Smoking gastritis

A smoker exposes his respiratory system a lot of danger. However, is there any hope, like other organs, including the gastrointestinal tract, suffer less sad fate? The article aims to shed light on the question of the link between Smoking and gastritis, what should the, who tightly "sat down" on tobacco. Smoking gastritis, what will be the consequences?

Smoking gastritis

Smoking and gastritis: the relevance of the topic

The gastroenterologists had a strong concern about the alarming statistics. Chronic gastritis diagnosed in half of adults and one third of the pupils. Smoking contributes its amendment in statistics. About 60 percent of men, a quarter of women and half of young people managed to get gastritis at the same time will belong to the group of smokers. Risking our contemporaries, celebrated its 40th anniversary.

"Thanks," the habit, the body feels a deficiency of vitamin C, significantly not up to their standards vitamins, taking an active part in the recovery process of the mucous membrane of the stomach. Gastritis just caused by a nicotine. To be more precise, in the regeneration of cells secretion of gastric juice fails. Importance, as in what time of day the person smokes. Inhalation of tobacco smoke before Breakfast pushed to the stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

could it be gastritis from Smoking

Effects of nicotine on the stomach

How to get along with each other gastritis and Smoking? Does the negative impact of bad habits on the body, if disease is present in gastritis? The answer will be inaccurate, if you do not take into account the individual characteristics of a particular person.

It has long been proven, that no benefit from nicotine and tars is not expected. Obviously, that by lung and stomach these "guests" will not slip. Caught in the stomach of the smoke particles irritate his mucous membranes, cause inflammation.

Nicotine has the alternative options of penetration into the stomach:

  1. First of all, the absorption of this alkaloid in the blood.
  2. Entrained by the flow of blood in different directions, the nicotine reaches the tissues of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. In contact with harmful chemical compound blood vessels are drastically reduced, impeding the flow in stomach tissue.
  4. Slows down neural activity in the brain, the spinal cord and the periphery. This affects the timeliness of production of digestive juices in the stomach.

gastritis after Smoking cessation

The whole set of substances, ready to perform the "black" thing, fill the oral cavity, and then, briefly pausing, head to the stomach. Mucosa "nervously" reacts to poison smoke, stands out more than the usual hydrochloric acid, inhibition of the activity and the sharp decline in blood vessels impairs the functioning of the stomach.

The weakening of the protective functions of a certain part of the body, as well as slowing tissue repair can take place the following processes:

  • man, who once was a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and did not complain of digestion, gastritis shortly remind myself;
  • gastritis is exacerbated by the presence of chronic form of the disease;
  • the first stage, dubbed "superficial gastritis", quietly converted into a form, very close to cancer – atrophic gastritis, which is characterized by a critical thinning of the mucosa;
  • finally, one of the possible scenarios erosion (corrosion of the mucous) or ulcer (perhaps even through defect) gastrointestinal tract;

Could it be gastritis from Smoking? This question is asked by many people, abusing harmful habit.

Smoking gastritis

The effects of Smoking

At day rate component more 10 cigarettes stomach refuses to perform tasks assigned to him. If the gastritis has long been settled, the Smoking man, the concentration of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is significantly above the norm.

It is useless to try to cure stomach trouble, not giving up cigarettes. Medication will only zero effect, only money. In addition, the smoker may neglect the issue of proper nutrition, that will further inspire gastritis to continue its transformation into other forms, which are the ulcers, inflammation of the duodenum (duodenitis) or erosive gastritis.

More, than 70 cases of 100 ulcer caused by addiction to nicotine. Such people have a very sore stomachs and stomachs, the intestine loses its activity. Even night pain mentioned in conjunction with heartburn haunt. The person loses interest in food, have problems with bowel movements.

With these troubles, as a rule, face those, who smokes more than four years. If prior to the Smoking man has a disease of the stomach, to wait for his worsening long – from six months to a year. By the end of the seven-year or ten-year period gland atrophy, gastric juice is secreted in minimum amount. Painful sensations are replaced with nausea and heaviness, very frequent constipation. The worst of the possible scenarios is when atrophic gastritis evolyutsioniruet in cancer of the stomach.

Can I smoke in this disease?

For those, who is not willing to give up the habit or lack of willpower, might use the following rules:

  1. To distract yourself from thoughts to smoke at least during the day and on an empty stomach.
  2. Not to drink strong tea or coffee together with the inhalation of tobacco smoke.
  3. Cooked in mild dishes fats should be submitted minimum amount, without adding vinegar.
  4. Limit the daily norm is half of a pack of cigarettes.
  5. Feeling the aggravation of gastritis, completely to refuse from tobacco.
  6. Within half an hour, better yet, the whole hour, after eating refrain from Smoking, giving food the ability to be absorbed.

Smoking gastritis of the stomach

Regarding cigarettes seems to be able to dispel doubts. What doctors say about Smoking hookah or e-cigarettes when available.? The answer is clear: injury will be caused only if the content in the smoke of tar and nicotine. The use of means and methods of delivering these substances in the body is irrelevant.

Aggravation after cessation of habits

Rarely, but still there are situations, when people kicked the habit of Smoking, and gastritis, however, reminds himself. Disease should gradually withdraw from the Smoking cessation and uptake of healthy lifestyle.

There is nothing supernatural. The exacerbation of a gastritis in the period of adaptation to normal life is understandable:

  • nicotine has the ability to dull pain, thereby fails to suspect the existence of problems of the stomach;
  • the human body dramatically quitters is under stress. Is it any wonder the aggravated gastritis?
  • nicotine caused a vasospasm. Over a long period, they've kind of gotten used to this condition. But at one point the vessels were freed from the influence of the alkaloid, their tone has changed, ie. occurred extension;
  • suddenly declares itself the so-called "withdrawal syndrome". Again, breathing in the smell of freedom, glands become fully operational, giving more saliva and gastric juice. The result will not be slow in coming – will worsen gastritis;
  • there have been changes in the rhythm of power. Quit Smoking, in search of methods of struggle with unpleasant feelings, people sometimes opted for eating junk food (crackers, chips) and drinks containing caffeine.

Smoking gastritis stomach contraindicated, if you do not want to suffer from severe pain and spasms. It is possible the formation of cancerous tumors.

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