Where to quit Smoking?

Where to quit Smoking – the question is relevant. Our readers regularly ask about many things, wanting to say goodbye to a bad habit.

Question: where to quit Smoking?

Hello! Read your articles, and just I feel terrible, how much is bad Smoking brings to the body – here you lung cancer, and heart problems, and impotence.. But to quit myself, I think, I can't, because it was already an uncountable number of attempts.

Help to quit Smoking!

Help to quit Smoking!

Day hold, the second survived, on the third break. Not helped of electronic cigarettes and gum. Do not tell me you, where to go, to me he delivered me from this problem? Ready to pay the money, how much, to take leave from work for a few weeks – just let them help and "cure". Probably, it must be some kind of clinic or medical facility?

The answer

Very well, what you are afraid of our articles – that's why we write them. The second positive point is, that you are already "scared" and want to get rid of their habit. After all, most smokers turn a blind eye to the problem and consider, all these horrors do not concern them.

To answer your question, note, what, of course, there are lots of schools, providing similar services – all, what you need, to look through telephone directories your city or to find your search through search engines on the Internet. Company, which help fight addictions, enjoy a certain demand, because many people are trying to get rid of bad habits and not always successfully.

No one will help you except yourself!

No one will help you except yourself!

But the secret is still not invented not one medicines, current as effectively, as your own willpower. Hence the next question – then pay for it, what is available to you at any time for free?

Any coding or suggestion based solely on your desire. You will work with psychologists, and to convince you how harmful Smoking, but they can't heal you until then, until you yourself decide to do. For you to quit Smoking, no one can.

If you wish to quit Smoking, assistance of the medical center need you no more, than crutches for a perfectly healthy person. Harm from Smoking cigarettes need to realize, only then can we achieve positive results.

Civil initiative on guard health!


Drop own uncertainty, which is read in your phrase: "Quit Smoking for yourself, I think, I can't". You THINK, what you can not, in fact, you CAN do it quite easily, so how, as millions have abandoned the pernicious lesson. Yes, you have had many unsuccessful attempts, and because you do not believe in success. Gain strength, tell yourself, it's the last time, and you will not fall for this read the other articles on our website. And you have. We wish you good luck!

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