Allergic to Smoking

Smoked another cigarette no benefit other than short-term effect of relaxation and pleasure, brings. Few of smokers and those, who is going to try, aware of the possible allergic response to tobacco smoke. What appears an allergic reaction to inhaled smoke? How to avoid it? What are the treatments? The answers to these questions concern all people, who discovered allergic to Smoking.

Allergic to Smoking

Whether there is an Allergy to cigarettes?

In simple terms, an allergic reaction can explain the peculiar behavior of the organism in the appearance of a stimuli. From the point of view of physiology, in case of detection of allergens, the immune system tries to "discipline", saturating the blood with substances, including hormone histamine. In the body tie battles, which a person learns to painful symptoms.

Not all people have a tendency to allergies to cigarette, however, some of it is still there. Allergies can be triggered by some components: smoke and tar, flavors, harmful additives.

It would be a mistake lightly to such a variety of allergies. Putting aside questions, concerning the treatment of this disease and neutralizing factors that caused it, it will only improve. You need to be prepared for a sad perspective, in the form of anaphylactic shock or angioedema, and what is most unpleasant – pulmonary edema.

can Smoking cause allergies

Causes of development of Allergy to tobacco

Under the thin paper wrapper of the cigarette hides the filler is chopped tobacco. Raw material can be obtain, grow in his garden. People have noticed, what part of this plant include alkaloids, of which the greatest "value" for smokers is the nicotine. Thanks to him, tobacco is not interesting insects as a food product. But smokers it not only stops the, but even attracted by the opportunity to "tickle" the receptor of the nervous system and thus to get high.

But for this pleasure will have sooner or later to pay the destroyed cells of the nervous system, the heart and blood vessels. The percentage of poor tolerability by the body nicotine is quite small. Another thing – additional substances to enhance the "taste", for example, menthol and other flavours. They generously crams in cigarettes, as required by the modern production technology. Producers a little worried about the fact respiratory irritation and possible allergic reactions.

Smoking cause allergies

In the media launched the campaign against tobacco. However, people do not stop the fact, what in cigarette smoke, among other chemical compounds: 200 – are considered poisonous, 44 – cause cancer. "Bouquet" allergens presented acids and their compounds with oxygen, isotopes, radiating radicality.

We must not forget about the introduction of large concentrations of herbicides and fertilizers for growing tobacco. Paper, around each cigarette, also not the best quality. The worst affected are people, with allergies, caused by some food products, or contact with airborne: they have the chance of allergies triggered by the nicotine addiction is too high.

A long time in a smoker's airway becomes almost defenseless, so, open doors to abnormal reactions. Waking the immune system to recognize harmful substances penetrating strangers and connect special cells. Starts a reaction of hypersensitivity. Can Smoking cause allergies? Yes, every tenth inhabitant of the planet suffers from this disease, sometimes did not even realize.

Allergic to Smoking: signs and symptoms

can Smoking cause allergiesThe respiratory system does not remain passive in any case, even in the case of an allergic reaction to cigarette smoke. This can not be, to have a smoker for no reason, sudden suddenly inflamed nasal mucosa, the pharynx or larynx, appeared bronchial cough allergic character.

The tobacco smoke passes through the eye, addictive cigarette man. Most of the day heavy smoker puts the organs of vision irritation. You can often see these people with red bloodshot eyes – symptoms of conjunctivitis, as they say, on the face.

What else could indicate a tobacco Allergy? Here are the basic signs of the disease:

  • itching in nose and eyes;
  • discomfort in the throat;
  • in the throat and soft palate of the mouth is not always enough moisture, there is an unpleasant burning sensation;
  • tickle, sometimes there is a faint cough;
  • cough without sputum, with tangible attacks, it's hard to breathe, shortness of breath;
  • from the throat and the windpipe are heard wheezing noises;
  • stand out abundantly tears;
  • the eyelids become reddish and swell;
  • the nose is so swollen, it is impossible for them to breathe;
  • of the nasal aperture follows a colorless liquid mucus;
  • sneezing is the nature of the attacks.

The immune system can respond to Smoking cigarettes allergic dermatitis. If you examine the surface of the skin in the hollows under the knees, on bends of elbows, the back side of both hands, it is likely possible to detect rash red hue, itchy. And he pulls her to scratch, the skin becomes edematous, hurts. In General, very unpleasant condition. It will take some time, the rash will dry up, and in its place formed a crust.

Allergic to electronic cigarette

If you do not treat worsening Allergy, caused by smoke and flavorings in cigarettes, you can even get asthma. And there to anaphylactic shock in the neighborhood, then certainly have to call an ambulance and go to pass the hospital.

It is not necessary to smoke all, what was discussed above is often present and then, when a person is near their Smoking colleagues or mates.

Allergic to electronic cigarette

Yes, do, in these cigarettes no tar and other substances, inherent in tobacco products. However, we shouldn't jump to conclusions. To create the effect of Smoking electronic cigarette cartridges filled with liquid, which again is full of different kind of "chemistry" – the flavors and colors.

To diagnose an Allergy to cigarette (the smell or the smoke) medicine has not yet learned. Record the fact of allergies after, a man will refuse from harmful habits, and, accordingly, disappear attacks. A doctor assigned to treatment with intake of antihistamines, bronchodilators, ointments with corticosteroids.

Of course, quitting is a big plus, I still need to watch, the hair and the clothes were not soaked tobacco. In other words, you should avoid Smoking companies. Allergic to Smoking is a unpleasant disease, but it's easy to get rid of, if you completely give up the habit.

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