Nasvay: what it is and why it should be banned?

Nasvay is a dangerous substance, which causes serious disruption of the whole organism. However, the Russian legislation, do not hurry to make conclusions, and not attribute it to narcotic products. But is it really, and should I worry, noticing the addiction their loved one to Nasva?


Nasvay – what it is?

The origin of the substance is Central Asia, here to purchase this tobacco product can anyone, even without age restrictions. Originally the basis nasvay was part of a special plant, however, over the years it was replaced by cheaper and more affordable alternative to the tobacco or even tobacco dust.

Very surprising that, the appearance of the described substances, has certain characteristics. It can be in the form of green balls, or the usual gray powder. Considered, that fresh nasvay is a large grain of greenery.

Many call him the cigarettes for chewing, but actually use it a bit differently. A certain amount of mixture placed in the cheek or lip, in this way he gradually enters the bloodstream.

harm nasvay

Nasvay: the main part

What produce nasvay? The main components are nasvai shag or tobacco, but do not forget about additional supplements:

  • slaked lime;
  • the camel's dung;
  • chicken manure;
  • halls plants;
  • dry fruits;
  • spices.

At home, due to their availability and popularity, the indigenous people create nasvay different ways. So to make it cheaper instead of tobacco use tobacco dust, but for the more serious effect – taking other active substances. Many ingredients are used only as binders, so using them to create granules.

Many people, using this mixture, don't even suspect, what it is. Indeed, in its natural state it has a horrible smell and taste, only fruit supplements help to hide it. Very often, exploring the composition of nasvai, it took such deadly substances, as arsenic, cadmium, mercury. When introduced into the body of a large number of poisons are described, the outcome could cost lives.

Properties and effects on the body

Properties and effects on the bodySpecial popularity of nasvai is enjoyed by students, which are poisonous substance, with the aim to get rid of nicotine addiction. They believe, it's drugs, so, terrible won't harm you or your body. That's just this opinion is very wrong. Using it, soon begins to develop a real the nicotine and psychological dependence. Thus, we can safely say, nasvay – the first step to addiction.

Laying the mixture on the cheek, nicotine quickly enters the body through mucous. The first effects from its use become:

  • relaxation;
  • tingling in the legs;
  • dizziness;
  • clouding in the eye.

Usually the effect lasts no more 10 minutes, but it's enough, to cause the body many complications. Payback for the brief moments of euphoria are serious consequences – organ, cancer. Taking into account the direct impact on the oral cavity, it is understood, that first shot takes it for himself. From this emerges: the sores, inflammation of the gums, the yellowing and crumbling of the teeth, cancer of the larynx.

On through the blood, harmful substances spread throughout the body. The internal organs receive a severe defeat, the stomach develops chronic diarrhea, disturbed digestion, developing gastritis and ulcers. Seen the emergence of parasitic diseases – viral hepatitis. Suffer kidney and liver.

Nasvay is able to lead not only to physical changes. The human psyche, also begins to experience serious violations of: memory loss, anxiety, less attention. The use of Nasva serious test throughout the body. People should be aware of, a short ride can cost lives. To stop the ongoing process violations is almost impossible.

Symptoms of drug nasvay

As mentioned above, nasvay is distinguished by its affordable price, that is an important criterion for teenagers. Not realizing the full responsibility, they become dependent. A huge minus is the fact, what to identify it at early stages is almost impossible. Parents need to carefully monitor their children, to get a feel for their terrible addiction.

Costs especially wary, noticing the following signs:

  • the teenager often spits, and his spitting are green;
  • profuse salivation;
  • muscles weaken;
  • excessive tiredness;
  • the deterioration of interest in learning;
  • the turbidity of view;
  • fainting;
  • mood swings;
  • bad breath, it happens because members of a mixture of animal faeces.

The use of Nasva in 30% cases addictive, statistics are not comforting to people, struggling with addictions.

Symptoms of drug nasvay

Side effects

Nasvay – hazardous substance, its use threatens the development of many terrible diseases. Deconditioning, psychological, teen getting lethargic and irritable. Its performance drops sharply, lost interest in learning, of Hobbies, the arise appearance defects.

A pleasant state of euphoria does not last more than eight minutes, then there are problems:

  • heaviness in the head;
  • profuse salivation;
  • clouding the mind;
  • felt a burning sensation in the oral mucosa.

Further violations occur at the level of the organs and internal systems:

  • loss of consciousness;
  • dental disease;
  • violations of the oral mucosa;
  • suffers from gastrointestinal tract;
  • the liver starts to work worse;
  • arise cancer.

Nasvay is banned in some countries. Deaths from the substances are weighty enough, but in Russia, Ukraine and other States do not hasten to declare it a drug.

Nasvay develops dependence?

Many people are resorting to the use nasvay with the aim of getting rid of nicotine addiction. Here are just a few people understand, instead, to get rid of the addiction the person gets another, more scary and dangerous.

This mixture is capable of short time to relax and to feel the euphoric effect, here only pleasant emotions pass very quickly. Psychological dependence develops fairly rapidly. People will want to re-experience the pleasure, but only that it lasted much longer. So, without realizing, instead nasvay, teen decides to try other drugs.

Often, for best effect, added to the mixture of hashish or marijuana. They are psychoactive substances, able in a short time to develop a persistent addiction. Consume people, will not be able to quit his addiction. The only chance for salvation might be narcological hospital.

Unfortunately, In Russia nasvay is available use. It is not considered a drug, so, to pribresti it can be anyone. Sellers, wanting to get the long-awaited, profit, shamelessly sell the mixture of young people, thereby bringing them to the brink.

To escape and say "no" to their destructive habits is very difficult, especially when it comes to teenagers. They believe, the use of such substances, makes them older and cool, here only in practice it is not so rosy. And when the time comes that recognition happens too late. Destroy your health a lot easier, than to restore it.

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