Magnets, that help to quit Smoking

Lately is to ask online query "how to easily quit Smoking", and from among the first answers are given page is some magnets. What it is, how much it costs and most importantly, is it worth to buy this innovation to combat addiction, you will learn from this article. Magnets from Smoking – another profit from advertisers or the real way to get rid of nicotine addiction?

What the commercials say?

First of all, view, what is actually said by the creators about the magnets. This method of getting rid of dependence is related to auriculotherapy, that is, the use of knowledge about the impact on the body by tapping on specific points.

What a miracle-magnets, that help to quit Smoking?

What a miracle-magnets, that help to quit Smoking?

As you know, some people do not accept the operating and surgical intervention in the integrity of the human body. They believe, there is much more simple treatments, not inferior in the efficiency of the scalpel and the pill. This includes Ayurveda, acupuncture, bloodletting, massages.

Auriculotherapy, which is the basis of the action of magnets, involves the exposure of the points within the human ear, which are interconnected with parts of the brain, causing the craving for cigarettes. What this means from a practical point of view? You get two magnets, attach them to the ear, and gradually feel, what you want to smoke less and less.

The magnets are very small in size and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Girls definitely will love to wear such a thing, more, what advertising on the website give a decent paragraph with a tempting description of things. The magnet supposedly made of precious metals in 24 CT (this is not our invention, it says so on the manufacturer's website) and decorate the ear, like fancy earring.

If it works?

Before, what we will study and analyze the reviews kupivšiesâ and bought magnets, let us reason logically. As you know, the Indians and Chinese, are especially famous for their unconventional approach to medicine, are the most long-lived Nations. They look as one wonderful slender until his old age, face without wrinkles, skin healthy.

In addition, even a first grader knows, in which countries the greatest number and density of the population. Therefore, their treatments are effective – certainly more effective, than European and Western tablets and operations.

Are you sure, anything "do not spoil" in your body, wearing these magnets?

Are you sure, anything “do not mess up” in your body, wearing these magnets?

Influence on some bodies by pressing with your fingers is just not opening. But think about it – if every point is so important for the brain and overall health, what will happen, if you just mix up those points?

Buying magnets, you on parole manufacturer pinch a certain area of your ear, not knowing, what it means. What, if you accidentally clamp the wrong site, and affect something else in your body?

What, if the manufacturer made a mistake in calculating points, influencing the desire to smoke? Maybe, you gonna clamp these magnets ability to think quickly or adequately respond to the situation. After all, the manufacturer of the magnets is not responsible for your health, his goal is to sell the magnets.

What people say?

Of course, the most reliable way to learn the truth about a particular product, to hear this "word of mouth". People, who have already bought the magnets, happy to share my experience from using this thing on the Internet and tell about their experiences. Of course, customer reviews from the page of the manufacturer into account we will not even take. The purpose of the research forum and community, to quit Smoking and is struggling with addiction.

To be honest, positive reviews quite a bit, the advantages of the magnets are called units, but the minuses a lot. Those, which is, written academic language and so delighted, even there is no doubt about authorship. Reviews more real very skeptical. People, tried magnets no positive changes in his behavior is not noticed. To be fair, – negative in the body, too, nothing happened, so it's not so bad.

The issue price

How much are these magnets? The price for this pleasure is relatively large – about, as 25 packs average cost of cigarettes.

Magnets are not expensive, but is it worth buying them?

Magnets are not expensive, but is it worth buying them?

In Russia, these magnets can be purchased online from 1200 rubles, in Ukraine, from 400 UAH. If you decide to experience this miracle of alternative medicine, review all proposals – many sites conduct promotions to increase sales.

At the time of the collection of information one manufacturer, whose page gets literally the first, offers magnets at a special price two times cheaper than the normal price.Magnets, that help to quit Smoking can be found for very attractive money. That's only in a greater degree this is another trick, people just get a pebble, does not affect the rejection nicotine addiction.

Based on the foregoing, we believe, what magnets can do to help you. This happens in the following case: you are sure, want to live without Smoking. You have abandoned cigarettes, but you are missing some small crutch. In tablets and chewing gum you don't believe, but interested in the esoteric or Oriental culture.

And then find online advertising magnets. "OPA, here it is!" – I think you, and buy jewelry made of precious metals. And having unusual thing, your willpower even more stronger, and cigarettes seem to be just venom. If you are skeptical and just want to check, will have an effect on you the next remedy for Smoking, then you are just wasting your money.

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What is "magnets for, to quit Smoking"? Quite a detailed reply you can get from this article. Buy them or not – you decide, but remember, it is impossible to quit Smoking without a strong desire to do it. Manual for magnets from Smoking is in each this product, try to stick to, if you want to see real results.

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