How to quit Smoking easily?

Smoking is one of the modern epidemics, about which is wide spread throughout the world and continues to "infect" new people. Unlike other diseases, the person consciously chooses to Smoking and so deliberately doesn't want to give up his habit. How to quit Smoking easily – the issue is relevant to many, but not everyone is willing to give up this bad habit forever. Really easy ways there are, but before this you have to believe in themselves.

Smoking - it's your choice

Smoking – it's your choice!

Why do people smoke?

The harm of Smoking is proven, written millions of books and terabytes of video shot, – non-smokers and those, who could refuse this habit, want to help your fellows. And yet, often, they are powerless – smoker again and again reaches for a cigarette, can't break this habit.

The pleasure of Smoking - self-deception

The pleasure of Smoking – self-deception

It's easy enough to explain from the point of view of human anatomy – nicotine acts on the nerve cells of the brain, stimulating their activity, and at the same time facilitates the conduction of impulses. Possible, that's why, it seems, what cigarette gives you the opportunity to relax.

People, used to smoke several cigarettes a day, may feel also without another doping, what's worse, they begin to think, – but it's all mind games. In fact, it is the smoker makes your brain work worse, using nicotine together with cigarettes. And for this reason, it is difficult to leave Smoking, as important role is played by psychological habit.

If you can not imagine without a cigarette and a few hours of your life, if instead of fresh fruit for you accustomed to purchase cigarette and if you already have problems with health, it is time to ponder, to quit Smoking. What are the symptoms of a smoker? It is easy to recognize them:

  1. Cough, eventually developing into a "smoker's bronchitis". Appears a year after the start of active Smoking.
  2. The deterioration of athletic performance due to damage to the lungs.The emergence of shortness of breath, the inability to run and do aerobic exercises begin in six months.
  3. Yellowed tooth enamel, bad breath in less than a year after active Smoking.
  4. "Nicotine face", which give the mesh of blood vessels around the eyes, unhealthy skin color, hollowness of the cheeks and too sharply outlined cheekbones.. All these symptoms are a heavy smoker will be able to "boast" already in half a year after, how to become addicted to the habit.

The effects of Smoking

The effects of Smoking are manifested not only in appearance, but also affect the health of the whole organism. The damage to lungs and possible development of cancer is only the tip of the iceberg. One of the worst effects of Smoking is the inhibition of sexual function. "Innocent" habit causes a decrease in erectile function in men and fertility in women.

To abandon cigarette is not so easy, as it seems!

To abandon cigarette is not so easy, as it seems!

Is it worth it habit "to indulge in a cigarette" health, and your possible baby? However, parents held it is also worth remembering the dangers of passive Smoking for their baby. According to some studies, passive Smoking is even more harmful to health, than usual active.

Easiest way to quit Smoking

Does it exist? Talk to the, who could abandon their addiction, and you will be surprised, how to separate "evidence". Someone quit Smoking just under the influence-second gust and never returned more cigarettes. For example, this women, learn about, that are pregnant or men, seeing your newborn baby. Really "helps" the news of your own illness, but this is a very sad occasion.

friends will always help

friends will always help

Someone who was struggling with Smoking more than one year, and, in the end, won himself and his habit. Some quit Smoking, using only your own motivation, and someone resorted to various means.

Consider some of the tricks, created in recent years, to help you leave the habit of Smoking forever.

  1. Nicotine patch. Containing a small amount of nicotine, this patch will gradually saturate your body the usual substance, stifling a wild desire.
  2. Gum and inhalers, act in a similar way with the patch.
  3. Electronic cigarette. Today this method is one of the most successful in the fight against Smoking. The fact, that electronic cigarette in such a way completely analogous to conventional cigarettes, and there is an incredible similarity in the resulting sensations.
  4. View informative video, reading literature. To date, the best tool against Smoking, the global community recognized by Allen Carr "Easy way to quit Smoking". This book is not voluminous in size, it is possible to read in a day. In the book Carr says, what caused the dependence, describes biological mechanisms, running while Smoking, and finally even offers to smoke a cigarette, so after give up Smoking forever. The book has a hypnotic effect, as many people think, and a common sense reading.

The right attitude to win

In fact, all of these methods are a kind of crutches to a perfectly healthy person.

If you do decide to quit Smoking, all you need is your decision.

Patches, injections, books can help, but still have to act right for you. Put the goal of "quit Smoking" and explain yourself, why you need it. At this stage, most smokers suffer defeat. Their goal does not have strong arguments and logical reasoning, preventing the desire to smoke.

Very effective tracking of those reasons, that make you reach for another cigarette. Set yourself a goal to write, in what moments do you particularly want to smoke. A few days later you see clearly, that desire is like an unconditional reflex. For example, you smoke then, when you want to eat, if you are nervous or to focus or to increase the concentration. Agree, that cigarette does not help in these matters, and if you want you can calmly do without it.


Most importantly – do not stop in your intention to get rid of bad habits and you will definitely succeed! Easy to quit Smoking it's possible, if competent and confident approach to solving this problem. Bad habit not to give up just like that, so you have to be a considerable force of will. Are you ready? Then you certainly will succeed.

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