this treatment. If not helped at the end of a specified period, do not despair, and to repeat the same pattern.

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