How to quit Smoking forever?

The most famous aphorism about anti-Smoking are the words of Mark TWAIN: "Quitting Smoking is easy, I threw a hundred times already". This phrase is the best displays the main problem of the smoker to quit Smoking for good. Personally, I know of examples of dozens of people, who threw dozens of times, but he turned again and again to a favorite habit. The result, they no longer believe in themselves and believe, that help them can only be a miracle. It's time to learn, how to quit Smoking forever, and what the obstacles are to say man “no” nicotine.

To quit Smoking forever can anyone!

To quit Smoking forever can anyone!

Factors physiology

Most likely, you think also. After all, if you decide to give up cigarettes, and lasted without a smoke today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, this does not mean, that you do not smoke in the future. Smoking not only creates nicotine addiction, a strong psychological attachment.

Before, how to quit Smoking people, people feel fear, understanding, I need to do them forever. What's funny, the opportunity to quit Smoking for good is in front of you. Get ready, now we will reveal to you the secret of how to quit Smoking forever.

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The fight against Smoking is a psychological and physiological “battlefield”

Tobacco addiction, as you think, caused by psychological and physiological dependency. With the physiological reason your body will work it out for a few days. Once you give up cigarettes, and after 3-4 day you will no longer just eat nicotine hunger.

A week goes by without cigarettes, and you'll notice, the shortness of breath disappears and you get to breathe better. After a month you stop to cough and cough mucus, your skin will no longer be gray, and the whites of the eyes brighten. How the body can once again to "want" to smoke?

All right,- does, and you, being a thinking man, feel it and understand. Nevertheless, a lot of smoke again. Know why? Because they listen to their memories and destructive thoughts. To quit Smoking itself is quite real, but have to show restraint and will power.

Psychology is a delicate matter

It tricks the mind and memory can be called psychological factors. Yes, these satellites any person can force you to go back to cigarettes even then, when your body no longer needs nicotine. For example, you still remember, like a cigarette relaxes well, gives a fresh perspective on things.

Other people cigarette helped to deal with stress, to meet at work. For those, who is obsessed with their appearance can remember, by Smoking they would eat less. Also, there are those, for whom Smoking was a kind of a good ritual – intimate conversation under a cigarette with a Cup of coffee.

You know, what does it mean? You quit Smoking, withstood a week, and your body free from the grip of nicotine. At the level of physiology to smoke you no longer want. But the first stress at work or meeting with Smoking friends can bring you back to old habit. Quitting Smoking – this is a special step strong man, which can change life for the better.

Get rid of the mental habits and you will be free!

Get rid of the mental habits and you will be free!

Who is to blame, we understand

One's desire to return to cigarette you, and then deal with these desires you. The human brain is sometimes like a foolish child, which screams "I Want!!!"and sticks his fingers in the socket and pulls the mouth plastic toy. As soon as you get the urge to smoke, although you already quit and don't smoke for quite a long time, quickly analyze, what is the reason for this desire. As we have said, there could be a million.

Are you tired of, feel depressed or Vice versa, fun, and you old memory, "I want to" hurry to smoke. In fact, you, as the body, don't want, wants to your habit from the past. Pull yourself together. Remind yourself, that you are happy without Smoking and cope with the situation without a cigarette. Busting itself in an immediate desire to smoke.

Recognize, at first, the feeling of "Smoking urgently, or die" will be coming quite often. You will even haunt, that you feel dizzy, it's hard for you to breathe. Do not believe the sensations, they phantom, it's all tricks of the brain. If you successfully survive two or three such impulse, it is a desire will come to you less and less. One day you will understand, that Smoking you have not want, and it's not what you do.

The whole truth cigarettes


Quit Smoking forever – really! If you still have not been able, if throwing cigarette, you went back to them again, don't blame your will power. You just didn't act in the right direction. Now, knowing what's really behind the desire to smoke, you will be able to control yourself once again and learn to live without cigarettes.

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