Smoking in the apartment and on the balcony

Their own living space allows the owner to make any actions, if they do not affect the interests of other citizens. Therefore, Smoking at home can anyone. To prohibit this could be done only by other family members. Although there are cases, when the neighbors complain, what gets to them the cigarette smoke through the window. In this situation, people have the right to file a lawsuit. However, hopes to win the case, doubtful. The court require a formal proof of harm, which is difficult to obtain. The reason for that is minimal harm from a small amount of smoke. How not to break the law on Smoking on the balcony of his apartment?

Smoking in the apartment and on the balcony

Responding to the complaints of neighbors

Speaking about the abuse of the habit at home, typically the court is on the side of the accused. To consider such actions on the balcony or loggia, the situation takes a completely different turn. These premises are considered to be more open, so, the risk of injury increases. Non-smokers often conflict with the neighbors about this, often the matter ends in court hearing.

Most of the citizens, abuse addiction, convinced of the rightness of. They believe, I have a full right to smoke, while at home. After all, according to the General regulations of the loggia the same room as the other rooms personal living space. However, when the official confirmation of the injury, the victim can easily prove the accusation. Then the smoker to the fine. It is best to resolve conflicts peacefully. Calmly discuss the incident with the neighbor situation, to discuss possible solutions.

The lack of a Smoking area in the apartment without a balcony often leads to, the dependent is forced to go on the landing or smoke through the window. Such actions can cause conflicts. Better to do without risk, first discuss all with the other tenants.

the law on Smoking on the balcony of his apartment

Special hazards of Smoking through the balconies, loggia, the window consists of, that the majority of citizens when it is not using the ashtrays. Thus, ash, the cigarette butt flies down. The probability to fall on linen or easily flammable object is just huge. One hasty, negligent action can provoke terrible fire. Therefore, seeing such, it's easy to file a complaint. It is best if you can take video of the smoker, making throwing cigarette butt.

The complaint will be carefully examined. Right here arises the risk of causing harm to others, but the violation of fire safety. Therefore inhaling a Smoking cigarette, it is understood about the possible consequences. The caution here is not exactly hurt.

Communal housing

the Smoking area in the apartment without a balconyThere is usually no Smoking area in the apartment without a balcony in individuals, living in communal flats. Therefore, they are without fear calmly smoke, being on the inside of the room. Here only sleeps through the wall of the neighbors suffer.

Joining anti-Smoking law has led to numerous complaints from the inhabitants of communal apartments. However, there is no exact mention of the communal apartments, what smokers is on hand. To prove guilt it is difficult without providing strong arguments.

Most often inhabitants of the total territory susceptible to habits in the kitchen, the corridor, the toilet. Totally unaware, which bring inconvenience other residents. But in such situations, to prove the correctness of real. By studying the article 12 paragraph 10 can be detected – you can't smoke in the Elevator and other public areas. The law on Smoking on the balcony of the apartment is not officially registered, but to try to prove his innocence is always possible. Especially in the collection of collective complaints.

Where to file a complaint?

The lack of designated Smoking area in the apartment without a balcony, should not affect other inhabitants of the house. So, gathering a collective complaint can be sent to the district. The police must commit to notify the accused. You can also contact the Chairman of the housing or the CPS. Each of the authorities must investigate.

At the confirmation of charges, will be fined. Its size is 500-1500 rubles. It is important to understand the loss of money is not so important, as the presence of conflicts with its neighbors. It is better not to similarly enemies. And for this to smoke only in safe places, use ashtrays and to be respectful to others.

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