The penalty for Smoking in the restaurant, and Park area

Since 2014 year entered into force "anti-Smoking law". It would seem, the population should be aware of regarding the main aspects. That's just people continue to ask a variety of questions. One of them is the use of cigarettes in the restaurant. It's time to explain it in detail, answering questions what it is supposed to the penalty for Smoking in the restaurant and in the parks.

The penalty for Smoking in the restaurant, and Park area

Can I use electronic cigarettes?

More recently, the dependent personality was able to visit places with electronic cigarettes. However, for many that decision was invalid. Were made special adjustments.

Today their use is banned, similarly to regular tobacco. In case of violation of requirements of the hefty fines.

Is it forbidden for a hookah in a cafe?

Many people, especially young people, prefer to visit the "smoky places". But they also got a ban. This unit is valid only for hookah, where there is no food.

And only at observance of fire regulations, use beznikotinovye hookah is allowed according to the law of the Russian Federation.

the penalty for Smoking

The penalty for Smoking in the restaurant

It all depends on which group the offender. So, for individuals the following sanctions. Anti-Smoking law implies a ban on the use of cigarettes in public places. People should not spoil the health. Therefore, offenders are required to fork out. In the first case, the value of the receipt will be 500 rubles, but in the second incident, the amount increases, is 1500 rubles.

As for legal entities, the punishment increases. For violation of the law will have to pay 60 000 – 90 000 rubles. The penalty for Smoking in the restaurant will definitely ruin the mood. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant consequences you should care about creating a special, places. The walls of the Smoking room needs to be durable, not to miss the smoke, and most importantly the presence of the exhaust system.what is the penalty for Smoking

To fine for Smoking in a café and everyone can. Therefore, it is important to know, how to pay. To do it on the spot is impossible. To make it can only a police officer or the CPS, so, receipt will be issued. It can be paid via Internet or directly at the Bank. If visitors noticed a man with a cigarette, they have the right to complain. Then the relevant services shall conduct a review.

Smoking is a bad habit, can seriously spoil health. However, in addition to their time, many addicts cause harm to others. Passive Smoking can cause no less damage. Therefore, wanting to preserve health, the people in the Duma adopted a law banning Smoking in public areas.

The penalty for Smoking in parks

the penalty for Smoking in cafeWhat could be nicer, than to take a walk in the Park with the whole family. However, as you can easily spoil your vacation, met a man with a cigarette. The fine for Smoking in public places officially came into force.

That's just a person believe, that they are not affected. Now it is time to challenge all smokers. But before that it is important to learn in detail about, Smoking is prohibited in natural parks and what is the penalty for Smoking can get the offender.

For a long time in force "anti-Smoking" law had its weaknesses. A dependent is easily proved his innocence. Recently however, it was amended. Today the question of whether Smoking is prohibited in the natural parks, you can safely answer Yes. All offenders will have to fork out 3 000 rubles, on the first detention. If the situation is repeated the penalty for Smoking increases.

As for electronic cigarettes, they also imposed a ban. The offenders will have to pay a penalty for Smoking 500 rubles. The same prohibitions were made and e hookah. A healthy lifestyle, the best solution. A minimum harm to others, and most importantly a great health.

Now strolling through the Park you can forget about all tobacco products. Special attention was paid to the offender, harmful to minors. For them, the penalty for Smoking in public places can be increased.

Smoking is prohibited in the natural parks

The fine for Smoking in the Park

It is worth noting, punishment can bear not only visitors to the recreation area, but officials, responsible for the territory. It will happen in that case, if they don't hang around the perimeter signs banning Smoking. The amount of the fine can reach 90 000 rubles.

To write the Protocol has the right to exclusive employee of the police. The Park authority could not do that. Their privileges only call the relevant personnel. Tickets are paid through a Bank branch, the terminal or the Internet. The most important thing to do so in a strictly allotted period.

Smoking is prohibited in the Park, but in addition brings a lot of harm to others. Thus if the intruder does not need to be silent. It is best to capture it on camera, then sent a statement to Gospozharnadzor or Roszdravnadzor. The relevant authorities should consider the claim received.

As for other countries, there are also similar bans. The Ukrainian Authorities, Minsk, Kazakhstan configured categorically against tobacco products. Any use of it in places of the big congestion of people is punishable by law. Therefore, the best solution would be to transition to a healthy lifestyle. Keep the health of yourself and your surrounding.

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