Spray Smoking

Many people, wanting to get rid of Smoking, use a variety of means. The most popular are: spray Smoking, pills, electronic cigarette, patches. Each drug has advantages, and disadvantages, therefore, when their use must be carefully considered, these analogs cigarettes. So what is sprays, and do they really help quit Smoking?

Spray Smoking

Spray against Smoking: varieties

In its action, all the existing sprays are divided into two categories:

  • causing an aversion to cigarettes;
  • containing nicotine component.

The first group of sprays is based on the formation of an aversion to tobacco. Ideal for those, who for some reason have to say “no” his habit.

The effect of these sprays is based on the development of the dislike of tobacco smoke. This happens due to the irritation of taste receptors, who can make a cigarette taste nasty. In the mouth the person has not pleasant, and slightly painful sensation, which after a long time form a reflex. So, gradually begins to form a conscious rejection of their pernicious habit.

The composition of the sprays from Smoking

The composition of the sprays from Smoking

Sprays in this category consist of substances of plant origin:

  • herbs, such as: Melissa, hops, oats, passionflower;
  • ginger root.

Thus, they not only allow you to get rid of bad habits, but also have a healing effect. People using the sprays, holds a kind of therapy, based on the recovery of respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive system, also comes to normal metabolism. The rejection of long-term Smoking heavy stress for the person and his body, and the components included in the sprays help to reduce the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

All of these sprays consist of excipients, medicinal herbs and of course, nicotine. Just not worth it compared to the, which a person receives while Smoking. He is the medical, and it doesn't cause such harm as usual, the more significant role played by its number, which does not have the potential to exacerbate nicotine addiction. This is a good outlet for those, who wants to return to a healthy life. With this spray you can do it faster, and to avoid the formation of stress.

how much is the spray from Smoking

A smoker not only gets rid of the cigarettes, and restores your health, while feeling great. The effect is visible already after the first week of treatment. From this point on should give up Smoking.

Spray Smoking has the following steps:

  1. An aversion to the taste and smell of cigarettes.
  2. Aversion to tobacco smoke.
  3. Helps to gradually stop Smoking.

More and more people are choosing spray from Smoking. The price of the drug varies 500-2500 rubles. The cost is based on the brand and size of spray.

Method of application spray from Smoking

A lot depends on the experience of Smoking, the longer it is, the harder it is to give up this addiction. Usually it is recommended to use the spray not more 7 times a day, at 5 injections.

The second group of sprays has major difference is that contain nicotine. Suitable for long-term smokers, which are very difficult to abruptly stop Smoking. Experts believe, that gradually reducing the dose of this harmful substance, smoker will soon be able to refuse, but or at least reduce the amount of smoked cigarettes daily.

Method of application spray from Smoking

Apply sprays recommended for strong desire to smoke. Applying this substance must discard any other cigarettes replacement products: gum, patches or other sprays. Spraying the drug should in the oral cavity, so, so he got on the mucous membranes. The only way nicotine gets into the bloodstream and cause a reduction in the desire to smoke. Therefore, after use can not eat or drink around 15 minutes.

Rules for the use of sprays:

  1. To present the drug tightly to the mouth, so all of the drops inside of the nose.
  2. On the bottle it is necessary to drastically, so that the whole required dose came.
  3. Not to use the spray along with cigarettes, at the same time.
  4. Not to get liquid on lips.
  5. The interval between doses should be not less than 15 minutes. Daily dose should not exceed 120 taps.

How much is the spray from Smoking? The price depends on the promotion of the brand, and not from the result. Should


It is worth noting, because nicotine sprays of the second group have a number of limitations:

  • arrhythmia;
  • disease, associated with the brain;
  • recent stroke;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation.

Regarding duration of use of the drug, it can take years. The only important point is the gradual transition to reducing substance use. The only way, you can gradually give up their habit.

It is understood, what is most important in rejection of the addiction – the desire to. You need to believe in something, these sprays come to the rescue, and give you a chance to quickly return to a normal life. So, the studies do not guarantee 100% result from the use of these drugs, much depends on the will power of the smoker.

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