How can I quit Smoking abruptly

Quitting Smoking abruptly can be compared with fast ripping of a band-aid. This is when you hate a very small amount of time, and then feel instant relief. As there is a sharp cessation of Smoking? Very simply, just yesterday you were still Smoking, and today is no. How can I quit Smoking abruptly – this question worries many people. Is there a way to give up nicotine addiction.

To quit Smoking abruptly it's like diving head first into the ice

To quit Smoking abruptly it's like diving head first into the ice

How can I quit Smoking abruptly? From this post you will learn some simple secrets, which will make Smoking cessation easy and painless.

Get rid of all, what is an Association with Smoking. Not because you are spineless, and because Smoking is closely associated with the mind. Let you are going to abruptly stop Smoking, but old habits can get the better of you. In the list of items, to be destroyed, enter your existing cigarette, favorite lighter, ashtray.

It is very important to meet all of these attributes of a smoker in the first two weeks after a Smoking cessation, but because smokers to ask friends and relatives to help you. Attention! Smokers will envy you. This envy can manifest itself in the following thoughts: "Wow, what is his will power!

And I have no. Well, I'll show you!"It is likely, that such friends will "forget" from time to time about your request. Don't judge them for it strictly, in fact, quitting Smoking is a very serious achievement. So, if your buddy again and again calling you to smoke, praise him for, that it tests your endurance like that.

To quit Smoking abruptly? Joke or reality!

To quit Smoking abruptly? Joke or reality!

Sport, sport and more sport. When you abruptly quit Smoking, very appropriate to switch attention to something new. How to recognize the most abandoned Smoking people, the most effective is sport. The fact, that doing aerobic exercises or with weights, you will be forced to increase heartbeat and increase blood pressure.

The blood will be faster to circulate around the body and toxins, which remained after the last cigarette, rapidly leave your body. You will reduce the number of those days, who go into combat "nicotine craving" and give the body a chance to relive stress without tobacco drug.

Other benefits of sports? In addition to the feel better, you will get the exciting new class, which will take your mind and strengthen the body. Starting to run or push rod, you realize the first training, that Smoking you more ways. After all, the smoker has a weak light, and therefore can't give good results.

What sport is considered the most useful for those, sharply who wants to quit Smoking? Actually, what would you do, it will do you good. Dancing, Cycling, light weightlifting – the choice is yours. Abrupt withdrawal from nicotine – this is a serious step, requiring strength of will and endurance.

Get healthy

Parallel to the sports pay attention to the internal state of your body, namely, for food. Today you have decided to leave Smoking, – well! Eat for Breakfast scrambled eggs with broccoli, in the afternoon parisite green Apple, for lunch get a salad from green vegetables, and in the evening will help you not to break pink grapefruit.

Eat fruits, containing vitamin C (citrus, currants, gooseberry, green apples), green vegetables (broccoli, green beans, cabbage, salads), dairy products, drink water with lemon.

A little trick – the milk will help you not to smoke, if you are just preparing for abrupt Smoking cessation. This white natural drink, presented to us by nature itself, make cigarette taste bitter, and will force you to reduce their number. Can also moisten with milk cigarette filter, then dry and smoke. Nicotine does not interact with milk, and you will not like this tobacco.

Only willpower will help you give up Smoking

Only willpower will help you give up Smoking

But what is not worth it? First of all, those are the products, you may be forced to return to cigarettes. For example, the usual chocolate – what is it danger? Actually, sugar (it doesn't matter, chocolate or muffin) lights in the brain the urgent need to obtain pleasure. While you are still not quite lost the habit of Smoking, the call to fun for you first and foremost to be associated with cigarettes.

A little bit about nutrition

So for a month you may want to reduce the amount of consumed sweets, do not drink coffee and other caffeinated drinks. Tea, by the way, caffeine free no less, than coffee, but because replace hot drinks with infusions of herbs, for example the mint, lime and lemongrass.

Strong drinks? In any case! Even a small dose of alcohol will take you out of balance, you immediately reach for a cigarette. You shouldn't drink even wine or beer, about stronger drinks out of the question.

Very effective, how to recognize a, is the following method. Write on a sheet of paper all the good, what you get, giving up Smoking. It could be your health, savings on cigarettes, it, how happy your family and friends. If there is a person, which is important, so you got rid of, finally, addiction, you can stick a photo of him to this list. When you really want to smoke, re-read this list, and remember, why did you decide to stop Smoking.

The film is about, how to quit Smoking for 1 hour


Now, when you know, how can I quit Smoking abruptly and what methods will facilitate you the first time without cigarettes, you can opt out of smokes. We suggest you to do right now.

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