What is Cytisine?

Smoking is a bad habit, affecting millions of people. Cigarettes can cause the person serious harm, how to minimize the possible consequences of specialists are constantly developing various medicines, to improve health, to help to overcome the dangerous habit. One of such drugs was the Cytisine.

This unique product is able to correct the pathology caused by Smoking. In appearance the preparation is reminiscent of the film, adhesive on the gums. Although there are Cytisine tablets and patches. What they need, what is the effect and how to use them correctly FAQ, it's time to get answers.


Cytisine: read more about Smoking

The unique product has a number of actions:

  • hypertensive;
  • analeptic;
  • cholinomimetic.

According to its special principle of action of Cytisine stimulates n-cholinergic receptors. They are able to stimulate nicotine. Once in the body the drug, arousal stimulates certain receptors of the nervous system. These actions trigger increased work of the kidneys and liver, thereby, the toxins begin to appear with accelerated speed. However, it is understood, the drug requires a prior consultation with a specialist. Because of the number of emerging side effects, Cytisine can cause harm.

the action of cytisine

Tablets from Smoking Cytisine the last time she was able to get the particular popular. Many smokers have tried their effect on me. Thanks to them you can even cope with years of nicotine addiction. This is due to the joint use of drugs with tobacco. Medication contributes, that habitual Smoking is contrary, due to change of taste. Tablets not only help to get rid of addictions, but also reduces withdrawal symptoms, which greatly reduces the likelihood of relapse.

Daily use of medication allows you to gradually return to a healthy lifestyle without a strong stress to the body. The reason for this is the gradual reduction of the dose of nicotine. Every day, the smoker starts to smoke fewer cigarettes.

Today a large number of people have tried Cytisine for yourself. Moreover, the results of the experiment were positive. Even longstanding smokers forget about the harmful habit, able to permanently quit cigarettes.

Indications for use

Main indication, of course, is the desire to get rid of dependence. What only measures do not accept people, in order, to re-experience life without smoke.

Therefore, Cytisine would be a godsend. To guarantee a complete result is impossible, all depends on the individual, and most importantly the desires of the individual. Only the right attitude will help re-experience all the joy of a healthy existence.

cytisine from Smoking

Patch Cytisine

Pills, there is a patch Cytisine from Smoking. However, its use requires a special approach. Only the correct location of it on the body, ensures efficiency. Therefore, before using, should study the manual. Experts recommend to apply the plaster, where there is no hair. Best day this fit the inner side of the forearm.

Then you need to clean the place and to treat the skin area with alcohol. Further, you should open a pack, to remove the protective layer, to attach to the skin. Thanks to the special sticky surface, Cytisine is easily fixed. Watering of this site is prohibited.

In order to effect a maximum, at the same time is to use two patch, which are mounted symmetrically to each other. After a series of experiments, it was found, the positive dynamics seen after only a couple of days. The standard course of treatment lasts for three weeks continuous wear. One patch is enough for three days, then it must be removed and replaced by another. However, immediate replacement is not necessary, you should wait a few hours. Thus, for one course will be enough 7 patches.

Tablets from Smoking Cytisine

Tablets from Smoking CytisineMedicinal pills are a powerful way to combat a bad habit. To overcome addiction is to adhere to particular treatment regimens. It represents the principle of reception – the first three days, apply one tablet every 2 hours.

During this period, it is necessary to exert maximum effort, to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Next, you should change the scheme and to increase the interval between pills to three hours. Two weeks later, again to increase the interval between doses of the drug.

If you do everything exactly, a month later, the daily dose of pills needs reaches 2-3 things. Important step is a complete rejection of cigarettes in the first week of treatment. The entire future period, to cope with the addiction will help Cytisine.

Film of nicotine addiction

For those, who doesn't trust the patches and pills, experts have developed a special film. Such therapy is as follows. The patient must stick the film Cytisine from Smoking in the area of the gums. The first five days you need to spend around 5 plates. After their expiration, should reduce the number of medications up to three pieces. The positive effect is achieved in the first few days of use.

With proper use, daily craving will decrease, and by the ninth day, the dependent person can easily do two plates. After two weeks of therapy of one strip will be enough. Refusal of cigarettes costs, enter the first day of use, otherwise, the desired result is not achieved.

Cytisine from Smoking: side effects

tablets from Smoking cytisineEveryone, taking the decision to quit addiction, need to know the harm Cytisine. Any medicine has its limitations, contraindications, side effects. Therefore, before applying you should definitely consult with a specialist.

In the first place the action of Cytisine may lead to adverse consequences in case of not respecting the user. The drug is contraindicated in persons, suffering from diseases of the kidneys and liver.

There are other contraindications:

  • a disturbance in the heart muscle;
  • diabetes;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • disruption of circulatory system;
  • persons, under 18 years;
  • pregnant;
  • nursing mothers.

In some cases, psychological disorders are a weight of argument for the use of the drug. So you should talk with your doctor.

Remedy Cytisine can cause unpleasant symptoms:

  • loss of appetite;
  • a violation of taste sensations;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • thirst;
  • irritability;
  • headaches;
  • insomnia;
  • soreness in the chest area;
  • the increase in pressure.

If you have any health problems, the action of Cytisine may aggravate the situation.

Cytisine from Smoking


Often people, wanting to speed up the process, deliverance exceeds the permissible dose of the drug. Such actions can provoke overdose. Usually it is characterized by nausea, vomiting, a feeling of weakness. If you experience these symptoms, you should definitely seek the assistance of experienced professionals. Otherwise the consequences could be very serious.

The drug Cytisine can really become for many, a good step towards a healthy existence. The main thing to know, how to use it correctly and constantly to reduce the amount of medication. Very soon there will be the first positive result, guaranteeing a speedy recovery.

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