What make of tobacco for hookah

More and more people are taking the decision to replace regular cigarettes, hookah. And this is not surprising, because many are convinced of the safety of this device. Only a small part of people think about the fact, what is the present composition of the tobacco Shisha.

However, before you make such decisions, it is important to know, how to make tobacco for Shisha factory, what it is, and most importantly, what is the harm caused to health.

the composition of the tobacco Shisha

The tobacco for hookah

We all know, the main component is the tobacco. Without it, there can exist the Smoking process. Moreover, the composition of tobacco Shisha can be quite varied. A lot depends on the manufacturer, brand. Typically the tobacco for hookah includes the following components:

  • leaf tobacco, provide the necessary color, fortress;
  • molasses, honey, out of which provides the necessary strength;
  • glycerin food, forming smoke;
  • flavors, due to which the process of Smoking becomes incredibly pleasant.

Each of the components having an impact, so without them it is impossible.

Tobacco leaf

There are several varieties of tobacco leaves, each of which has their own texture and fortress. The most popular are:

  1. Virginia – is used most often, about 80% cases. It has a light Golden color, a pleasant fragrance with sweet notes. To during manufacture to preserve the maximum amount of glucose is used the technology of drying with smoke. Place germination is Africa, Canada, USA. Used for cigarettes, tobacco for pipes or cigars.
  2. Burley – has a special fortress, thanks was able to find admirers among connoisseurs. The drying process is carried out in a natural way, that seriously increase the cooking time of products. Grows in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
  3. Oriental – low nicotine content. Homeland of plants is Turkey, where a special climate and soil allows us to achieve specific quality indicators.
  4. Maryland is also in demand, although no explicit flavor or smell. Grown exclusively in the USA.

A few years ago, the norm was considered to be the use of certain varieties of leaves, but today, wanting to achieve a special, refined tastes companies practice cuts. Thus, often based used several varieties of plants.

the tobacco for hookah

Honey or molasses

Everyone knows, what is a honey. But molasses is much more complicated. This term refers to the product, side of production in the manufacture of sugar and starch.

Thus, honey there is absolutely no, although some manufacturers continued to write on the packaging the percentage content of honey. The reason for this replacement was elementary economy. To buy honey of good quality will have to spend from 300 to 500 rubles, per kilogram products.

When the same amount of molasses can do just 10 rubles. It is important to understand, the use of honey led to too high prices, so, demand also fell in several times. The main objective of the molasses becomes giving a dense structure, reduced bitterness and increased flavor.


The first tobacco flavor was manufactured by an Egyptian company. This product had high demand and were able to quickly find their loyal buyers. Today without it is almost impossible. The flavors give the products the necessary, pleasant taste. This is typically done using citrus flavors.

Glycerin tobacco

To do without this component also impossible. It is the glycerin ensures the safety of the leaves, and all thanks to its unique ability to remove moisture. Also substance allows to increase the opacity, while it is important to follow dosage.

Preservatives and dye

Today preservatives are important components of most foods. And the tobacco does not become exception. Without preservatives, products moldy, so, its use would be simply impossible.

Dye is a pretty useless Supplement. It does not affect the taste of the products. Therefore, recently most companies refuse to use this component.

what make of tobacco for hookah

What does hookah?

Many people are convinced, that such activity is perfectly safe, due to the absence of nicotine. But in fact,, all this is another myth. Considering the theme, what makes tobacco for Shisha to deny the lack of nicotine, not. The difference is only the amount.

Therefore, beginners should start with a light Shisha tobacco, where the content of dangerous substances represented to a lesser extent. And, ideally, to opt out of this way of spending time with friends.

The chemical composition of hookah

For better clarity, you should carefully examine, what is included in the composition of hookah tobacco. So, one gram of mixture contains:

  • resin;
  • nicotine;
  • carbon monoxide, nitrogen;
  • nitrosamines;
  • benzene;
  • chrome, arsenic;
  • formaldehyde.

This is only a small part of the hazardous constituents. So talking about the safety of this Smoking pretty doubtful. Of course, comparing it with the ordinary cigarettes it is possible to identify a number of positive factors, but the complete absence of toxicity, there is clearly no question.

Varieties of supplements

What make of tobacco for hookah, theme exciting many smokers. However, to give a definite answer is difficult. Today there is a wide range of products, allows you to select the most appropriate product.

And it's not only about the fortress and the brand, but a taste sensation, price. Literally, every gourmet understands such classes, what is included in the composition of hookah tobacco, and focuses on their preferences.

how to make tobacco for Shisha factory

The composition of the tobacco for hookah is incredibly diverse, you should learn about the most popular of them.

Flavored muassel

The most famous among the rest. Initially, its production used real honey. Today, however, it effectively replaced the sugar syrup. The key element here is the flavor.

With using tobacco fails to give the required taste. Usually buyers are staying on the fruity notes, although there are gourmets, prefer other tastes. The composition of Shisha tobacco is not just limited to fragrances, also here tobacco leaves, molasses, preservatives and glycerin.

Flavored muassel

The name speaks for itself, here are completely absent flavors. People, accustomed to smoke setting with hints of berries and fruits, you can call this completely tasteless. In fact, however, he has tobacco leaves. Therefore natural Smoking, no sense of chemistry.


Under this name hides large tobacco leaves, which before use should be thoroughly soaked in water. Before this, previously removed veins. After the leaves infusions they unfold, and laid them on the coal.

Is Smoking has a high fortress. Although some countries especially value this way of Smoking – India, Iran.

what is included in the composition of hookah tobacco


This part of hookah tobacco is made from carefully crushed leaves, molasses and spices. Popular in India, Syria. There are two varieties of zhuraky – lightweight and stronger.

Today, despite the wide variety of flavors, in stores most often found flavored muassel. All other species occur inline and are typically the fans of hookah.

The production of tobacco for hookahs

It turns out, the composition of the tobacco Shisha is not the most important value. A special role has the process of manufacturing products. So to learn more about your addiction, you need to find out, how to make tobacco for Shisha factory.

the tobacco


There are several types of slicing products:

  • large – helps provide a strong impregnation;
  • average – able to absorb bad flavors;
  • fine – have the weakest resistance to heat.

Typically, the cut size is not too affects the quality of tobacco.


This term hides the moisture content of tobacco. Usually provide it with molasses and flavorings. A large amount of syrup contributes to the richness of taste. Although not always excessive flows positively affect the taste. This indicator also affects the amount of smoke.

Saturation is manifested by the fact, as a smoker feel the taste. Stand out weak, intense, natural. Usually the quality of the answer flavors, allowing to obtain products of any taste.

It would seem, the presence of different sticks – obviously poor quality. That's only really even the most popular brands are the products of such unpleasant discoveries. That doesn't make their product bad.

The strength and opacity

Fortress depends on the level of nicotine in tobacco leaves, the more, the stronger products. So this is worth remembering, at the first acquaintances with the hookah.

Although most manufacturers openly declare, the amount of nicotine in a pack rarely specified exactly. Usually it uses standard packaging, and the amount of harmful substances may slightly vary.

What make of tobacco for hookah

Considering the measure of smoke it is necessary to take into account the number of exhaled smoke, produced in a single exhalation. Moreover, the opinion of smokers here seriously diverge. Some like to produce smoke, others quietly do without it. The degree of opacity depends on the cut tobacco, lots of flavors.

Due to the presence of preservatives tobacco products can be stored for a long time. To name the exact date, difficult, it all depends on the specific product. In addition, this figure may differ from storage conditions.

To call the process of making complex, not. Perfect proof of this are numerous incidents of domestic production mix. Although to achieve identical composition is usually at home does not work.

This tobacco leaf is cut, soaked, then mixed with molasses, preservatives and glycerin. The exact amount of ingredients each manufacturer makes own, so, to know the detailed composition just does not work.

How to choose the tobacco in hookah?

Each person has their own individual preferences. Therefore, to identify the exact standards not. Best, beginning of his friendship with the hookahs to purchase multiple types of products. This way will be by audition, to choose the best of them.

It is also important to pay attention to the quality, packaging and shelf life. As for the price, it is quite a controversial issue. Sometimes, even expensive goods is far from ideal.

Doctors recommend to opt out of such habits, how to smoke Shisha. Such passion ends up with chronic lung diseases.

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