Snus and the consequences of its use

The modern variety of different nicotine medications seriously surprised. There are always new types of, which a dependent rather want to try for yourself. However, if the hookah, the patches, chewing gums heard a, the snus continues to be a mystery for many people. What is tobacco and why more and more often it affects people of all ages.

Residents of St. Petersburg are the most widely aware of, what is snus. The reason for this was the proximity with the country and producing widespread advertising. Therefore many Muscovites and residents of other Russian cities do not even suggest, how does this type of narcotic substance.


The history of

Recently, many people want to get rid of the addiction. They are aware of the terrible harm, which causes of drug addiction. That's just tobacco companies against such sudden withdrawal. They want to get a good profit, so, the presence of an active target audience for them, the most important argument. Understanding, that customers abandon traditional cigarettes, companies are beginning to create alternatives to them.

Why are only electronic cigarette, enjoys wide popularity. However, we can say, that snus new. In fact, the drug has been around 200 years. In appearance it is shredded tobacco, analogue of the known nasvay. Snus you can buy in a special plastic or metal box.

This tool is known for a long time. Just one snus is banned in Europe. The only country of proliferation was Switzerland, then the powder has appeared in America.

snus in Russia

Many wonder, how to use snus. As it turned out, there is nothing complicated, it is enough to apply a small amount of the mixture on the gums. Then after a short period of time will come the desired effect. This is achieved through the, that through saliva nicotine will enter the body. To swallow the powder can not be, otherwise you can get serious poisoning. It is often used in discos, in restaurants, a cafe where there is no possibility to smoke a cigarette.

Recently snus in Russia was banned. Seemed harmful production over the. However, the tobacco companies were not willing to so easily part with their money. So I found a great way to change the name. Now on the colorful boxes there was an inscription chewing tobacco.

Snus: harm to the body

The main problem of modern society is the fact, what people don't want to think about the consequences. They are convinced, cigarettes harmful, but their replacements are much safer. Although harms of snus officially confirmed. For those, those who still doubt, it is necessary to understand this in more detail.

The harm of the drug:

  • large nicotine content. Studies have able to prove, of nicotine it contains much more, than conventional cigarettes. Thus, dependence develops faster, and cardiovascular system suffer more;
  • resorption of the mixture provokes the emergence of serious problems with the oral cavity. Gums, teeth begin to suffer;
  • there is a strong irritation of the mucous membranes.

Thus, the consequences of use is not long to wait. Sachet of snus can cause the body permanent impairment. Sadly, the product is used by students, without realizing it, that cause irreparable harm to a growing organism.

snus is banned

Snus in Russia

In our country observed a special relationship to the drug. Important role here was played by the law banning Smoking in public places. People did not consider this a good alternative to replacement.

Considering in more detail it can be concluded, that snus is another commercial product, designed to bring profits to their inventors and to provoke the development of dependency of ordinary citizens. There is an opinion, that snus helps quitting Smoking. Here only in practice, to achieve the result managed only a few. The other is that acquired another dependency and could not exist without the wonderful powder.

Why should be give up this kind of tobacco. Regular use will cause strong dependence, more and health problems will appear.

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