Cleansing the lungs of a smoker

Even if you are a smoker, your lungs can clear!

Even if you are a smoker, your lungs can clear!

Our body is a unique mechanism, created by nature itself. Whether you are a man or woman he is able to regenerate the dead cells, delay healing, create barriers to infections and bacteria. And, of course, self-cleansing of toxins.

Smoking is one of the most harmful interventions in the processes of the body along with alcohol and drugs. If you decide to leave this addiction, you should know, that the body will take time, to clear the lungs of a smoker over the years.

This can be a period of several months to several years. However you can help yourself. It's time to learn, how to clean your lungs from nicotine. There are several effective ways, which will help you to breathe deeply and experience the pleasant sensation behind rib cage. Of course, will have to work hard and really want it.

How to clean lungs from tar using herbs?

This method is useful as people, who still smoke, already left the habit Il just live in a big city. Pus and mucus, sputum, heavy metals – that is in the lungs of these people, and provokes cough.

Clean the lungs with the help of herbal

Clean the lungs with the help of herbal

You do not need pills and expensive medication is the best means recognized natural components. Purchase at the pharmacy dried or gather up in a forest plantain, elder, pine buds, lungwort, nettle, thyme, fennel, clover, Mac, saponaria, licorice, violet, horsetail.

All these plants have their own characteristics and properties, which have a positive effect on cleansing your lungs, but the greatest power in the mixture. Fold the components into a thermos (enough ½ a teaspoon of each plant species), stir and pour the boiling water (1,5-2 glass). Steep for 2-3 hours, and then strain and drink broth in the evening before bed.

If you use the drug for 2 months, then pass the whole course of the purification of the lungs and you'll feel much better. Do not worry, if you will begin coughing and the expectoration is toxins leave your body like this. When the cleaning is finished, these symptoms will disappear by themselves. If you are really concerned about these symptoms, then to ease their symptoms, eat a lemon, drink tea with him, eat with lemon.

Cleaned light the healing properties of coniferous trees

All we have ever been in a coniferous forest and know, as fragrant prickly pine and Christmas trees. Surrounded by pine trees breathe much easier and, it seems, what forces come into the body with each breath. This is no accident – in fact, essential oils, what to include in each needle of coniferous trees, have a strong effect on sputum, contained in the lungs, and help them out.

Collect the young shoots at the tips of conifer branches – they are fresh green, and needles are not prickly, and fluffy. In order to get them, it is not necessary to go into the woods,- these shoots appear each spring on all coniferous trees, not only in the woods, but in the other cities.

No need to purchase expensive medicines, all need nature gives us!

No need to purchase expensive medicines, all need nature gives us!

Place sprigs in a jar, pour sugar (one tablespoon will be enough), then make another layer, fill it with sugar, and so lay up to the top banks.

Place a container in the fridge for 20-25 days – during this time, the Bank formed a green viscous liquid, which should be filtered. This syrup drink three times a day, one dessert spoon.

When the liquid in the pot over, your lungs will be cleansed, and you will feel it. We perform this procedure the first time with regularity every four months, and then once a year. Such cleaning of the lungs is especially necessary for smokers or those, who quit Smoking, but if you are a resident of the metropolis, you may also need this procedure.

Our breathing

Some complexes of breathing exercises can be very useful to people, stradum from lung diseases as a result of Smoking. There is one very effective exercise, doing which every day several times, you will not only improve overall health, but clean your lungs. To do this, sit down and straighten your back, then take a deep slow breath. Holding your breath and exhale sharply. Carry out the procedure about 10 times every day.

Clearing the lungs, you will feel the breath of life

Clearing the lungs, you will feel the breath of life

Who knows, there is no better prevention of diseases, what sports load. Oddly enough, a simple walk, Cycling or rollerblading, Jogging similar artificial lung ventilation, that love to use the doctors to cleanse the respiratory system. 5 miles per day of walking is enough, to fill your lungs with clean air.

If you are plagued by the phlegm and cough, it is very useful in this case would be steam room and sauna. Hot steam will make expectoration more intense, as bath makes sputum more viscous. This does not apply to use a broom of twigs of birch or oak.

But it is not necessary after the procedure to plunge into the pool with cold water, the hole or take a cold shower, since the process of thin mucus will stop and you will not feel the desired effect. Cleansing the lungs – this is a long process. Not at one time be cleansed from “garbage”, which filled every cell of body.

It is important to feel the support of loved ones at this critical and difficult moment for a person, who decided to give up the habit forever.

Supplements in the diet

Whether to adhere to a special diet smokers or people, which throw the habit? No, but some supplements will help clear you lungs and feel better. Use every day when milk in quantities of one tablespoon – this will clear the lungs of mucus and enhance the process of expectoration.

Eat more onions and garlic. There is a very effective composition, which will help you to get rid of the harmful tar, which accumulate in the lungs. To make it, finely chop a couple of large onions, pour two tablespoons of sugar and mix, then leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. Then press, and the juice you take every day after the main meal in quantity of one tablespoon three times a day.

Pour a glass of oat milk (for one Cup use half a litre of milk), put on a slow fire. When half of the milk to evaporate, and the seeds swell, remove from heat, cool, then wipe through a sieve. You get about half a Cup of mushy mass, that is to be consumed thrice a day half hour before meals. Note, that after three or four days you have increased coughing, will start coughing up phlegm is the mucus leaves your lungs.

Inhalation to cleanse the lungs

Inhalation to this day is one of the most simple and at the same time effective way of cleansing lungs. You need to use essential oil of pine or eucalyptus. Inhale through the mouth, inhale as deeply as possible. Spend inhalation in the evening, before, how are you going to bed. Repeat the procedure for one – two weeks.

Informative video: quitting Smoking as the ultimate goal

All these methods are simple, inexpensive and it is the most useful in order, to clear lungs after Smoking.


Use more than one way, and as much as possible – exercise, visit sauna, do breathing exercise, try herbal teas and infusions. So you clean after Smoking cigarettes, and if you quit Smoking – the effect is exceeding your expectations. Cleansing the body of nicotine will require considerable effort, but the effect is stunning! Good luck to you!

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