How to quit Smoking the girl

Are there any differences between quit Smoking grandfather, a young guy or young girl? Of course, there! In this post we reveal a few secrets, as the girl to quit Smoking do not experience the strong nicotine cravings. Will just? No, but such an act will only give positive results for the health.

Smoking girl - it is ugly

Smoking girl – it is ugly

Why girls smoke?

Curiously, according to surveys, most of the girls smoke only for the reason, it makes them attractive. More precisely, they think so. Just in many movies the image of the femme fatale necessarily included a Smoking cigarette with a red trace of lipstick. And what we have today? Fatal beauties there, but all the girls without exception smoke.
Of course, over time, the desire to look stylish fades into the background, there is a habit, addicted to nicotine.

But we remind you Smoking girl can draw is that the same guy Smoking, which is not interesting nor health, not able to have a baby from this lady. Smart young people will bypass Smoking lady or acquaintance with it for he will not have long-term prospects.

Quit Smoking right

A girl with a cigarette – the spectacle is not the most attractive. With the years girls realize, that nicotine “took” their beauty and health. The sooner you spit the cigarette, the more attractive will look after 35 years. Here's helpful advice, help to abandon bad habits:

  1. Consider the day of the menstrual cycle. Scientifically proven, what to 30 years best to throw the girl to smoke in between 15 at 20 day. After 20 the day the girls begins the so-called premenstrual syndrome ("PMS"), when the level of the hormone progesterone. It is not necessary to quit Smoking these days, as there is a likelihood, you will be very difficult to resist the desire to smoke.
  2. Find yourself a new hobby. Highly recommended to those girls, that although to quit Smoking quickly, to change the way of life. Possible, your routine looks pretty sparingly or, on the contrary, Packed with cases from morning to night. Doesn't matter! New life without cigarettes suggests a new hobby or Hobbies. What to do with myself? This files most often recommended girls dancing. Active and pleasant pastime will make you spend a lot of energy and is actively breathing (that will have a positive impact on lung function). Also useful for yoga and Pilates – sign up for group classes. Very useful running. Do not have to go to the gym and run on the track. It is best to run in the fresh air, in the evening or morning.
  3. Statistics confirmed, what the girls get to quit Smoking the most easily, if they seek help from hypnotherapists or masters in acupuncture. If your desire to quit Smoking great, then why not undergo hypnosis or acupuncture? In addition, at the pharmacy today, you can buy various auxiliary means. Nicotine or not containing nicotine pills, patches, electronic cigarette.. Considered, that girls are more suggestible other sociological groups, and because all this wisdom can act.
  4. The forums are former smokers it is often advised to chew mint leaves or coffee beans, if your craving a big.

Mental attitude – the key to success

How would you an additional tool not used, it will help you just in case, if you were able to properly configure. Many girls quit today, and reaching for a cigarette tomorrow for the sole reason, that they renounce their addiction, being unprepared. How to prepare, to quit Smoking forever, not for a few days?

Clearly define the day when you will stop Smoking

Clearly define the day when you will stop Smoking

Please note these recommendations:
Clearly define for yourself that day, when you intend to quit Smoking. Before this day completely cleanse your home and workplace of all stocks of cigarettes, lighters and matches, ashtrays. As they say those, who "broke", the most aggravating factor is caught the eye of the attributes of the last koreleski life. Another factor, which can act negatively is a form of Smoking friends or relatives. Ask your family to give you moral support, and not "messing" with you cigarettes.
It is very important not to gain weight in the first couple weeks of quitting. For this you need to reduce consumption of sweet and starchy foods, not to get fast food, fatty food. Not getting nicotine, the body may slow down on time, the rate of metabolism, that will inevitably lead to the alignment. We also recommend you instead of coffee and tea to drink cocoa with milk, herbal infusions and mineral clean water.

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Performing tips from this post, she will be able to quit Smoking once and for all, no more going back to cigarettes. We wish you success in the struggle and good health.

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