How to quit Smoking?

Realizing and accepting the fact about the dangers of Smoking, you decide to quit your habit. Here, the dependent may ask a logical question: how to quit Smoking? Sharply or gradually? Taking the help of the e cigarettes and pills or doing it yourself?

To join the group of those, who is struggling with Smoking, and look for like-minded people, or to do it secretly? Single right answer to this question does not exist, and because we will not be able to give it to you. But talk about the features of various methods, so you decided for yourself to quit by yourself, using the help of friends and modern drugs.

Whatever way of getting rid of Smoking you choose, you will reduce the likelihood of developing lung cancer

Whatever way of getting rid of Smoking you choose, you will reduce the likelihood of developing lung cancer

Quit Smoking: by yourself or in the company?

How best to quit Smoking by yourself or in the company? The majority of those, who successfully got rid of bad habits, recognize, it is better to find a colleague. For sure, among your friends, friends, colleagues or relatives there are those, who also smokes. Decide to fight together against bad habits instead of Smoking breaks, you went along, throw a tea party or treat each other useful apples.

Now in a network there was many communities, groups, where you can also find like-minded people. However, if no one among your friends to quit Smoking no one wants, you can great cope on their own. Ask not to call you by your old memory on "smoke", not to show you a cigarette. To quit Smoking the company will not be easy, but really, if you have will power.

By the way, some psychologists advised not to tell anyone about your goal before its implementation. The more people you tell about, got dumped, the more likely to break. Scientists explain so. Here you have aimed to quit Smoking, and your body gives 100% energy to achieve success.

How to quit Smoking? You decide

How to quit Smoking? You decide

Instead of wasting time to fight the habit, you tell people about your intention, and these 100% start spent not to destination. And here, after a few steps in the right direction, you break, because I spent my energy on the stories, rather than dealing with the habit. However, the theory isn't exactly proven, so to follow her or not, you decide.

Quickly or gradually?

The answer to this question is clear. You need to throw immediately, dramatically and keep in the mind the idea, you do this forever. By and large, you quit Smoking in one second (!), and then make the right steps in the direction of withdrawal from their addiction. If you think now is an incredible idea, that you do not smoke, it means, you're just not ready to say goodbye to your habit.

Of course, in this case, you can start with limiting myself in the number of cigarettes smoked, but to win (the idea of quitting) you will not come.

What to use for, to quit Smoking?

You have to remember, that Smoking can be cast only in the event, if you really want. If you want to quit your addiction, but I think, that without the help of medicines containing nicotine can not do, use "helpers".

Only their own power and will help to abandon bad habits.

Only their own power and will help to abandon bad habits.

In any case, this version is better, than just reduce your daily number of cigarettes or their fortress. What is used for, to smoke not want so much? Someone helps patch, someone gum, or pills, but it is believed, what better way to help electronic cigarette.

How to use this scientific achievement, to gradually quit Smoking, read the article on our website. However, be aware, all these wisdom – only helpers. The main tool is your willpower. In this particular support can provide the following products and services:

  • motivational books and videos;
  • looking for like minded;
  • new hobby, sports;
  • replace the habit of Smoking, eating fruit or candy.

How to make your willpower work for you, not against? How to recognize all former smokers, to really think about the dangers of Smoking made them some powerful motive. Tips, how to quit Smoking can give a, but, only the desire to ensure success.

This can be news about that, you will soon become a parent, the news of your illness (bad incentive, but it works effectively), love, the desire to look good or to save on tobacco costs. Cigarettes do not carry anything positive in our lives, to them it was difficult to refuse. Read more about the right motivation read articles on our website.

A very unpleasant video on the operation of the smoker – cut from light leaking pus


To quit Smoking at the same time difficult, and yet incredibly easy. Difficult is when you from all sides you hear about the dangers of nicotine, read article, but to smoke you like and leave the cigarettes you are not ready yet. Easy – when you know, what's more so do not want to live. How to quit Smoking, so it was easy? Most often, the cessation of Smoking results in a powerful incentive. And to give up the habit alone or in company, using tools or not is up to you.

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